Is there any way to overcome my Venus?Saturn opposition?

October 3, 2020 at 23:39 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) turua
Is there any way to overcome my Venus?Saturn opposition?
I keep looking at it and it´s just making me so sad... All I see in my chart is a big Virgo/12th house stellium, Libra Chiron at 29 degrees in house 2 and that awful 0 degree Venus-Saturn opposition. I don´t want to feel like this until I´m 30
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October 6, 2020 at 21:33
(Leo) tomdos
Honestly, I feel like you are overrating your Saturn and its effect on your life. Thats that Virgo / ascendant stellium talking. You are very Virgo heavy and that is the source of anxieties more than Saturn. Saturn may just put stress on your self-confidence there, like someone already mentioned, but that is actually what puts your inner life in motion. IMHO its not a bad thing at all, without that dynamic you would feel so less alive! Though its a challenge alright aswell.

Self identity, self-worth is what your life is about. That Lilith and Rahu in ASC say it all. If you understand your Saturn well, he may actually be your saviour, redemption. Very first step on the way: paradigm shift. He is not there to hurt, quite the opposite. He is there to help you shape into a happy, whole person, because youre ready. This realization itself can be a source of endless optimism, if truly realized. And carefully nurtured optimism is the only thing you truly need to shift the tide. It does not need a reason, motivation. It is its own motivation. The energy, the temper, the light and fire realeased by optimism is what you lack in your overly dry, down-to earth virgo nature.
October 4, 2020 at 15:04
(Scorpio) Promethean_Soul
You have strong venus and mars placements. Venus is also 2nd house. No need to be afraid of.
October 4, 2020 at 14:56
(Sagittarius) Bubba Hotep
correct me if I´m wrong but my understanding is in the east people use the sidereal system and in the west we use the tropical. Perhaps try looking at your chart under sidereal and see if it changes the dynamics and if you feel it is more accurate.
October 4, 2020 at 04:15
(Taurus) » turua
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Thanks for describing how you feel, and I am really sorry about your situation.

The 2nd-to-8th axis has to do with security and self-confidence.

The 2nd is about self-esteem and the 5th is also about our sense of self-confidence, especially in our ability to express ourselves.

And we have the ruler (Venus) of the 2nd (self-esteem) being exactly opposite Saturn (restrictions, limitations, fears, hardships) in the 8th (house of the subconscious) and debilitated in Aries.

Then, Saturn is also the ruler of the 5th (happiness, a healthy self-expression, etc) and is debilitated in the 8th.

Then, you are a 1st house North Node (equivalent to an Aries NN) conjunct your Virgo Ascendant. So you are supposed to develop self-confidence, independence, courage, self-esteem, etc, this lifetime. The NN is about that area of life where we still are unfamiliar with, and that we need to learn how to connect with.

As a 7th house South Node (SN) you pay too much attention to what others say and think about you. You seek "agreement" and "support" from others in order to feel good about yourself. You tend to depend too much upon relationships,and you compromise too much, while not having clearly defined and set boundaries.

Add to that a very self-critical Virgo Moon (Virgos can be extremely hard on themselves).

Add to that the North Node/Moon conjunction. In Vedic, the North Node is known as "Rahu" or the "Head of the Dragon". And Rahu is a very obsessive energy that can "amplify" things out of proportion. So Rahu is "amplifying" feelings and emotions (the Moon), and that´s why it feels so intense and overwhelming for you.

Rahu is not only "amplifying" feelings and emotions way out of proportion, he is also amplifying the Virgo traits (self-criticism) of that Moon.

We have the placements/aspects that we are supposed to have this lifetime, as indicators of the specific Karmic patterns that we are supposed to become aware of, face, and decide to deal with.

Actually, a birth chat is a path towards self-recognition, self-awareness, self-evolution, and self-healing. The key is to know how to "read" those Karmic patterns from the chart.

As Plutonian Princess said, the key is to focus on self-love without depending on any exterior sources. Easier saying it than doing it, right? How do we overcome a self-sabotaging pattern of conduct that we have been manifesting all of our life?

The way we do it is by working on it on a gradient,one step at a time.

One very simple and even "silly" healing method - but yet, a very powerful one - is "Ho´oponopono".

After you read and understand the following link, do/say this every day at the mirror before bed:

1. Stare at your eyes in the mirror and say this out loud many, many times (for at least 15-20 minutes in each session)

"I am sorry"

"Please, forgive me"

"Thank you"

"I love you"

Say it to yourself without analyzing anything, or thinking about anything, but just mentally directing those phrases to those sensations/thoughts that you mentioned.

Don´t underestimate the healing power of such simple process. This isn´t just something I´ve read. I´ve actually done this on myself with great success, and I´ve helped others do it on themselves with same great results. But you need to be consistent and do it daily (as a sort of "prayer"), and don´t expect to notice changes overnight. Just keep working on it, and in 2-3 weeks, you would start to feel different.

Try it for at least 7 days, before judging the workability of it or lack thereof.

Here is the link:…

Best of luck!
October 4, 2020 at 03:21
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » turua
That´s exactly what I meant. You have to find people who value you and appreciate what you have to offer the world. Usually it isn´t you or what your doing. You have to just take time out every day to value you regardless of what people say or do. Meditation works well with Ros place on yt. And Lisa Beachy. I have all kinds of tools and methods if you need links.

It can be overcome. You just have to grow a bit.
October 4, 2020 at 03:09
(Virgo) turua » Davis212
To be more specific, I have a really hard time forming loving relationships and lack any self worth. I guess I´m just having a really hard time finding value in myself? It just feels like everyone around me is constantly telling me that I´m bad, I´m just too negative, too anxious, too shy etc. It makes it really hard to "love myself" like they´ll tell me to do in the next breath.

I just... can´t find anything likeable about my personality, and I don´t have any skills or talents that I think I´m good enough in to be proud of.
October 4, 2020 at 02:15
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
What are the exact challenges that you are going through? What specific thoughts, feelings, sensations, events, attitudes, etc, do you associate with that aspect?

Without being specific about it, it is a it difficult to recommend anything.
October 4, 2020 at 00:10
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
Yes, you can overcome it. You just might have to watch charts of women around you. Pretty much shows Libra and Aries women can be quite abusive.

I had to move to a whole different culture where women are more nurturing then abusive by conditioning of culture.

Depends on where you live. For example the women around here in the Netherlands never really gossip, because they communicate more effectively. They don´t beat around the bush. Don´t play mind games. They usually have a circle of friends and stick with them . They aren´t putting women, children, or men down. Not saying it´s like that with everyone here, but the people I am around don´t tolerate any kind of abuse. And they usually are good at not crossing emotional boundaries.

I had to learn a whole different kind of relating here with everyone. When I went back to the u.s. quite obvious the difference.

There more about hospitality here and healthier living for women. So you might just have to pay attention to your local community and experiment with different areas. Even my relative who travels in the u.s. says the same thing. Different areas the people are more polite then others. Just have to be aware of who your around. Be deliberate and selective with what type of women you hang around. Always a choice who are your role models. Be where your celebrated, not where your tolerated. There is a huge difference.

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