Vedic astrology: I was told I have bad placements and I should work in a prison. Also informed my future holds misfortune in finances and debts?

September 2, 2020 at 10:05 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) alsage
Vedic astrology: I was told I have bad placements and I should work in a prison. Also informed my future holds misfortune in finances and debts?
I recently started speaking to people who study Vedic astrology and have been told I have bad placements and I will fail in my career, relationships and health by multiple people who have studied north Vedic astrology for years..

Yeah, I can see a pattern from my past but things are looking up how. I was also told by 3 people I would be best off “working in a prison” One person said “I will most likely fail!!! Based on my placements in Ketu. Apparently I’m going to be in a lot of debt and will experience plenty of misfortune with money.

“Capricorn is in 12 House Rahu!!!?” means I’m screwed!!? 😂

Can anyone give me some advice on this? I also received communication yesterday from someone that has studied for 15 years saying people around me will suffer?

Are my placements really that bad?

My DOB is 14/09/90 at 18:29 BST in London, UK.

My father was an ambitious entrepreneur but mingled in negative business at the same time. My mother is also an entrepreneur through her work and charity for others. Starting businesses and drive are my best traits. But everyone seems to say I’m in for a rough ride in the future and I should work in a prison and I’m an outcast! I can sorta see a distinction but it’s a pretty shitty to hear from 3 different people who are also saying nearly the exact same thing!

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September 2, 2020 at 17:09
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
You´re talking about your sidereal chart being North Node Capricorn/South Node Cancer and so I can see why you´d work in a prison, or perhaps medical/mental health facilities, institutions, in-home, private AFC Homes, or even Youth Centers or something to do with Government branches.

North Node Aquarius is the pioneer and yes it is about serving humanity, the humanitarian, the advocate, activist, human rights. Maybe even pet therapy, or equine therapy.

Fortunately, in the 12th house it is just a hidden place from sight, and in the woods, around a farm, or wilderness for that matter. So it´s just saying that you might not work in the middle of the city where there are tons of buildings and a lot of traffic or where people notice where you work.

North Node Capricorn is learning about the Entrepreneur. Although, those I know have it in the Western usually do start a business at some point, but because Capricorn and Aquarius are both ruled by Saturn, you pretty much have to play by the rules and not cheat other people for the sake of becoming a success and for your personal wealth.

With South Node Leo you´ve already been there wealthy, so you´re here now to serve others, and the only way you get there is through serving others and putting that ahead of your ego and thinking it´s all about the you personally.

Watching those who do allow their ego to get out of control and make it about themselves do end up creating karma with others by sabotaging their success and this is where they end up failing and losing because after they make someone else fail and wipe them out, that karma usually comes back and you get wiped out by someone else.

So this is probably what he meant.
September 2, 2020 at 12:47
System message: Post has been written by user Confident, who already deleted profile on this website:
That´s some bullshit. The 12th H asks you to serve others or suffer, not that you will always suffer , no, you have to serve others in order not to suffer.

You can open a shelter for animals or work with animals, that´s one way you can get something out of your placements/chart. the 12 house rules big animals. Your rising sign is aquarius but it progressed in pisces (rules big animals), neptune and uranus (chart ruler) are in 11th H of organizations, Taurus (money) is in your 2nd House and you have your venus in virgo (rules small animals) and it is about serving others. It would be perfect for you. You will have a possibility of meeting your partner in your job as a reward, so go for it and see. You will be very famous (sun in 7th H) for how you treat animals (Virgo).

Consider it and don´t be limited/narrow minded. Your placements are energies that you´re working with, get creative. :3:

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