Talk to me about Lots

August 9, 2020 at 18:02 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) Anikey
Talk to me about Lots
Could someone please help me with figuring out what my lots in the following placements signify?

Lot of fortune in Virgo (10th)
Lot of Spirit in Capricorn (2nd)
Lot of Eros in Gemini (8th)

Thank you!

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August 11, 2020 at 14:31
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » Anikey
When looking at general periods, and predictions, we need to start with circumambulation of the Bounds and Zodiacal releasing. I will try to do look at those for you today.

Very often the ruler of the 9th in the 7th house will mean significant relationships with foreigners. So this comes as no surprise.

Yes, you have a wonderful 9th house!

I await your questions.
August 11, 2020 at 10:04
(Cancer) Anikey » ancient_astrology
This is most encouraging, ancient astrology, thank you! I tend to get stuck in the negatives but am learning to look at what is good as well.

Yes, all of my work relationships and many of my personal ones have been with foreigners, and still are.

When you say early life, could 7-15 count? Because my earliest life was very idyllic but then fell apart at around age 7. And, areas of the 9th house have always been a breeze for me, with very little to no effort, and Jupiter has been very, very kind to me.

I will get back to you with questions once I finish reading all the threads and info I have found.

Thanks again!
August 11, 2020 at 09:57
(Cancer) Anikey » Promethean_Soul
I see why you would feel angry...for me, it is probably going to be an area I won´t be trying to figure out and that is a huge relief :37: ancient astrology has shed some light on these aspects and they are true, but I am finding very little material to go into any depth and my time is extremely limited. But, I am glad I found out what I did and am OK to let go :4:
August 10, 2020 at 15:20
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » Anikey
You can ask questions, however, don´t focus on just the lots. They need to be considered in the context of the whole chart. For example, you can look to the Lot of Eros for additional information, but you also have to keep in mind that you have Moon in the 7th house and she is exalted in Taurus. I am wondering if you have had either many business partners or important personal romantic relationships with foreigners.

One thing to keep in mind is that the location of the Lot tends to be concerned with early life. Your Lot of fortune is poorly placed; however, the Lord of the Lot tends to have to do with later life. It is true that the Lord of the Lot of fortune is in a cadent house, but he is very much helped by Jupiter and the Sun. Jupiter is in exaltation in the 9th house. In fact, your 9th house looks great. It is the House of God, and you have the Sun and Jupiter there!

I won´t put sugar on it. There are some problems in this chart, but there are also some very good things, too.
August 10, 2020 at 14:54
(Scorpio) Promethean_Soul
Ani about Arabic lots I have still some doubts and it is still hard me to understand. Maybe they are needee to be changed calculation methods. I don´t know but behind zodiac degrees there is really very smart mathematical intellect.
We have well-known Turkish classical astrologer whose name is Hakan Kirkoglu. I read his books and watch his videos but sometimes he disappoints me . Once he talked about part of fortune and he talked about Bill Gates. He showed his part of fortune in aquarius and 8th house. In aquarius it is understandable because his field is related to technology. But he said 8th house is known with great wealth , ok no problem with that in his book he says 8th house is one of the worst house , it is not like house modern astrologers say transformation or sex , it is very bad house it is related to death and so on. Why hi made me angry. When someone who is rich has some planets or some Arabic parts in 8th house then 8th house is good. But when he talks about 8th planet , he says all about 8th house is bad. Distortion of information is what I don´t like.
Another thing I could not find someone prove Arabic lots work. David Cochrane has video but he shows how its mathemical shapes work and I am not satisfied with it.
We have technology , we have so many opportunities to get knowledge but we still cannot prove many things in astrology like Arabic lots , we cannot improve them. This makes me really angry.
August 10, 2020 at 05:22
(Cancer) Anikey » IIyyaarr13
Yes, those two are newly added, I think, and that caught my eye. I haven´t used all the parts of the calculator either, it´s just too much :23:

But, asteroids I did look at and they are (almost) all on cusps, on beginning degrees of signs or on top of my planets :63:
August 10, 2020 at 05:19
(Cancer) Anikey » ancient_astrology
Thanks a lot for this, ancient astrology!

I am going to look up your threads on Lots because interpretation still eludes me.

I did follow the steps you outlined, and using WS changed house numbers - for the less favorable, I´m afraid, for LoF and LoS, to 11th and 3rd,respectively.

Lord to both LoF and LoE is Mercury and to LoE is Saturn. These are my least aspected planets. LoF however is conjunct my Mars, the other two are in empty houses.

I am now going to look at the aspects of the Lots to their lords - it´s not opposition or conjunction by the looks of it, but they can ´see´ each other.

Will be back with more!
August 10, 2020 at 01:35
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Lot/part of Fortune is given to us Gratis (Free) with the default chart.
Traditional mode and the part of Spirit and Syzygy are automaticly put in.
I haven´t bothered with all the parts the calculator has to offer because the Lots are not planets except for Eros which is an asteroid!
I know I am a facetious son of a Vichy! :62:
August 9, 2020 at 23:16
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
I´ve already written quite a bit about Lots in other threads a while back. You can search on them here. Just a few comments to get you started.

1) It is very important to use whole sign house system when studying lots.

2) Examine the qualities of the sign the Lot falls in.

3)The angularity of the house. So angular houses are best (1,4,7, 10). Succedent houses are next best (2,5,8, 11). And least favorable are the cadent houses (3,6,9,12).

4) Lot of Fortune is mostly concerned with the body and luck that befalls you.
Lot of Spirit has to do with matters of the spirt and mind.
Lot of Eros with matters doing with love.

5) Make sure that you know whether the chart is nocturnal of diurnal. The Lots (the three lots you mention) are calculated differently based upon that. Anikey you have a day chart so you would calculate by day.

6) Look at the Lord of the Lots. For example, you have the Lot of fortune in virgo. So Mercury would be the Lord of your lot of fortune.

7) Are the Lots aspected by benefics (like Jupiter or Venus) or are they aspected by Maleifcs like Saturn or Mars? Obviously being aspected by a benefic is better and a malefic is worse. What about the Lords of these lots? Are they aspected by benefics or malefics? Remember in traditional astrology we use sign based aspects, not orbs. Of course, the closer in degree the stronger will be the aspect.

8) Are the lot and the lord of the lot aspected to each other. This is a good thing. Even if by square or opposition. The important thing is that they can see each other.

9) To use lots as a predicitive procedure, you need to use a Time Lord technique such as Zodiacal Release.

Hope this helps you get started. You can ask questions if you like.

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