What’s going on with me right now?

July 6, 2020 at 16:02 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Amdash
What’s going on with me right now?
I’m starting to feel this very strong energy with in me that’s
Making me see more pieces of myself more insight than ever.

I’m seeing a strong portion of my Venus coming forth more so externally in terms of my home environment which makes sense since I have Venus in Pisces and Venus is in the fourth house related to home.

I’m seeing myself a little more clearly but I’m also seeing myself transformed in pieces of me that I recall so well and yet I couldn’t grasp my starting to be seen in a much clearer sight for me.

It’s like pieces of my old childhood self that I cherish that had traits that were so innocent and sincere Are starting to emerge and color of my life differently and so be pretty.

I know I’m also going through a Saturn return, and I keep telling myself that may be possibly what is.

But I would like to ask. Does anybody else see what is going on in my chart transit wise?

Because I also feel like Pluto is also having a prominent affect on me as well. Like I’m transforming but I’m seeing these pieces me of how I would naturally like to be coming forth and empowering me greatly to retrieve them and bring them into my daily life.

If that’s makes any sense? 😞😞😑😑

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October 19, 2020 at 20:14
(Aquarius) Amdash » Hayl
Well first and foremost congratulations on your marriage!
That is bad ass!

Like you had stated as well as golden lion on the top of the comments, there are a lot of planning aspect in Chiron for me! Which did kind of make me go a little bit deeper into my psyche involving my parental figures. But the best parts of that was I was able to get past a little bit of the hurt that I had and actually look at the Bennett with my family before they split.

As far as aspects I don’t like, I will say that there are some aspects that you kind of border on playing with my insecurities.

:153: :192: :156:
Is one of them which means
my focus is pretty bad. When I was a kid
I was on adderall to keep me focus. Still
pretty Bad. It also makes me changeable and
superficial. My sun is In the 3rd :193: :155: in
Gemini so I can change my mind but it’s usually true on
Both ends.

:160: :194: Midheaven.
just one displays that I have certain issues with authority. And my father is a testament to that one because we threw his authority around and it didn’t really make me feel like I had much freedom except unless it was underneath his roof.

:151: :194: :160:
One of my good friends who is in Leo expressed me that at times I do go into the self aggrandizement moments and self-assertion.
But that type of self assertion is but I’m not really quite sure how people on an emotional level feel about me all the way.

Even though it’s blatantly obvious that everyone sees me as a pretty cool Dude. Mostly because of the Aquarius in me and the Capricorn stallion. :75: :75: :75:

I would very much like to also be able to be in contact as well! I think sent you a message on here! I am always enjoy different charts and different people, but it’s even more exciting literally seeing a twin! And I don’t see that many twins! So being able to speak with you it was kind of brightening my day because I have somebody sort of similar to me!
October 19, 2020 at 19:55
(Aquarius) Amdash » maltbach
Thank you very much for
responding to my Good friend!

And I sincerely appreciate you sending me the link.
I’ve been reading into it for a while now!

Energy that this link is describing, I am almost certainly feeling like that to possibly happen. Anything is possible!.
October 18, 2020 at 22:18
(Pisces) maltbach
Saturn conjuncting your NN is a big deal as it approaches it´s return will definetly have a significant effect as well. I don´t recall Saturn´s motion lately whether or not it was retrograde or not rolling back and forth over that sensitive area of your chart.

When Saturn was over my NN I had an overwhelming feeling that change was needed and I feel it has, but all internally. Nothing really from the outside world that made much impact.

Here is an article about Saturn conjunct NN you might find interesting.

October 18, 2020 at 21:19
(Aquarius) Hayl » Amdash
That´s so funny you saying ´working really hard again Capricorn stellium´ that is what I keep telling myself. This has been my energy my whole life! And then as of late life said ´No, re-think everything´. I feel I am going back into Capricorn stellium energy which is where I feel most comfortable. Though, as you say, taking with me what I have learnt over the last year.

I actually got married on my 1st Saturn return when Saturn went into Aquarius in March 2020 (apparently that is common). I felt some relief during those 3 months too. So I am not sure if mine is linked to SR. I feel more it´s Neptune conjunct Venus in Pisces and also Pluto Chriron. Given I have Chiron trine Pluto and Venus I 100% saw themes from that.

I too saw themes from childhood come up a lot with Chiron which I didn´t link to Chiron cancer - makes sense. My Chrion is 8th house so I associate it with death / endings inc death of ego etc.

Also, I read to look at your Saturn square Saturn (circa end of 2012). Anything that wasnt complete from that time period / any other themes can reoccur at Saturn conjunct Saturn. I have seen this too in my life.

I´d be super interested in linking up to hear more about your personality...

Are there any natal aspects you don´t like in your chart? I´ve read Saturn opposing Jupiter can be fairly negative.

That´s good you found an outlet. Yeah... I´ve tried many ways to take my mind off stuff too. Inc meditation and art. I feel like all I have been doing is leaning into my Venus in Pisces - Sag rising - Jupiter 9th house. I feel done now though. Time to go back to being an Aqua Sun - Cap moon / Stellium side 😉
October 18, 2020 at 14:06
(Aquarius) Amdash » Hayl
Now I won’t lie to you, Saturn return did definitely come with its challenges for me, because it did make you think greatly about family issues I had to deal with involving the Chiron in cancer a lot, but I also got myself to happily forget about it from time to time and just enjoying myself in my art, some enjoyable walks around nature, and it even made me put more effort into my meditation.
October 18, 2020 at 13:59
(Aquarius) Amdash » Hayl
Hey Hayl!
This is Amdash! Thank you very much
For getting in contact reguarding the post!

It’s been crazy but a good crazy. In an on and off
way and that is definitely due to the Saturn return
that much I am very certain!

It’s so freaking awsome to have a twin practically!
Even if it’s just one day later is still pretty sweet!

Yeah Saturn when it went into Aquarius was sort of
a little fun for me on my end. Due to my issues with
Short trips, I was fortunate to reap the financial benefits and
Also feel that Saturn in Aquarius rise and shine on my end!

Now that is back In Capricorn I feel that too! I see myself working
Really hard again and thinking like a Capricorn stellium again but
and now I can’t wait for it go back. I mean ( along with the weed )
I was really able to truly see all of the previous pieces of myself
before life expected to re-work myself into its life style and now I want to incorporate what I think life should have all for my benefit!

I also sent this to you in a message as well!!
October 18, 2020 at 11:55
(Aquarius) Hayl
Hi Amdash

Your post resonated with me a lot.

I then checked your birth date... we´re one day apart. I am 11th Feb 1991.

Our rising signs and locations are different. But our aspects are pretty much the same.

Personally I think it´s a combination of:

* Pluto opposite Chiron (revealing the unconscious)
* Neptune conjunct Venus in pisces (nightmare transit - Pluto-Chiron crashing the heavy illusions of Neptune-Venus). Though, very spirtiual too.
* Saturn return

By the way, your Saturn return will officially start end of December like me. It is likely to have been felt already given it went in and out of Aquarius back in March, plus we are both at 0 degrees. I´m intrigued to see if the ´great conjunction´ has an effect on us as it conjuncts my SR by the day. Yours will be very close too. 21st Decemember.

Chris Brennan will be releasing a video on SR in Aquarius on youtube sometime over the next 2 weeks, that will he worth a watch.

My experience over the last 12 months has been more dark than ´pretty´, thus far, though I am starting to see the pretty now! I feel like a totally different person. For the better, too.

Know you´re not alone. Stay grounded 🙂 Good luck for your SR!
July 8, 2020 at 15:01
(Aries) nutelina » Amdash
No I think the opposite, we have to set our limits and borders.
July 6, 2020 at 21:15
(Aquarius) Amdash » goldenlion32
Please Forgive me if I may come off as blunt in asking this question , but is there anyway I could ask you what are the planets that are interested in Chiron? Are some opposing, in trine?

Are you noticing any emergence of art coming from this?
July 6, 2020 at 21:12
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » Amdash
I think for myself, I´ve learned the more inner work you do daily, and keep it up the easier it is as you go along. It´s usually harder for those who feel they don´t need to do anything and then have issues.
July 6, 2020 at 18:20
(Aquarius) Amdash » nutelina
Like an unbearable situation
we have To learn to Tolerate?
July 6, 2020 at 17:54
(Aries) nutelina » Amdash
I think there´s a general theme as well. Things are getting intense for a lot of people. Some people wake up earlier than others. It should be obvious that we are a select group who might notice such things earlier. That´s why we are here, we sense things, we digg..

But generally I feel everything is getting more intense, like a pressure from outside. Internally I am reasonably at easy because I knew far in advanced something like a financial crisis was going to happen but the rapid fall worries me a lot.
July 6, 2020 at 17:41
(Aquarius) Amdash » goldenlion32
That would explain an awful lot.

And I first and foremost thanking you for also looking into that for me. That is really appreciated. Your eyes are greatly sharp when it comes to grasping then understanding of charts.

I’ve actually been studying the charts ( not as good as you.) as well as the aspects that are affecting me lately, and I’ve noticed that they have actually been very well aligned with what I have been doing. And it’s just astounding me.

I’m starting to see that spiritual emergence come from me as well too. All those open places to retrieve the old parts of me that I greatly would love to bring forward be on my journey aid in a better chance of self control and put it to good use.

Yeah the unfortunate part is I am currently doing drugs and at the moment it’s mostly weed. I’ve been utilizing it as a tool to press onward and staying focused and disciplined in my Art.

( Yes it is definitely not the smartest time for that )

And the Chiron definitely is correct because lately I have been in question regarding the parental figure in my life which it’s clear from the natal chart but...
...I’ve been realizing that I do it way too much and I need to hold back and stop and I am trying to remind myself to just count and forget it and throw it away.
July 6, 2020 at 17:27
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I think you´re having all your outer planets aspects to Chiron. Which naturally there´s going to be a test of reality there, what is fact and what is fiction. And I´m sure can get distorted with all that Capricorn/Cancer in the natal chart and the the transits. Usually similar to a spiritual emergence which is inner transformation, but I´d say that it can be troublesome and I wouldn´t use drugs or alcohol right now with all that.

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