How to be a good mother to a Moon square Uranus child?

July 3, 2020 at 10:25 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Arywiel
How to be a good mother to a Moon square Uranus child?
Hi everyone, I need your help an insight. I´ve stressed myself silly, since I realized what it MEANS that my daughter has Uranus in the X. house (conjunct MC in Taurus) square Moon in Aquarius (conjunct Sun in the 6. house).
It describes to me a difficult childhood,maybe moving around a lot, with the mother being unstable, emotionally unavailable and erratic.
Although I am not saying I am nothing like a Uranian person (I have sun in Aqua myself conjunct HER sun and moon), but my Cancer moon just can´t stop worrying. I want to give the best to my daughter, but I fear, with this placement, no matter what I do, it will always come out twisted. I do believe in destiny and that we all carry out a master plan in which everyone is an actor, including ourselves; and if I have to play a certain role on hers, than be it. But still, I had a very crappy childhood and I wouldn´t want to pass down those unhealthy patterns to her. Not consciously or otherwise. And I see the bad things already started to happen when she was just an embryo. And here is where the moving around part comes in: we wanted to move to the countryside from the city with my partner and my mom together, so my mom sold her home to buy a now one fit for all of us. However my mom and partner got into a fight so bad, we are not moving anymore and my mom has to sell the new house again, cuz it´s to big for her alone... And we too, have to sell mine, because my partner and my dad are in beef as well. He doesn´t want him to live there. So we will have to move soon. This situation of me trying to piece my broken family together, would have probably led to a breakup with my partner if my daughter wouldn´t have been on the way... Now everything seems fine with us, but I have my doubts every now and then, especially because of the guilt towards my mom.
The moving around part is a check. Me being unstable and erratic might be a check as well, since I didn´t experience this much stress since my childhood and now even guilt for now I am an adult and should be able to make responsible decisions... And different, eccentric... well, I am taking a course in astrology and leave her every second Monday with her dad for 3 hours to attend it. Even applied to university this year (so far I didn´t see a conflict between realizing my dreams and devoting myself to my daughter as well). On some astrology forums I read, that with this placement children feel that their existence somehow deprived their mother of her freedom. And although she is Everything I ever wanted and we planned her, sometimes I THINK, it might have been easier if she was born later, after we worked things out in the family. I fear of ruining her life...
Sorry for this post to be so long, but I had to explain, before asking your opinions. I really need some help to be a good mother to her. Does any of you know of people who have deep, stable, nurturing relationships with their mother having this placement? How is parenting done good for kids with these aspects?

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July 3, 2020 at 11:53
(Scorpio) SimonG
Sun n moon conjunct in 6th house aquarius with ouranus in tenth... seems like this child is very gifted . Independent, assertive and smart. They do things their own way 😊
July 3, 2020 at 10:39
(Libra) leorising
You are a sun in an aquarium, you can’t escape it. it is in your nature to be different. the extent to which it will influence your daughter is her free will ... you can never be sure of your impact on your children. how many families have I seen that offer all the stability for the child, and the son decided to be completely against it. how many unbalanced families and children decided to be the most certain people in the world. I think son is a surprise box :68:

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