Goal. Job. Career. Vocation.

June 23, 2020 at 01:52 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) AstroDaria
Goal. Job. Career. Vocation.
I´m looking for a goal. A direction in life. I feel lost. Torn. I don´t know where to go. I have been studying astrology for a year. Earlier I was interested in life after life. It´s time for a career. I have to start working and earning but I don´t know where to start. I want to love what I do.

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June 23, 2020 at 15:39
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » AstroDaria
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your 2nd lord placements shows your income is generated by your own self efforts. you can earn well enough now but the big bucks dont come in until later like age 30. after 2021, you will really have to start putting in the work efforts and your souls purpose will start to come alive after then.
but the reason you go from job to job is because you arent meant to work for others, you should work for yourself. you communicate well and you have multiple hobbies. here also, the mother may play a role in your income choice as your mother may have had to struggle with her efforts of providing as well. but a hobby or skill can turn into an income source. the moon inconjunct venus can create some indecision but the creative benefits from this come alive later.

6th lord of daily work shows you can work well in trauma situations, like in emergencies or nurses ER. or dealing with counseling, so doesn´t have to be income related, but your daily activities could sometimes involve 8th house things such as secrets, counseling, trauma or sudden events that happen that you have to solve/remedy (6th). this position also shows you should be mindful of your health as long term problems could crop up because of neglect either through diet or stress or even some unexpected thing but the mars is very strongly placed so you an overcome anything that comes your way by your willpower/courage. with time your will power becomes quite efficient. your obstacles (6th) are coming in from secret sources (8th) meaning you don´t quite know why you struggle but just know it will mature and is only to make you resilient.

10th lord shows you may do better in distance places from the birth place but mostly it shows your service to public will require you updating yourself with knowledge in order to perform the job efficiently. if you happen to work in a team environment you can be a good guide to others.

your dealing with some tough transits now from sat-jup-pluto to your stellium, just stay open to the transformation process and know you will come out stronger, fall back on your faith and don´t take any shortcuts of any kind as the debt either financial or spiritual will be difficult to deal with.
June 23, 2020 at 02:00
(Capricorn) AstroDaria
I don´t have the opportunity to continue schooling. I gave birth to a child at an early age. I tried several handwork. (handmade cards or occasional boxes. Drawing, portrait, body. I even tried to be a beautician. But I always lose my enthusiasm. I give up. I get bored and start something different again.

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