Chinese Astrology : Element Compatibility

August 25, 2018 at 15:13 (UT/GMT)
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Chinese Astrology : Element Compatibility

Have you ever wondered about why you got along with someone of a Chinese Sign that you were not supposed to; and did not get along with a sign that you should have ?

The answer to this puzzle lies in the Chinese Astrological Element you were born under.

It is easy to find out your personal element. With the exception of those of you born in January and February when the Chinese Calendar changes signs; all you need to know is the number your birth year ends in. For example take the following years:1980 and 1981.

People born in the years 1980 and 1981, years that end in 0 and 1 are the metal element.

Years ending in 2 and 3 are the water element.

Years ending in 4 and 5 are the wood element.

Years ending in 6 and 7 are the fire element
Years ending in 8 and 9 are the earth element.

That completes the five Chinese Elements.

Just as the signs get along better with some, so do the elements.

Each element gets along with their own element; wood and wood for example.

The "Wood element" also gets along with water and fire, but not so well with
earth and metal.

The "Fire element" enjoys wood and earth, while water and metal dampen its

The "Earth element" likes fire and metal,but not water and wood.

The "Metal element" agrees with earth and water, but disagrees with wood and

The "Water element" harmonizes with wood and metal,but hits the wrong note with earth and fire.

So now it can be seen that a compatible sign could have an element attached to it that conflicts with the basic harmony that normally would be there and a conflicting sign could have an element that harmonizes with the sign that makes it much easier to get along with.

Did you know that it takes 60 years for the same Chinese Animal sign and Element to repeat itself? That means only two groups of people per century can be born under that specific combination.

These are the animal signs that traditionally are supposed to get along well with each other:
The Rat,Dragon and Monkey.

The Ox ,Snake and Rooster.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog.

The Rabbit,Sheep and Pig.

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