solar return

May 2, 2020 at 07:58 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) sss666
solar return
hi everybody, want some opinions for my new solar return, ruler of the year is Saturn in 4th house, in 4th house is also Mars and Sun in 7th with Mercury in 7th in the totally middle heart of Sun, what do you think? Is possible some relationship?
Thank you for all opinions.

Heres the new solar return, starts in a few days
Sun14"4 Taurus7th
Moon6"1 Libra12th
Mercury14"3 Taurus7th
Venus20"3 Gemini8th
Mars24"1 Aquarius4th
Jupiter27"1 Capricorn3rd
Saturn1"5 Aquarius4th
Uranus7"0 Taurus7th
Neptune20"2 Pisces5th
Pluto24"6r Capricorn3rd
True Node0"0r Cancer9th
Ascendant4"3r Scorpio1st
Midheaven14"3 Leo10th

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May 3, 2020 at 13:04
(Sagittarius) Sus » sss666
Well, at least romance is strongly indicated. Now, with Neptune in 5th house it can be a fantasy or delusional one. Or a spiritual one.
In solar return I look first for solar chart only. The houses I told about was SR houses. Then, SR Ascendant sign and where it falls in your natal. Then I see what SR chart is doing in natal chart. I usually don´t look to SR planets in natal houses. Except for angles and inner planets making strong aspect with natal planets/angles eg, your SR venus in your natal AC)
May 3, 2020 at 11:11
(Taurus) sss666 » Sus
hi, first thank you very much for your time...
I have no partner now, so maybe I should expect some relationship?
what do you think about Saturn in 4th house, that Saturn is in related good mood in this solar, only Mars is is the same sign...
Well 5th house, my work is about 5th house...
Thank you very much for your opinions.
May 3, 2020 at 10:34
(Sagittarius) Sus
Now, here is my interpretation and I must say I´ m only an amateur in love by astrology ok?
First, your SR chart: Scorpio Ascendant can bring you a dramatic affair filled with dark drama, passion and jeaulous. Can also bring genital problems like sexual diseases. Remember not all predicitions Will occur. They are only directions okay?
Moon in 12th can bring you mental imbalance or depression. Can Aldo bring solitude or need to be alone. Or hospitalization.
Mars in 4th, home conflicts with a parent figure or other authority. 4th house is also a patriotic house. You may have some disturbs in your Roots
Neptune in 5th...can bring love fulled with ilusions or some destructives habits. You maybe prone to gamble, get into destructive affairs or delusions.
Take care to not let yourself carry away with delusional people.
But it can also means a spiritual romance, spiritual bond or a rose coloured eye glass conection.
Sun in 7th or another inner planets not always mean enter in a relationship although it may be. Uranus can mean change in your current state, eg, if you are married you can get divorced or if you are single you can get married (10th house inner planets and Saturn it´s more likely).
Sun can indeed mean romance and Mercury implies trips with a partner or need to travel to be with a partner. Or you may meet someone in a travel.
But usually, travel with a partner
You have SR Ascendant in you 5th house and here it´s the real thing. Romance or children activities are emphasized during SR year. And you SR venus conjunct natal Asc makes you more attractive towards others.
So, hope could help you and sometimes SR os felt in the beginning of the return but almost are stronger near the end.
I´d like to ear your feedback later. You have a whole year in front of you.
May 3, 2020 at 10:03
(Sagittarius) Sus
You don´t need to describe it. We have access to your chart. Let me take a look. Be right back

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