Help me out with my chart, tarot reading in exchange.

April 25, 2020 at 21:14 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) sincereseeker
Help me out with my chart, tarot reading in exchange.
Hey. I was wondering if anyone can take a look at my chart. I´m a tarot reader so I´m willing to offer a reading in return.

I´m especially interested, lol not sure if this is good, in chiron, north/south node, LILITH, part of fortune, etc...

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April 28, 2020 at 17:20
(Scorpio) sincereseeker » jkxx74
Thanks, very enlightening.

If anyone wants the reading please hit me up. I can do a Past/Present/Future, or I can do a Celtic Cross (shorter vs longer).
April 27, 2020 at 22:58
(Capricorn) jkxx74
Ok, Chiron and Saturn generally - these two are probably more similar than any other two bodies taken for comparison and they both have to do with defensive tactics in a way but they also operate somewhat differently.

Chiron has a pretty brutal mythological story that´s worth looking up. In the chart its placement suggests an area that one is never satisfied with and never seems to do well at least when talking about the mainstream since Chiron is also called a maverick sometimes since it doesn´t follow mainstream rules (neither does the actual object with its really funky orbit.) Sometimes it gets labeled as an outsider and it´s true that any planets tied up with Chiron in the chart tend to feel like outsiders or like they don´t really fit in. The sign and house where it´s placed will likewise be areas where that sign´s function seems awkward to Chiron´s owner and where what the house represents seems somehow difficult or a source of difficulty.

Usually there is some sort of long-running effort to get to grips with or improve on this and the person eventually gets to be pretty good at the thing Chiron represents for them as far as teaching *other people* how to do this thing (the myth comes to mind again) but they rarely get to become good at doing this in a way they like for themselves. So another theme with Chiron is healing in the sense they figure out how to heal whatever seems to be bothering them in others. (Chiron´s sign usually suggests how - fire signs they´ll inspire others, air they´ll teach them, earth they´ll find some practical solution, water they might intuit or empathize in a very unique and helpful way.)

Anyway these are the positive traits but Chiron is also considered somewhat malefic because these things that need healing are not just intellectual interests but are usually some kind of traumatizing experiences or memories and transits to and from Chiron seem to bring them back into relevance. So this is not a planet that is often written about very positively and it is not a straightforward one in how it operates either. The beginning of this did say it was a defensive planet and indeed Chiron also operates to band-aid a known problem so it can be more difficult to attack in one of its modes of operation.

(You have Chiron in Leo and the 7th house so with the chart you attached this would mean it represents a problem with creativity or not enjoying being the center of attention /normal Leo trait/ with some concerted effort to work on this over time. In the 7th house it might suggest this pops up in relationships with others most often so one might feel ignored or underappreciated or somehow dwarfed by the solar traits of the other person(s).)

Saturn is a classic character and we can start by saying he too is about band-aiding things so they are less likely to be attacked or taken down - case in point, the tale of the Three Little Pigs :1: except Saturn is not a jolly character. He´s sometimes called The Great Teacher and this planet has very much to do with life lessons and maturity - for example astrology teaches that we don´t really grow up until 29 when Saturn crosses his natal position and it is a well-known fact that people change their life goals and direction in a big way after this transit.

Unlike Chiron which is a part thinker and has to do with reasoning and reflecting Saturn is more about concrete things like the actual concrete world out there or what has been concretely done or how much actual time (another keyword for it) has passed. Status symbols are very much Saturnian since they reflect a sort of concrete progress over time, two dimensions presided over by Saturn. Generally people experience Saturn as frustration and difficulty and like some circumstance or figure that likes to throw obstacles in their way that set them back or annoy them - that perfect fun plan one has for everything, Saturn comes along and just bricks it in one go. So one is instead compelled to come up with a somewhat more solid and better plan for the next go around, a bit like the pigs going from straw to sticks to stone - things get harder and more solid all the time with this one.

Saturn is also a sort of formless planet in that instead of having its own flavor it has a way of mirroring any planet it aspects and in a way amplifying its fears or weaknesses - where Jupiter might encourage us to do something because we feel we´ll get lucky Saturn is more like "do this or else" in its message. And it can transmute it in pretty much anyway whether it´s trough its effect on thought when paired with Mercury or feeling with Moon or Venus or maybe one´s whole life direction if it´s aspecting Sun. (If you find this interesting reading into Carl Jung might be a good route to follow - the Sun and Saturn are the same as Jung´s ego and shadow, for example.)

One more point is the holidays and months associated with Saturn - Saturnalia (on December 25) and January (as the god Janus) with this planet´s reputation for being duplicious or two-faced. Saturn never reveals its true motivations for compelling us to do something nor are they ever what they appear to be. This is a more subtle point but it means you can get both a whole lot of definitions of what Saturn is all about and plenty of disagreement from people who have experienced its different faces. It´s not the dull planet it appears to be at first glance. Most directly though it represents difficulties and areas where people feel they aren´t doing well (ever or most of the time) or ones that are constantly causing them problems for one reason or another.
April 27, 2020 at 20:26
(Scorpio) sincereseeker » sincereseeker
What do you think my Saturn means? I´m really not an expert in astrology.
April 27, 2020 at 20:26
(Scorpio) sincereseeker » jkxx74
Just anything you would like to tell me. Would love to give you a tarot reading in exchange if you wish.
April 27, 2020 at 20:25
(Scorpio) sincereseeker » qfate
sick in what sense? would you mind expanding regarding what you see in health and why?
April 27, 2020 at 18:02
(Capricorn) jkxx74
Chiron is one of the things I´ve looked into it pretty extensively - what would you like to know? Also that Saturn on your Ascendant stands out but figuring you already know plenty about it.

Could go into the nodes some but I´m not really into the PoF or Lilith so others can cover those.
April 27, 2020 at 13:36
(Sagittarius) qfate
Everything is perfect, except you are a little bit what do you want to know?

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