Pluto conjunct Chiron in 9th house and opposite Mars

April 12, 2020 at 09:09 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Neptune Queen
Pluto conjunct Chiron in 9th house and opposite Mars
Hello, sweet people! I have this in my chart, Pluto conjunct Chiron in the 9th house and opposite Mars and, as much as I have read about it, it´s kinda harsh. I´d love to hear your opinions about it, if you want to help me out. I read that it´s kinda complicated to have higher education, such as graduating university, and that it might be hard for me to change places and to move abroad. Do you have any ideas for a career that will not be affected by these aspects? Thank you in advance for eventual replies and any opinions are welcomed. <3

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March 3, 2021 at 05:24
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
Hi, I know this is an old topic, but want to contribute an answer since no good answers or solutions were given.

I don´t know about all the harsh things you´ve read,
But I´ve found that tho they are challenging, they have hidden healing qualities too.
And you have lots of aspect in your chart for great education & even that counter acts some of chiron negative effects.
I´ll tell you on all I´ve found, hope it will give you better insights :)

Pluto in Sagittarius characterize the personal transformation moral & philosophies, innate consciousness & spiritual direction.

placed in 9th house they further gain attributes signifying higher thoughts, well developed mental abilities, interest in transforming of legal, moral & philosophical systems.

Collectively all 3
Pluto - Sagittarius - 9th house headlines as "The Powers of Beliefs"

Chiron Sagittarius 9th house
shows your deepest wound residing in expansion.
These people have some deep wounding in relation to matters of religion, higher education, travel, etc. They have a powerful desire to be the best in some of many of these areas, yet they often experience setbacks and disappointments which are preventing them to achieve success.
May experience many disappointments and issues due to their beliefs and philosophy. They often are not aware of the origins of these beliefs, but they have a strong urge to defend them, until they finally realize that they are their greatest block in expanding their life.
Such realization usually comes as a result of series of circumstances and events that make them realize the need to change them.
Sometimes struggle in life because of some inherited religious beliefs, which they don’t feel belong to them, yet, are unable to give up on them because of the respect for their tradition.
These people often experience events that will support them in finally releasing themselves from the chains of their tradition, and allowing them to embrace the ideas and beliefs they feel in tune with, rather than being forced to accept them.
Person called to discover their own philosophy of life, abandoning all their previous concepts. This is usually triggered by events of Chiron nature, which help them to start this journey.
The person might struggle with getting their higher education or they might experience disappointments while trying to get their diploma.

I think that last line is what you were referring to, right? :)
You shouldn´t worry you´ve got plenty solutions to counteract this :D
Chiron itself shows our challenges, and known to make us overcompensate for the wound, we feel bad at performing an quality or ability & we instinctively overdo on that just to make sure we don´t experience the pain of the wound.
This is how Chiron manifests in life.
Take me for example, mine is chiron in gemini, stating difficulty in communication, and somehow at an point in my life due to many misunderstandings, I went more silent & might think 3x times before communicating, so it was delivered as clear as possible and less prone to misunderstandings. Improving each time, from every little setback etc.
This is also written on many websites, but I found it to be personally true.
The challenges that chiron shows up with, you already compensate by doubling your efforts on it, makes your abilities sharply fine tuned & prominent.
The mere thought of having education conflicts makes you already buckle down twice as hard due to the fear/disappointment that lurks in the back of your mind. I think you already know this to be true too ^^

okay onwards :)
Taking all the above in to context, when reading Mars opposite Chiron

Mars opposite Chiron = The Transformation from Victim to Victor
Individual has uncomfortable source of his aggression and irritability in his journey to restore balance and composure to his frustrated need to assert himself.
He cannot run from his own feelings of anger. That blind frustration he is experiencing must be dealt with in a brave and direct manner. It is no longer welcome in its current raw and unsophisticated state.
It cannot mirror the hostility faced with hostility & conflict of their own, war isn´t the answer.
The solution lies in the capacity to improve communications and interactions by identifying anger as a passive-aggressive reaction to feeling threatened.
Essentially it is the fear of engaging in a kind co-operation with others that breeds war between us.

In context connecting the dots, this "hostility faced" by this aspect,
is the "disappointment" of chiron, & the "discouraging beliefs" of pluto in the area of the 9th house of higher education/transformation.
That´s the conflict.
And the solution is:
Clear communication & identifying the hostility faced, compensate heavily to avoid disappointments, and transforming/encouraging one´s belief/faith in the area of higher education. :)

Now for the other aspects of your chart that helps on education & career :D

Sun in taurus = stability, strength & moves like a tank, working hard to attain it´s goals or targets.
The third house tells us about energy that is consumed in mental processes. These people usually learn and mentally develop throughout their whole life. They will travel and study in order to become teachers, writers, or find a job in information technology. They have talent for communicating and dealing with people. They can express themselves well and they are able to stay optimistic even under unfavourable circumstances.
-Look at that! Great for learning & teaching :)

Mercury in Gemini = The intellectual sign with native ruling planet embodies intellect, education & communication. Enhancing all mental processing more than paired with any other sign.
Mercury in the third house relates to its natural house, the house of conscious thinking. This position stimulates the mind and forms humorous people who are able to express themselves skillfully. They are deep thinkers, but they are also bright, adaptable and versatile. They express their views with ease and have different talents. They tend to have many acquaintances and they may have shallow interests because their mind is always active.
- 3x times Intelligence wrapped in one, this is the ultimate combo lol :)

Mars in Gemini
Activity is joined with intelligence. Their fiery temperament manifests itself mainly verbally, abruptly and swiftly. If people with Mars in Gemini want to get something or know something, they ask.
Shows dexterity in many skills but master in only few. Curiosity & liveliness into starting something knew. Dislikes routine has an active & creative mind. Skills in literature, communications & media.
Mars in the third house suggests aggressive and active intellect. These people are bright and quick-witted, but they tend to make hasty decisions. They are direct and sharp. They tend to cause conflicts in their family and they often criticise the personal shortcomings of others. They are always in a hurry and they are very competitive.
- Mars also in Gemini in it´s native 3rd house, intelligence & wits, give you the power of overcoming obstacles by intelligent actions.

And lastly is your Eros in Aquarius.
Eros represents deep passion & obsessions, what makes us get out of bed each morning or we feel passionate about in life. I´m talking about the non erotic side that aids in education as on topic.
In Aquarius means an passion for the unusual, the inventive, the novel or passion for new technology. Aquarius makes the passionate pursuit an intellectual one & detached of emotions. One can think more clearly & objectively about their passions with this sign.
In the 12th house of hidden self, gives to have passions for things hidden, discovering bringing them to light, & inventiveness to self transformation. Eros with house 12 attributes is also more prone to experience excitement & arousal through injury, suffering & confinement.

In context to education & everything above, the challenges, hostilty & disappointments you might face, has the possibility to further excite passion/arousal to overcome it.
Eros=aquarius= Air element, meaning it´s innovative passionate vibes gently trines harmonously with anything Gemini or 3rd house.
Eros trines mercury less than 1 degrees, mars less than 3 degrees, conjucts neptune less than 1 degree, sextiles pluto less than 5 degrees & chiron less than 10degrees in your natal chart.

So the truth is you have more intelligence & educational power than you thought :)
The point is having faith & believe in your self (beats pluto)
doing the extra work to avoid disappointments as much as possible (beats chiron)
And the passion & obsession to be able to attain it. (eros aiding mars to oppose Pluto & chiron) ;)

There you go :D go get your graduation & career!
Cheers ^_~<3
April 14, 2020 at 11:58
(Taurus) Neptune Queen » IIyyaarr13
I think you talk about something else. :)) the problem is not being able to maintain bachelor studies because of the placement of Chiron.
April 13, 2020 at 02:33
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Often the See-Saw pattern is accompanied by oppositions, weighing both sides of things is a routine modus Operandi!
The Nanny-states pay folks to get decent educations, travel is supposed to be part of a well-rounded education!
Is your French good enough for short story writing?
The discipline of a reading regimen and short story writing might be enough to stop lusting after formal education! :44: :81: :32: :81: :98:

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