Moon conjunct Mean Lilith in my birth chart

April 4, 2020 at 08:59 (UT/GMT)
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Moon conjunct Mean Lilith in my birth chart
I have BML in Taurus conjunct Moon in Taurus in the twelfth house. Moon and BML are trine Mars, sextile Uranus Mercury conjunction, square Venus and Jupiter. My Ascendant is also in Taurus and there is a slight conjunction between my Ascendant and Moon and BML. What does it mean? Can you help me?

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April 4, 2020 at 12:59
(Leo) pixel

I´m a beginner... so I´ll give you what I´ve found for someone else about Moon conjunct BML (I think the fact that both of your moon and lilith are in earth element could be easier to deal with than if they were in water signs... earth element enable you to stick more down to earth even if in this 12th house, I really don´t know, so please if you can feedback about it) :

These are the global energies of the Black Moon in Pisces or in House 12, which must be nuanced according to your theme, see the article Black Moon in natal chart; see also the article on the general interpretation of the Black Moon.
It represents an important karmic factor, at the same time germ of incarnation (see the Triangle of incarnation), source of attractions, compulsions, and also fears, introversions.
The black moon is one of the attributes of the Anima in the theme, as such it can indicate a Projection of the Anima...
As the black moon remains 273 days per sign approximately, its position in houses is more meaningful for the personality, the archetypal color of the sign modulates accordingly. Consequently, focus on the house impacted in the interpretation, the analysis of the sign must be subordinated to it.

Overcompensating for the development of consciousness
The Black Moon in House 12 or in Pisces can bring an important but also excessive psychic depth that can translate into emotional instability due to too much receptivity, badly channeled and exploited, there is a fear attached to the structuring / dissolution of the ego and the expression of devotional parts, help, sacrifice.

It is a very complex position for this karmic factor, linked to the unconscious elements, it can bring a lot of guilt and self-responsibility, a lot of fears linked to the destructuring, of oneself, of one´s environment, of the world, of one´s emotions, with moreover a rather particular relation to the "emptiness", to nothingness, which can be translated into extremes as varied as a personality that is very nihilistic, but also more easily mystical, connected to the Absolute, to transcendence, with a direct consciousness of the universal monad, of the permanent interconnection of all things.

The dreamlike world will be very important, it will be quite sensitive both to let parts of the imagination express itself and to allow emotional exteriorizations (especially in artistic fields), but this could also be translated for example by developing mediumistic qualities, the native will have innate connections to the collective unconscious, he will be more easily able to perceive the social and metaphysical currents before anyone else.

One must be careful with this position because the "expansion of consciousness" can be sought at all costs, and on the positive side this will certainly be favourable at the spiritual evolutionary level, for example to trigger Synchronicities, and to force the process of Individuation at the emotional level; but on the negative side one will also find in particular various abuses, of alcohol, drugs, medicines, sleep (one must be particularly wary here of anything that puts one to sleep, that anaesthetizes, that cuts off the awakened consciousness to make one enter into other hidden realities).

It will be important with this position not to flee from reality, but on the contrary to try to rely as much as possible on the forces of the Earth, especially the Saturnian ones, in order to succeed in structuring, in giving a form to all the powerful receptivity generated, and to find behind it, if one can say so, a social and even professional exploitation...

It is not rare, moreover, that with this black moon, the native can have a social function, a profession, linked to the medical, psychological, artistic, social field, linked to charity, to help, to devotion, linked to everything that can be represented by the different Neptunian analogies.

With this lilith, it is as if an amplifier is connected to the emotional and unconscious forces, which can also more easily be translated into cyclothymic parts, into depression, through a latent spleen, more easily melancholic and psychically unstable.

Especially, obviously, according to the different aspects that will be formed, it will also be necessary to take care of the destructive, negative, violent forces, which can here mix more directly and easily with the psyche.

These are energies that can favour many of the introspective qualities, even psychoanalytical ones, but they also have a more important factor of isolation and withdrawal: it will be tempting to withdraw into one´s own world, into one´s own illusions, one´s own reality, with one´s own rules; this will be a very effective but also risky mode of protection at the moment when confrontations with reality will be inevitable (hence the fact, as mentioned above, of trying to develop one´s Earth energies in parallel).

It is necessary to manage a lot the notion of sacrifice that one is ready to produce for others, up to what level one erases one´s ego in order to devote oneself, up to what degree of receptivity one opens oneself to the fragility and the pains of the world, these will be important questions because one is in the middle of the antagonism of this position!
The Black Moon constitutes by nature one of our karmic germs of incarnation, and as such it is part of our central bases which constitute our personality... But here at least a part of these bases are confronted with forces of dissolution and it is necessary to find a fair balance to allow the blossoming of individuality.

In some cases, this may also require rediscovering parts of Neptunian forces by relearning qualities of self-denial and openness to others, moreover the various associative activities could be very interesting to develop these qualities and fight against certain fears related to the expression of these forces.

This type of placement can allow an important karmic purge in this incarnation, it can ask to bring to the surface sensitive elements to be able to treat them, as a factor of the alchemical process of "Solutio", we also know that these energies will certainly be very complementary to the plutonic forces of "Calcinatio": pressure and intense internal psychic heat in order to consume the inherited anterior slag.

It will be important to study your dreams and to try globally to better understand all your unconscious communication, because the psyche has things to say, needs to make itself understood and to evacuate certain traumas?

In the end, in the long run, it is likely that this will require the recomposition of a "new ego", galvanized, more transcendent, having understood its evolutionary path and also being ready for a new cycle free of previous weights.

The karmic angle of the analysis of the natal chart is obviously particularly important to take into account, to study, to develop (analysis of the lunar nodes, of the different karmic regents, etc.).
(*This is a translation for a french website.*)

Uranus conjunct mercury is a very good aspect in my point of view : intelligence combined with originality even if hard to be understood by other most of the time.



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