North Nodes, South Nodes and Karma Sinastry

March 17, 2020 at 12:46 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) beyzacen
North Nodes, South Nodes and Karma Sinastry
The angles of the North and South Nodes are very important as they shed light on spiritual ties and karma in synastry, and must be looked after. The map must be interpreted in its entirety to understand the details of the relationship and karma.
The effects I have described below show themselves completely and in their strongest terms in terms of conjunction. For trine and style angles, the effects are more harmonious, soft and comfortable, and for a square angle, they emerge in a more challenging, abrasive and enhancing way.

:78: :78: :78:North Node Effects (NN:North Node) :78: :78: :78:

NN connections show the way the soul has to go and what it has to go through, the lessons it has to take. The conjunction of NN with Sun, Moon, Venus and ASC in the synastry indicates very strong karmic bonds, creating an irresistible attraction. because the souls feel that they will take very important lessons from each other. In the aspects of KAD, the parties help each other in their journey of life. His angles with the planets show the themes of these lessons.

The rising person teaches the NN owner important lessons about his identity, stance in life and self-expression. NN owner can easily reach ASC person, ASC is very affected by NN person. It was a very strong interaction.

NN takes very important lessons about its own self from the Sun owner. The sun owner NN is very interested in the person who he owns. It is a highly developer and instructive aspect for both sides.

The moon owner NN develops the person in the emotional field. People feel loyalty arising from strong emotions. Feelings of love and compassion prevail. NN learns very important things from the feelings of the Moon, while the Moon has strong feelings for NN.

It is in the field of mind and communication. Mercury owner changes NN´s ideas, point of view and way of expressing himself, and gives him progress in these areas. NN is influenced by Mercury´s communication abilities. They can communicate with each other very deeply.

Venus will develop NN in the sense of love and move forward. It is very likely that it will give the effect of "love at first sight", there is a very strong attraction between the parties. Emotions are intense, relationship is passionate. Both sides take very important lessons on the theme of love.

This is a challenging interaction, but its developer effect is undeniable. The theme of the lesson is difficult. The owner of Mars teaches the NN person how to fight, fight, recognize his own strength. There is a possibility that the NN owner will be under the pressure of the Mars person.

It is a positive interaction. The owner of Jupiter offers NN owner ideological and philosophical expansion, and NN enjoys being with Jupiter. It is effective in the positive and comfortable taking of the lessons to be learned, the theme is superior.

Lessons to be learned in this interaction are learned in difficult ways. Saturn disciplines the NN owner. The lessons to be learned are in the areas of duty, perseverance, labor, patience, discipline and authority. It is a challenging aspect, but its reward is solid, permanent.

Individuality, new ideas, thoughts, patterns of behavior, etc. all kinds of innovations, demolition of old molds are superior. The concepts of society and revolution are important. Lessons on collectivity are taken.

In this interaction, the owner of Neptune invites the NN person to discover their dreams. Lessons can be psychic abilities, art, dreams or illusions. It can be an enjoyable interaction or it may cause errors.

It is a very strong interaction, people have deep ties. Transform the owner of Pluto, the owner of NN, affects his rebirth and gives very important lessons. NN owner deeply affects to Pluto.

In this interaction, people see deep wounds of each other and discover the healing of these wounds with each other. So it is a highly developing angle, energetic bonds are very strong. Theme healing is superior.

MC person plays an important role in reaching the highest point that NN person can reach in life, it is a progressive angle. Sheds light on your way. MC person feels that he can move forward with NN comfortably. Lessons are taken on career and life summit.

The lessons to be learned in this interaction are about seeing the dark side of the person, discovering the depths and analyzing the shadow sides. The sides reflect their dark sides to each other. It creates strong sexual attraction.

:78: :78: :78:South Node Effects (SN:South Node) :78: :78: :78:

SN shows that the soul carries from past life. The conjunction of SN with the Sun, Moon, Venus or ASC gives the strongest effects. In this type of synastry connections, there is a feeling of getting to know each other closely with a very strong attraction among people.The feeling of Deja vu is prevalent because it points to the karma between the people from past life that must be completed. If he interacts with the planets, it gives the theme of this karma.

The ASC person has played an important role in shaping the identity of the SN person in the past. Mixed personality is related to the image presented to the outside world, the role in life, how the person manifests himself. The parties have an influence on each other´s being.This interaction is important because our ASC presence says ´I am here!´, It can cause people to repeat past motifs. Independence should be gained regarding identity.

It is a strong interaction, the theme is self. In the past life, the Sun person played an important role in the self-development of the SN person, contributing a lot to the person. The SN person has the ability to fully see the potential and light of the Sun, he can admire him. These people have been highly developers for each other, which can have mixed guiding effects to be completed in this life. At the same time, people remind each other of who they are.

The relationship in past life is on strong emotional karma. Details of the karma to be solved can be seen from the motifs of the relationship. Moon person feels loyalty to SN person, SN can leave himself alone next to the Moon, there is a habitual feeling in the relationship. It is an interaction that is likely to create an obsession or non-progression depending on the angle. At the same time, the parties have a chance to give each other intense emotional support.

There is telepathic communication between people with this angle. They can easily understand each other´s thoughts, communicate very comfortably. They carry a logic and communication themed karma, Mercury person developed SN person mentally in the past life, they have a mental connection. SN person knows inside the head of Mercury. Both sides can easily understand each other´s minds and inner worlds and can easily explain themselves.

Mixed and past life ties are about love. It is one of the most important indicators of karmic bonds, the feeling of recognition is very intense. The SN person desires to approach Venus, Venus can easily open up to SN. Mixed love is superior, but the whole map must be looked at to understand its details. If there is no negative karma, people feel an intense loving bond to each other, they can easily fall in love.

They carry a mix on the themes of sexuality, competition, struggle. It is an interaction that gives passion and attraction, but at the same time there is a situation of greed, anger and jealousy. In the past life, SN may have been under the dominance of Mars. By interpreting the other angles on the map, we can see the positive / negative effects of this angle in more detail, it can point to hostility, or a developer relationship.

The person of Jupiter may have been a teacher and guided to the SN person in the past life. They may have gone after an ideal or belief. Jupiter has played an important role in creating SN´s ethical understanding, SN has strengthened the perception of Jupiter owner. This angle may indicate positive karma or karmic lessons taken easily, and people can help each other in these lives.

It is one of the strongest mixed symptoms, it is directly related to the lessons to be taken. The bond carried from past life is very strong, it does not break. Both sides feel the heaviness of the bond between them, they have gone through difficult processes together in the past. SN has learned a lot from Saturn, appreciates it, Saturn cares SN person sincerely, respects. If there are no other negative aspects, it is a permanent bond. The parties may feel under pressure or limited because the mix to be completed is huge, the lesson to be learned is very important.

The past life mix may be related to society. These people may have previously met under the phenomenon of revolution or rebellion and may have come together again to resolve a mix for it. Apart from this, the Uranus owner affected the SN owner over his borders and became an individual, and the parties exchanged each other. They may have signed new ideas and inventions together in the past and discovered something.

Mixed art may be related to addictions or psychological disorders. Neptune owner has shaped the dreams and desires of the SN person, the parties may be disappointed by growing each other in their eyes and creating illusions. One of the parties may have been dependent on the other, had a mental love, or caused him to go crazy. In this life, truth must be seen and accepted. With their positive aspect, they may have met under the theme of art and creativity.

It is one of the important karmic bond indicators. Pluto owner has been extremely effective on SN in the past and transformed it. The SN owner may have been forced by Pluto. The parties may have suffered each other for a strong destruction, but this is a necessary destruction. They forced each other to see and reveal their true strength. It is necessary to look at the whole map to understand whether this settlement expresses a passionate bond in the past life or a harmful bad karma.

In the past, people have had deep wounds on each other, they have had an impact on their personality and have left a mark on each other, so they have a deep bond. Karma is about understanding these wounds and discovering their healing. This angle can be challenging as it touches the pain that people carry from past life, but it is also healing. In this interaction, energy is very strong, people can reveal each other´s healer.

In the past, people have influenced each other in reaching the top of their lives. These people can collaborate very easily together. They are likely to have established a career together before. Both people experience a sense of peak, if this share from the past is stuck, this may prevent them from advancing. It is also a useful interaction because people know how to advance each other.

It is an important sign of karma, it describes a dark karma. In past life, hostility, addiction, dark sexuality, etc. among these people. there may have been situations. People showed their dark sides to each other and reflected their shadow sides. Energy is chaotic. It can create very strong sexual attraction. This settlement may indicate a spell from people from past lives. They carry a serious and heavy karma.

P.S: In my oppinion Saturn effects is the most important one. If your Saturn effectet both of node. Your relationship can not finish without dead. Probably you guys be together at the future another life too. Cong! :75: but will be difficult.

Sincerely :35:

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March 28, 2020 at 15:52
(Aries) beyzacen » cinnamon girl
You are just born in same year it means same conditions and same desicions.
March 26, 2020 at 14:27
(Capricorn) cinnamon girl
what if you and someone have a NN-NN conjunction ? what would that show or play out between two ppl ?
March 23, 2020 at 07:08
(Aries) beyzacen » RunnerChic85
It is normal to experience turbulent relationships with the scorpio signs. you also can not be bored with them. :4:
March 20, 2020 at 01:54
(Leo) RunnerChic85
Wow, thank you for sharing, so true for me. I have Saturn and SN in Scorpio, 14 degrees separated, and Saturn squaring my Sun. I seem to draw a lot of Scorpios, or people with Scorpio traits...some I have great relationship with, and some very turbulent.
March 19, 2020 at 08:48
(Aries) beyzacen » leorising
Youre welcome :1: :35:
March 17, 2020 at 13:27
(Libra) leorising
thank you for sharing :17:

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