Hello! I am new to astrology and have no idea how to read my chart : )

February 2, 2020 at 01:39 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) moonchild96
Hello! I am new to astrology and have no idea how to read my chart : )
May you be able to tell me what my chart says? Thank you so very much! xo
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February 3, 2020 at 20:09
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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Try with this one - sidereal

I was surprised that you´re Cancer but you´re not :75:
Hello Gemini :37:

Moon Leo 1stH ruler (Sun Gemini) - very optimistic and communicative person that likes to be socially involved

Fortuna 3rdH Libra Pl 3drH - again great communicative skills and probable interest in genetic and history

Jup5thH Sag trine Moon - optimistic nature approved again

Neptun-Uranus 5thH Cap fine aspects - great self-respect and self-awareness

Saturn SN 8thH Pisces - deep attachments and love are actually not your thing

Ve-Ma-Me 10thH Taurus - you are very creative and like to expose yourself verbally and like to be seen.

You have good ideas that you have the potential to bring to reality but that artistic trait is killing your almost technical interest in genetics and heritage (Pl opp stellium MC).

Your needs to expose are sometimes challenging your optimism (Moon trine MC stellium) but that does not harm you much because you have plenty of that :37:

Also great writing potential

ooo one more thing Chiron NN Virgo 2ndH - even if you love it - difficulties with money and possessions maybe due to your overcalculating approach ...
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February 3, 2020 at 20:01
(Aquarius) lunaria » lunaria
Oh, I forgot to mention your saturn placement.
You have masterd the 8th house stuff on one hand, but on the other hand you have got saturn in the 8th house. Wherever saturn sits, he shrinks the house he sits in for a while. On one hand, you are very familiar with the 8th house matters. But saturn has his foot on these things, wich can make you a little bit frightened when it comes to changes.
I am very sorry, but I read your nodes the wrong way.
I thought you came from libra and move towards aries. But it is the other way around. You come from aries and move towards libra.
This changes EVERYTHING!
It means you are very confident, maybe even a bit too much. And in this life you have to learn relatinships.

I would really love to hear a feedback, because I am a bit confused in your chart here.
Are you more of a confident person, or are you more of a codependant person? What would you say youself?
February 3, 2020 at 19:52
(Aquarius) lunaria
hello moonchild,

I am impressed!
This is actually the first time, I finally see someone, who has saturn in the 8th house in aries, just like I have.
The uncomfortable thing first. Saturn in the 8th house in aries is not the most beautiful thing to have. But there are many other things in a chart to read. For example, there is a stellium in the 10th house, wich makes it likely for you to succeed in your career. It is in gemini, wich shows, that you are talented in many things and that you should go for a career with communication. Like teaching for example.
But your houses that are about money and everyday life show, that you should work with your beauty in some way. Modelling, or working in the fashion industry, or singing, or something artistic is the right thing for you.
This is funny. Our nodes, wich I consider to be the most important in a chart, unless some other factors really stand out, like a 10th house stellium for example, are in the same signs.
Libra and aries. So, you come from libra and move towards aries.
This means, in your last life, you have masterd the libra qualities, wich makes you a little bit codependant in this life. This means, you should try and move towards the aries qualities first, before you go into deep relationships, because you will loose yourself easily. You first have to get the aries things. Practice independance, assertiveness, be a little bit more egotistical and find out, what your own identity is. Once you have achieved that, it will be much easier for you to be in relationships. Some say, the south node is the first half of the life and the north node is the second half.
Your Pluto is in the end of the third house. I would read it in the fourth. In any case it is conjunct your IC. This speaks of one, if not two parents of yours. This mostly is considered the "mothers house". It shows, that your mother might be a bit of a bully, maybe.
Nice is, that all of your planets build a very nice pattern around your chart. Still I would say, you are more of an extrovert, because of this 10th house stellium.
The nodes are read in the signs, they reside in, as well as the houses, they sit in.
You come from the 8th house and you move towards the second house. These are the money houses. You have mastered the scorpio energy already. Wich is all about the money of other people (inheritance, taxes etc.), sex, the occult, sudden events, it is the house of death and rebirth and of transformation.
So it is very likely, that you have an easy time with these matters in this life. But you are supposed to move towards the second house, wich is all about your own resources, your self esteam, your family of origin, your food intake, and also your voice and your throat.
This is another hint towards your independamce. So your nodes show this very much. The request for independance. This is your task in this life.
I find your chart very interesting! Your moon in the first in virgo talks about you thinking far too much. And often times it is you turning around conflicts. This is a good placement for a lawyer, because they solve problems all day. In the first house it shows, that you care a lot about yourself, wich is very good, because your nodes are pointing in this direction too. You must learn to be selfish anyway.

What do you think?

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