Someone please read my chart..

December 27, 2019 at 05:24 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Rabbit1987
Someone please read my chart..
I´m pretty new to natal charts and would really like to know more..

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December 28, 2019 at 12:47
(Virgo) cassiolmoraes
Well, I can tell you something because your aspects and planets-signs are EXACTLY the same as mine, although the house positions are different. It´s like looking at my own chart, which I´ve done hundreds of times, with a few twists. Take that as a disclaimer, because what I´m about to say comes from a very subjective perspective.

There´s a lot of sensitivity, daydreaming, absorbing other´s energy without much discrimination, fantasies, plus an overall frustration that seems to follow every step, even though you can be very grounded and practical. You make an effort to do the right thing, but there´s also a desire to be different, a pull towards unconventionality. At the same time, no matter how "good" you try to be, there´s always someone telling you to do things different, to be more mundane or down to earth. The bottom line is: you are on your own, and deep down you know what your talents are. When you embrace them without asking permission, things flow around you, even though people are going to be constantly advising you against doing so. Soon after they´ll be following your steps, but you got to take the lonely road - if you haven´t done so already. It´s no walk in the park.

I´d say that many of your frustations come from something involving groups of people, friends and career-related enviroments. There´s an invisible force pulling you away from that, and it took you - or it´s going to take you - a lot of your virgo-methodic-lonely warrior mindset to mingle and to be out there. I would also say that your talents involve something doing with psychology, the occult or another scorpio-related activities - although you may be advised by others to pursue more conventional forms of intellectual activities. They don´t know how much water you´ve got inside of you, this overwhelming sensitivity, and they can´t see it nor accept it. And that´s the way it´s supposed to be. You are an aries-north node, and we can´t rely on others´ support if we are to make the most of ourselves in this lifetime.

If I´m wrong, plese tell me. I´d like to know more about my "astro-twin" :4:

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