What is the correct of calculating a life path number?

June 30, 2018 at 23:48 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Zane771
What is the correct of calculating a life path number?

I always wanted to know what the real way of calculating a life path number is, there are two methods, one is the cycle method and the other method is where you add all the digits of someones birth of date and it comes to one number, which is your life path number.

However, there is confusion, for example using my cousin brothers date of birth: 17th April 1997, using the usual method of calculating his life path, 1+7+4+1+9+9+7 =38 (3+8= 11), his life path is 38/11 or 11 in simple terms. However when you use the life cycle method it is a life path 2, which has a completely different meaning. This can be confusing to some people who´s life path comes out different when calculating with two different methods.

I wanted to find out the truth which system of finding out a life path is correct because many websites use the second method and some say its the original method of adding all the digits together.

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July 22, 2018 at 18:18
(Taurus) Vyri » Zane771

I am a neophyte astrologer of some 50 years and along the way have used Kabal or Numerology which can augment energy recognition of life path values-seen as element meaning within the birth chart or progressed charts used in Astrology.

An Example: let´s say if you have Virgo rising in your natal Astrological chart, Virgo is an Astrology sign that represents the number ´2´, the reference or character evaluation (depending upon which system of Astrology-Kabal or number interpretation you use..) acquainted with that sign, is a refiner´s energy-deals with food stuffs, habits of work-health etc. & should you have that value duplicated in the birth path, it is a very strong influence in the way you go about evaluating and acting upon life stuff situations that make interplay along your journey here on earth.

So lets say if you have Virgo rising and were born on a number 2 day, you can expect the #2 experiences to pop up in your life more often than not, it is a signature of a Karmic responsive duty or reflection you have demonstrated at some time along the road of existence that is repeating itself-which you will use as a continual energy or element of associations-for you have chosen to reflect upon it´s nature to represent yourself in the world by. You have ether been very successful with Virgo´s lesson of character traits integrated within you or otherwise-unsuccessful-which is why it makes its presence known to you. It´s energy has been set before you to utilize for this lifetime as a guide in lessons, however or where ever it falls within the birth map.

The life path is made up of several parts, again it is a matter of interpretation by each Kabbalist how the birth path can be used to demonstrate events within the life. February is the 2nd month of the year; so the month ´order´ of ´2´ or Virgo would (in a certain type of interpretative analysis) figure in to your reading. February (Aquarius energy-depending upon the day you were born in that month)would be blended with Virgo in your traits prominently, as said depending upon where these two elements are energized in your natal map.

They do represent important powers unto themselves- separately understood, outside of Astrological blending, strengths evaluative insights etc, ..Numerology is an occult pseudo science unto itself-but combined with Astrological understanding can be a tremendous help in understanding ´character or trait is destiny.´

In Numerology the life path value forms (3-month day year-they are not separate in title for the meaning of ´Life Path´) made up from the birth date is the inescapable ´fate´ the Mother & Father have blessed the child with representing purposeful energy as lessons along life´s passages that help accomplish the talents..hopefully leading to success, as such which we eventually should wish to bring back to the Father in heaven doe consideration of His investment in giving us life. (´The scripture relating to the 10 talents in the Bible.´) The life path for the offspring is that important signature of purpose he has lent to the parents by giving them the conception rights-visited upon the child for some good.

The name or signature is much more a personal ´tool´ choice a parent anoints or equips the child with to handle life´s challenges-each letter associated along side another value ´before and aft´ accomplishing momentum that direct courses, for successes or failure. It will be ´how´ we understand the potential of each form that will make any difference towards or future which is the life path guiding post. The name as an occult revelation of letter equivalents is un-unbeknownst or acknowledged as any relevent power by some Christian´s-as it is of an occult-Hebrew Irish Scottish Masonary origin-and does not have an interpretive-as such-number value in scripture usage, numerology has its origin based of a personal pagan belief or ´design´ systems.

Each letter as an essence within the Month in question-should be evaluated for a more succinct awareness the month´s finer intention may represent to the individual trying to view his life´s work potential, in this way the month does not present an a typical ´uncomplicated´ view of the personality, rather it is a structure of fine tuning personality representations of the self. The month is not an interpretive form of one single value that makes for a blanketed statement of the Life Path, we are so much more complicated than a number from 1-9 or 1-12 (month) resolving down to a single form, or even a Master number (so called for its double appearance) 11 - 22 or 33.

Using the Tarot should be the backbone of any number interpretation, the C.C. Zane (Zain) method of Tarot interpretation is a revealing source material in my delineation techniques.

As for the number 8 as Judgement or 10th house Capricorn-(power importance-career-destiny); and the value of 22 which is Pluto (changes, transformations) yes these are strong important life energies appearing as challenges to achieve a successful future, but it is ´where´ they reside in the personal map as interpretive guideposts which express as much more import to meaningfullness.

A recap then as the name makes up the tools you work with, ´fate´ is the birth date (and one´s time of birth). So you see Numerology is not so simplistic in its interpretation.

You have a birth map posted as a member, should you like a brief reading of the number 22 as a Master number and where it fits in your chart-I will take a peek at it & give a ´free´ delineation effort towards its understanding.

Yours in Astrology-Kabal
:75:Vyri-:94: - :152: :176: :193: :151: :172: (pronounced as Free only with a ´V´.)

All the best
July 11, 2018 at 04:09
(Gemini) Zane771 » marie
Thank you very much for your reply.
July 11, 2018 at 00:36
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
System message: Post has been written by user marie, who already deleted profile on this website:
hi Zane,

I´m no expert but I calculated for your cousin brothers date like you mentioned and I come to life path 2

here´s how I do it;

17th of April, 1997
(1+7) + (0+4) + (1+9+9+7)
8 + 4 + (2+6)
8 + 4 + 8 = 20
2 + 0 = life path

I think if your cousin would be no matter how you break down your numbers you will always come to 11 life path., some will stop at 9 ... 22 is very rare for life path number, considered divine...22/4 the master teacher...if you believe in numerology 1 to 9, 11 and 22

hope this helps you out a little,..


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