Element Analysis

November 12, 2019 at 01:40 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
Element Analysis
For a long time, I´ve been studying astrology and ironically the most difficult topic for me has always been temperament/element analysis. Partially because a lot of the time I´ve noticed that people´s signs don´t in any way shape or form coincide with their personality.

I´ve been through various forums that indicated that a person´s personality coincides strongly with aspects of the luminaries so I´ve developed with some inspiration from other sites my own technique to find temperament analysis and I think I´ve found something good enough.

This is what I do:

This is the order of most importance especially if you´re a woman and born at night time. If you are a man and born in the day, give one each to sun and moon.

Asc 2 Moon 2 Sun 1 Mercury 0.5 Venus 0.5 Mars 0.5

So if you are a man born at day time :

Asc 2 Moon 1 Sun 1 Mercury 0.5 Venus 0.5 Mars 0.5

I´m not going to use saturn, jupiter, and the transpersonal planets as they are generational.

If your asc is in any sign, give the element 2 pts. If it´s in a house associated with an element, give it 1 point. If it is aspecting any planet, give it 4 points as par the humour/temperament. If it is a sextile or quintile, give it 3 pts.

So to repeat, if it is the sign, you multiply the number above by one. If it is house, you multiply by 0.5, if it is a hard aspect (conjunction, trine, square, opposition), you mulitply it by 2. If it is a light aspect (sextile or quintile only ), you would multiply it by 1.5.

The humours of the planets are as follows:

Sun and Mars are Choleric
Moon and Neptune are phlegmatic
Mercury and Saturn are Melancholic
Venus is phlegmatic, and slightly sanguine
Jupiter is saungine
Pluto is slight choleric and slight phlagmetic

Another rule most people almost always forget!!

The time sensitive planets are most important, the more time sensitive a planet is the more receptive it is and the more it will indicate your personality as well take on the qualities of the sign, house, and the planets it is aspecting.

Let´s give an example.

Let´s say someone has moon in pisces conjunct mars and neptune in the tenth house.

You would give 2 points to the element water. 1 point to the element earth (because it´s in the 10th house), and 4 points of the element water because the moon absorbs the qualities of the mars-neptune conjunction. Which means: the will and actions of the mars is coloured by naptune and the emotions of the person is heavily influenced by this mars-neptune conjunction. Neptune here dominates and to the outside world, this person will give off neptunian vibes.

If neptune wasn´t there however, the moon would be receptive to the sheer willpower of mars even though it´s in pisces and the person will appear and emotionally be more determined.

The tenth house simply means that the person will regardless of will/choice has to go through the trials and regulations of the tenth house, thereby adapting naturally to some of it´s traits. Thus, I assigned 0.5 points to the house.

For example, you can´t spend years being an accountant without learning how to pay attention to detail if that doesn´t come naturally to you.

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