what is my purpose in this life

October 16, 2019 at 18:26 (UT/GMT)
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what is my purpose in this life
I´m struggling in life. losing my way. many times I am feeling trapped or drowning. I couldn´t find my purpose in this life, yet.

if someone who knows these things better can help me, I would be appreciated.

Thanks from now.
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October 18, 2019 at 14:37
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_ » Iqaia
Happy to hear you found it to be 100% match with you ;)
And you´re welcome, glad it was of meaning to you.
I haven´t given advice like this online, but I felt to do it this time ;D

You said "I cant feel I belong to somewhere."
That´s because, as an Northnode/rahu pisces, you belong in more places ;D
Wherever you are, the feeling of not belonging will always come again, making you search/explore again for a level higher/deeper.
You´re an explorer needing to taste more varieties in life.
That´s where you belonging feeling will find it´s home, in the process.

You know & have a good view on your interests & things you desire.
All those things are characteristic of your life path indeed, you´re in tune.
About not be able to spend enough time on those,

That´s very understandable but not true ^^
You´re wrong in thinking that you have to change your life completely/drastically to chase your interests & desires.
It´s all about implementation, into your current lifestyle, gradually.

example, a person works from 8am till 6pm, then has family life etc. till sleep.
He desires to workout & fitness to release his energies to benefit his health, but doesn´t have the time.
So he wakes up early as 5am, runs in the morning, showers freshens up, and does his day as normal. Plenty of time.
Other will do it in evening, with evening or night runs.
But it´s about implementing it into daily/weekly routine.
You have to carve a time for it.

Life is always busy, for everyone, there´s always something to do ;)
But it´s a decision to not watch tv & go to the gym to workout instead.
Those things don´t come automatically,
and life purpose is action, it won´t come automatically.

You love drawing so start with doing one drawing a week, or draw something quick 10mins before you sleep ;)
That way it gets in your life, your desires/interest is being performed.
Even if it´s just minutes you´ll feel that you did do it! ;D
During your time off check ticket prices to the places you want to go.
Or discuss it with your partner, even if you´re not going "yet", talking about it will be in line what you feel, & you´ll feel better ;)

Web development is a creative job, you can insert your desires/interest in that too ;)
I´m an music producer & artist, I sit in a chair & look at my screen too hahah ;D
And trust me, I don´t have any time for anything else either ^^
But I´m working on my life purpose too, so I try to make a some time for it.
I hope you understand now that implementing is important. ;D

Now on another thing.
Today, this morning I was looking for some help with my website.
I´ve bought my webdomain victorvaliant.com long ago
& I´ve been having trouble finding an webhost, and how to make my site design with a full sign/up member area & webshop.
To hear you are a web developer just wow´ed me ;D
So wonder what kind of web developer you are, and if you´re able to help pointing me in the right direction too? ;)
Maybe it´s an coincidence that I´m needing you now
& maybe your purposed service ;D
I´d appreciate it too. Cheers
October 18, 2019 at 00:30
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Tell me about your childhood home and your parents. I can see some deep wounds there but can´t identify what it is. Of course, only if you feel comfortable.
October 17, 2019 at 23:59
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » Victor_Valiant_
System message: Post has been written by user Iqaia, who already deleted profile on this website:
I do thank you for spend your time for me.

Things what you wrote match with me %100. I´m always looking for deeper. I cant feel I belong to somewhere. I try to understand more. I dont have a religion. But also I am very much interested in different religions and spirituality. And also I am very much interested in science. I am interested about art too. I love drawing. I am interested in learning other countries other cultures. I desire to travel whole world. But also I cant spend enough time for any of these. I am married with a daughter. And my job is web development. Sitting on a chair and looking into a screen :(
October 17, 2019 at 23:41
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
For purpose in life,
The life that leads to a blessed life,
or that of karmic positivity in this lifetime
is in the lunar nodes.
I´ll try to be brief & to the point ;)

*Lunar north node represents this current lifetime, also known as Rahu in indian vedic astrology.
Lunar south node represents former lifetime, also known as Ketu in indian vedic astrology.

*In indian vedic, Rahu is considered the lessons/path to walk on in this life.
The path/lessons is called by the old sanskrit word "Karma" meaning "duty"-in life.
It´s commonly know identified as the life purpose nowdays ;)
Ketu on the other hand is considered, path not to walk on in this life.
it´s commonly known as bad karma.

*following the characteristics of the North node/Rahu
will be living according to life purpose & will see good things come from life.
Enjoyable life
following the characteristics of the South node/Ketu
will be living according to opposite purpose & will see bad things come from life. Miserable life.

That´s in short where to look & how it works ^^

*In your case, North node is in Pisces, generally meaning to follow the active lifestyle/characteristics of Pisces.
And South node in virgo, generally meaning to avoid overindulgence in those lifestyle/characteristics of Virgo.
In your calculator explanation it reads like this:

"North Node in Pisces brings the conflict between transcendental effort and everyday reality, between chaos and order, and between spirituality and reason.
These people need to open up to their spirituality and imagination. They need to escape the constraints of the usual and explainable and be open to the unusual and unexplainable. They need to go beyond the rational and analytical, develop imaginative powers and spiritual awareness. They should stop working so hard and find time for themselves. They should learn to make self-sacrifice and show love for other people.
Beware of morbid obsession with order, cleanliness and rejection of everything that is not in perfect order or cannot be explained."

Above is written in short as an overview, but that´s your purpose/path to follow in this life.

*Furthermore the North node pisces is in your 5th house, which means the life path/ lessons apply there, in that category/part of your life. 5th house being creativity, pleasure, talents & artistry.
And the south node Virgo, is in your 11th house, they apply there as things to avoid. 11th house being socials circle & friendships.

Which reads in your chart like this:

"North Node in the fifth house brings the conflict between passionate, sensual love and pure friendship; conflict between egocentric showing off and the awareness that they belong to a group.
These people need to playfully express their creativity. They need to go on a stage and get some recognition and admiration. They need to see life as an invitation to play.
They have to be careful not to lose their own identity and waste their energy when they get distracted."

So conclusion answer to your question in short is:
Pursue creativity & artistry, and explore what is in the world through art, using your imagination & develop creative skill, or performing on stage to express yourself.
Avoid getting into groups & growing an habit of showing off.
Instead find genuine friends, and more sensual loving friendships.

These are still very short writings there´s more to it.
I´ll post a link below to get you started with a good explaing one ;)
but basically you should search google on
"Rahu in pisces" or "North node in Pisces" and in 5th house.
Many astrologers have a different way of explaining the actions in detail.
But I´ll say almost everyone is right, read as much as you can find on that & combine all of their knowledge as one to apply in your life.

My friend also has Rahu in pisces, so I can give some personal tips I´ve encountered, this is my opinion now ;)
As a rahu in pisces you have an urge to wander, explore more of the world in spirituality. In your mind is always a thought to reach something "higher"
Like there´s something higher spiritually for you to find.
So when you´re with friends or in relationships, and you get the feeling of being stuck, like your mind wants let go & find something deeper.
My friend had this too, having an happy home & job but still feels to escape & explore something new, an continual search to something new.
If my friend didn´t, then also felt like drowning, just like you´ve said.
And it feels that way stuck/drowning to make you feel intuitively & show you that this is not your path, that you have to break free & escape ;)
this is how "it" karma works ;D

Doing nothing & just going by being stuck will make life miserable.
The intuition feeling you get to take action, you should follow, it will lead to positivity ;)
that´s my personal tip.

Here´s a great long write up on Rahu/north node in Pisces.
So you can better understand how it affects you in life & how to be in line with your life purpose ;D


Hope that helps you ^_*
Good luck to you & god bless. cheers

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