I love acting but

October 6, 2019 at 11:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) MajorTom
I love acting but
Hello everyone; I’m curious if there’s something from my chart that could explain how both my intuition and active, conscious mind work. I know that my intuition is very strong, and it barely ever misleads me (for some reason that doesn’t concern matters of me being hired somewhere, etc: for some reason I think that, say, my interview won’t be successful, but then it turns out people eventually hire me). There are moments though, when my conscious mind starts interfering with it, questioning my desires and decisions, thus either making me very sad that what I _feel_ is right may actually be not right for me, or triggering very exhausting repetitive thought loops. In short, that’s overthinking I suppose. But then I question myself “but what if that’s actually your intuition??”

For instance, recently I’ve started practicing acting. I loooove it. There are some things in my life that feel strangely personal for me, and this thing has quickly become one of them. I immerse myself in the process itself, and it feels so right, like some sort of lost but very dear part of me. Even my tutor said to me after the first lesson that it’s like I’ve been here [drama school] already. And the thing is, I would only be happy to continue doing it, but I’m terrified of thinking how to... incorporate it into my life more, as in pursuing it professionally. I’m afraid of taking the wrong route, and I’m already all over the place: I’ve majored in graphic design and currently work in this field, but the job is so damn draining, it’s not that part of design that I Iove at all. I like designing, but not what I do now. I cry occasionally because I understand that I just physically can’t work regular days, doing tasks I hate. But I need money right now - for a musical instrument (because I want to continue writing my own music), and now the whole acting stuff. I actually wouldn’t be able to start participating in it at all if I didn’t have money. I want to keep all the things I love; I actually feel happy just playing music and performing in theatre, but I have no clue how to structure it in a way to make it profitable. I know and feel that I’d be genuinely content and happy just doing these things (and also drawing), but I need the structure. It’s so hard to even start planning how structure it. Maybe because I can’t actually predict a lot of stuff? People say that I’m overflowing with creativity, that’s true I guess, but there are aspects of it which are just awful. It’s very hard for me live in a world like this, where I have to stress myself out doing stuff I hate just for making money so I could finally feel at ease in evenings playing music, acting or drawing. And furthermore, I would like to do all of those things for my whole life, while making others happy. But those damn finances :(

And right now I’m totally confused as to what part of myself to trust. I don’t know anymore if it’s my gut feeling telling me “don’t do it” (continuing with acting), or if it’s my tendency to overthink.

God I’m all over the place here


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October 6, 2019 at 15:04
(Taurus) nutelina
Aj nasty Chiron?

Chiron in Scorpio
These people repeatedly get into situations where someone is manipulating them and trying to impose their ideas on how they should live and what they should do, or they try to rape them in one way or another (psychologically or even physically). They respond by violence or by having suicidal thoughts. They keep getting into serious, often even life-threatening situations. In marriage, they are unable to create a truly intimate relationship based on mutual trust and sharing.
Chiron in the 3rd House
Without success, these people keep trying to explain to other what they wanted to say, what they said and what they meant by it. They either believe that nobody listens to them, or that no matter how hard they try, others cannot understand them or do not want to understand them. The more they try to correct this misunderstanding, the more this sense of misunderstanding that they can never overcome hurts them.

Shiiiittt :122: :94:
October 6, 2019 at 15:03
(Taurus) nutelina
That´s interesting no water in your chart. Moon and Mars in earth..

> And the thing is, I would only be happy to continue doing it, but I’m terrified of thinking how to... incorporate it into my life more, as in pursuing it professionally. I’m afraid of taking the wrong route, and I’m already all over the place.

Well can you pick one? What are friends saying you are good at? What enemies, critics are usually hard to listen to but often they are right if they did the job themselves.. and failed... ;-)

Mars in the 2nd House
Mars in the second house suggests a person who is looking for material and financial gains and who is successful in this area. They have energy that drives them to make money but at the same time forces them to spend everything they earn.

Square- Moon Square Venus (3°32’, Applying)
This aspect often create confusion about real feelings and emotional needs. These people frequently have problems when they have to choose their romantic partner and very often they have to compete for love with another person.

Sun Trine Pluto (5°21’, Separating)
This harmonious aspect gives people decisiveness and good manners. However, these people are also stubborn and secretive. They have a tendency to influence others through effective manipulation at subconscious level. These people have excellent regenerative abilities and extremely strong will. They think that they are able to achieve anything they want and they usually get it at any cost.

Your rising loves to be praised and show off, aries is like that too. However safety Capricorn you want to be beneficial to others, hard to accept criticism perhaps...

I wouldn´t depend on art but I´d love it too. Good to read. Thanks.

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