I don’t think astrology should be used on a daily basis

September 4, 2019 at 01:14 (UT/GMT)
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I don’t think astrology should be used on a daily basis
Wouldn’t it be smarter just to not be focus on the stats and literally just focus on being in the present. literally just being yourself Because naturally wouldn’t that transfer to better results anyway instead of you searching for answers by constantly looking at astrology.

The way I use astrology is if I’m in a tough situation or if I really need help on understanding a certain area about myself at a certain time I can go back to astrology to research.

But with others, people research it daily and how their moods are switching by the hour, even using tarot to speed that process.

I’m not disrespecting people who do research on it everyday or really use a lot of their time to understand how their moods change everyday and why, which is cool to know.

My problem is why do people feel like you have to be connected it too each and everyday in order to fully understand yourself and how astrology works.

I just don’t think that’s how it works, like yeah everyday is changing but you focusing on that change isn’t going to help you with anything until you put some action to it.

Idk moral of the story just don´t over analyze then you’ll just end up being lost.

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September 11, 2019 at 20:31
(Gemini) NessaMira
The personal planets move fast and I do look to them when I am dealing with some things . Mercury retrograde is one of those times. Not a bad idea to have some idea how that planets energy can affect you during the weeks it is retrograde. I also look at Mars and Venus returns but I try not to over analyze . The outer planets on t he other hand I do pay close attention to, but they move slow spit iseasyt o keep track of where they are so there is no need to look everyday. I do find that just gazing at charts is a good aye to see the relationships in a chart that may not be really obvious
September 4, 2019 at 07:58
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
Depends on whether you do it for a hobby, professionalism, or do what you´re saying measuring yourself with every day.

If you´re someone who wants to make it as a profession it would make sense to work on it every day since if I use a medical doctor for example. He usually goes to school for XYZ number of hours to get the education, has internships for so many more hours, and when he´s completed all the criteria he can go out an open a doctor´s office.

Now if he didn´t show up for class every day or do what he´s meant to do, well obviously he wouldn´t pass, and if he did pass might cut off your arm because he thought it was a good idea and neglected to do a safer procedure and save your arm.

There are some who do it for a hobby just because they love it. Which they´re pretty much serious about it or it wouldn´t be there hobby. Usually when you´re a photographer it´s a hobby, but you go out every day and master the skill until you´re good enough to enter an art contest down at the mall just for fun.

There are some people who watch the transits 24/7 hoping their life will change by doing so. I agree a lot with what you said with these people. Usually they´re doing a lot of healing and trying to get out of their depression, anxiety, stress, and it helps them somehow.

Which I just read an article the other day about it´s becoming popular with the younger generation testing their therapists and psychologists and asking questions about Astrology and how it applies along with Tarot Cards in their recovery.

Which is a good thing because it pushes the system to recognize it may be two other tools to help people heal.

You have to recognize people are in different states of awareness. While you may recognize this someone else may not. Perhaps with others your misinterpreting what they´re actually doing as professionals.
September 4, 2019 at 07:17
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
If your data is between Rodden Rating D and xx, and you just assume your chart rectifier is a fruitcake who should be lied to from start to finish, then you should probably try something besides Astrology! :39:
When you are tired and your nerves are frayed it is time to refrain from using Astrology as a "gambling system" :63:
It can be used just to be closer to roots:like; The soil of Transylvania in Dracula´s coffin. :122:
If I could teleport to 3,652 different towns to re-experience my date of birth with an emphasis on the resort town I was born in, a whole decade of days would be spent in afterglow from rebirthing! :65:

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