Chiron Connection \ Saturn Clashes in synastry

August 26, 2019 at 10:24 (UT/GMT)
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Chiron Connection \ Saturn Clashes in synastry
As is known, in the Synastry map, a point of alignment arises when there is an "Triangle" (120) angle between the two planets of the couples. If one of these two planets is Chiron, the connection is called the "Chiron Connection" and is the most important aspect of the formation of love.

Similarly, if a person makes a trine appearance with Chiron, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune on the birth chart, it is emphasized that it will be the most important view for love and romance by calling it "Magic View".

The magic Appearance (angle) between Chiron and Venus, Jupiter or Neptune is also valid for declination values of planets. For example, if the man´s Chiron is 8 degrees north and the woman´s Neptune is 8 degrees South, the Magic View will appear. In astrology, this angle is called the opposite parallel.
Magic Views created by Chiron occur in an angle of 150 degrees other than triangular (120) angles. If Chiron makes an angle of 150 with the other person´s Venus, Jupiter or Neptune, there will be strong harmony and unity.

The tolerance to be applied for the magic view angles is 3 degrees. The tolerance to be applied for declination is 1-2 degree.

In astrology, the sex planets are Venus, Mars and Pluto. If two people have a Magic View between these three planets in their maps, then there is a Sex View between them. The appearance of sex reveals a passionate and passionate love. Conjunctions between the three planets are also effective for the appearance of sex.
A Woman with a Magic Look on her Map will marry or be with a rich, famous and distinguished man. Another appearance called "Saturn Impact" will determine the lifetime of the draw. Couples with conjunct (0), square (90) or opposite (180) views between Saturn and Chrion on the matching map will eventually leave, although there are other positive signs.

The "Saturn Crash olan that causes the separation may also be with different planets than Chiron, but in this case, the power differences between positive views and Saturn views will determine the lifetime of the togetherness. For example, the Map of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow have five Saturn Bumps alongside five Magic Looks. If there are many Saturn Impact Views on a Match map, the relationship will eventually end with a bitter final. The five Links in the maps of Woody and Mia brought them together and lived together for more than 10 years. However, the so-called Saturn Multiplication indicated the final. It is known that Woody married Mia´s stepdaughter and abandoned her.

When will the handsome Prince appear before the woman with the Magic Appearance on her chart and who will marry well? Here, the star transits will give the answer to this question. First of all, let´s specify the most important rule. "A transit with the magic angle between Chiron and Jupiter, or between Jupiter and Chiron, gives a person what he wants most in life." For example, when the transit Chiron makes 120 (triangular), 150, or conjunctions with Jupiter in birth, what is desired to be achieved. Conversely, Transit Jupiter and Chiron angles at birth have the same power.

A woman with a Magic Appearance on her map will join or marry with a man determined in her destiny when there is a magic transit. Let us explain this with an example. In 1981 he was known as Prince Charles, the most famous bachelor of the time. The woman who would marry her was to become Queen of England one day. What were the qualities of Diana? In Diana´s birth chart, Chiron and Neptune had a triangular (120) appearance. This is a Magic View. This woman will someday make a perfect marriage.

On July 29, 1981, the date of marriage, Diana had three Magic Transites. In addition to the triangular Neptune-Chrion triangle on the birth chart, the two planets in the history of marriage made a view of 150. Furthermore, T. Chiron and N.Venus conjoined, and T.Jupiter and N. Chiron made 150 appearances. As for the declinations, Venus was conjunct at 15.9 North declination and Chiron at 16.1 north declination.

The magic views between Diana and Charles are the magic views that bring them together. In the map, Chiron and Neptune triangles (120) appear. Moreover, the declinations of Venus and Chiron were parallel. These are the forces that unite them. Well, why is marriage that has so much sound and positive signs destroyed?

The pairing map of this pair has a super Saturn Multiplication. Charles´s Saturn at birth and Diana´s Chiron at birth make the opposite angle (180). Marriages are the most powerful Saturn impact with Chiron.

The most powerful Magic appearances that combine a woman and a man are the 120 or 150 magical angles between Chiron on one map and Venus, Jupiter or Neptune on the other. If there is a magic look between Venus, Mars or Pluto, there is a great sex connection. Such a draw can only be disrupted by the appearance of Saturn Multiplication.

One of the most harmonious and solid draws is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, who are married and have been married for more than 40 years. Newman was born on 26.01.1925 and Joanne was born on 27.02.1930. Newman´s map has a triangular (120) appearance between Chiron and Neptune. This sign shows a perfect marriage.

Newman and Joanne´s mapping maps include both Chiron and Sex Connection. While Chiron makes a triangular (120) angle with Venus on the other map, Pluto makes a triangular (120) angle with Venus. Well, these views explain why this couple has been together for many years.

P.S: You should pay attention to the square or opposite angles of saturn and chiron. if you have this angle on your synastry map, it will eventually bring about a great painful separation.


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