Hey! What you think about this one?

August 22, 2019 at 11:00 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) Coole
Hey! What you think about this one?
I´m really curious about future about this one. I´ve always had 8th house synastry or 12th - also once....but I´ve never experienced someone´s Venus in my 12th...not to mention that some of our planets could be on cusp (I guess). I don´t know many people with strong 12th house synastry really being together. But anyway. I´m asking you guys. What you think? Has it potential?
(sorry for my English - it´s not my native language)
Thanks for all people´s attention! :79: :79: :79:
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August 27, 2019 at 07:58
(Cancer) Coole » Trevor77
First of all thank you so much :1:!
You´re so nice and giving a lot of your energy so thank you for that! :1: .. Second yeah! You´re so spot on!
Lots of people goes through these things but you wrote the most important that are the most accourate.
Yeah he has a low self esteem...I support him as much as possible and I even love it...like it´s natural to me (and I usualy don´t support people so easily unless I know them well).
Second is he is from different country and different culture where the beauty standards are different and he´ve been calld names and so (different or weird, can appear a bit unique).
He´s about to go for his country this year and does his duty :24: (you might know righ now which country) So yeah. - I support him :78:
And the aquarius thing and Cancerian energy you said - Yeah I had long term relationship with boy with his moon in 4th and his mom was like a God for him, also very important. And his moon was in Aquarius - we get along really well. :16:

Lot of aspects from aquarius - I love aqua people and energy of them actually. I know Cancers and Aquarians/uses are not said to get along well...but maybe because I have too much Gemini in my chart I can really get them, usually I appreciate their honesty and work from far for their friends and also around them I feel more like myself. Like it´s ok to be weird. They even love you more for that.

When it comes to my chart you´re really close. I´ve always had difficult relationships but sometimes thanks to myself. Because I was being bullied and betrayed but by the people that were the closest to me. (and I let them)
From then I put a lot of expectations and responsibilty on my friends and partners. Yeah I had almost-abusive relationship once. It was really hard for myself to accept that the person front of me is not the person in my- head and even harder to accept that this person could be that cruel.

Overthinking - deffinitely happening. Thank god I was student of arts because painting always helped me in my hard times. But sometimes alcohol too :117: on the other hand I know I could have obsession really easilly so I know how to control myself :4:

Again Thank you so much! :1:
August 26, 2019 at 13:06
(Cancer) Trevor77 » Coole
Well hes a good person, he has moon trine jupiter making him genuine and generous, so you can stop thinking like this,
what I notice is hes very homely too, cancer rising and moon being chart ruler in 4th house makes family important to him.
capricorn is his attitude towards relationships which is very by the book, no messing around by him.

only thing I can say is he might have low self esteem and maybe anxiety shown by mars and moon opposite saturn, so may not come across as forward as youd like

and with the leo and cancer I was refering to relationships, but your correct her venus in cancer will help you both get along :1:

In your own birth chart, you have Saturn on your 7th house cusp making you very cautious of relationships, its not him on this occasion its prob you :15:

but you do need to be able to spot an aggressive partner, important in your case because you have venus square mars. Have you already had a bad relationship?

you also have a depression aspect moon square saturn, most my friends who have this aspect suffer with depression and anxiety.

astrology is a very good hobby for you because you have both uranus and aquarius ruling your leisure house(5th)

your mercury opposite jupiter can make you over think things and this can include love life because of venus in gemini too

your moon is afflicted by saturn too, so in gemini, you must get mixed feelings often with potential partners, and find this frustrating, so this is why your unsure too.

You should research prominent saturn, it may have a big effect on your character, relationships and skills too.

and with this guy, your moons are both in air signs, so there shouldnt be too much problem on the feelings side of things

you need to remember aswell he has a lot of Aquarius energy opposing him, so it would be no surprise to me if he appears a bit weird, sun opposite an aquarius jupiter, and strange behaviour in relationships is likely too, but he should be harmless :44:

August 26, 2019 at 11:50
(Cancer) Coole » Trevor77
Thank you so much for your answer! Actually my sister is Leo but her rising is in Sag, Moon and Venus in Cancer so we get along really wel...so I´d say it depends...mostly if the Cancer is a bit firy Cancer then I would rise the possibilities...anyway...I was asking because I really don´t know how to feel about him sometimes. There is his natal chart originaly. He has Neptune and Uranus in his 7th house...So I really don´t know what to think of it...especially when my Uranus falls in his 7th house too.... I feel like there could be lot of understanding and overcoming things thanks to we have some planets in each others 11th house but still...I really don´t know sometimes when it comes to him! :97: Something about me is saying to me...BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS PERSON from the very start (without knowing the chart and so). Hard to describe...maybe because my mars is in my 12th house too.
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August 24, 2019 at 14:30
(Cancer) Trevor77
Cancers and Leos are not normally a great match, but as you have moon trine venus, mars conjunct venus, and no moon afflictions, id say develop it from friendship as his sun is in your 11th house.

and yes! there is potential, but take it slow, my uncle said slowly slowly catch a monkey :61:

As his/her Neptune is in your 5th house, they may not see that you like them, so you can use this info to your advantage and play on it a bit.

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