for all saggitarius sun & scorpio moon

July 21, 2019 at 09:10 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Test23
for all saggitarius sun & scorpio moon
Hello everyone!
I have some questions for you all :
As a saggi sun & scorpio moon person, how do you act when feeling so attracted to someone ? do you try to reach him, talk to him very often? or do you get quiet around him (which´s not a normal saggi behavior) ?
And when you get jealous about the one you love, how do you behave ? you show it or hide it ?
What are the traits that make you fall for someone ?

Thank you all
peace & love

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July 30, 2019 at 21:26
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Thank you, darling, really from the bottom of my soul ..
There´s a book that has changed completely my way of living it´s called "The Power of Now" by Eckart Tolle .. I highly recommend it really
It´s a powerful yet simple and practical tip to find inner peace, self-acceptance and especially self LOVE .. it´s changed my way of seeing myself and others, my reactions to everyday life´s events ... it´s amazing
we´ll keep in touch ...
Breathe well .. Peace & Love
July 30, 2019 at 15:28
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah true, i´m on my way out of all this..
I´m now more into my own birth chart, i´m trying to understand the different aspects within me not only using by astrology but also by using the cleaning energy process and it starts by accepting things as it is and by forgiving myself, forgiving my parents, my friends and everyone ..
It´s not easy but it is worth it ...
I´m grateful to GOD who gave me this experience like a wake up call !
So now, it´s just me myself and I hahah
July 29, 2019 at 15:24
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah i can see your point LadyShine, my older sister has a Cancer Sun & a Scorpio Moon & Pisces Mars (So yeah a lot of water), she has literally raised me up, she was and still my spiritual guide.. So we share our deepest feelings together, she listens very well to me and i listen to her and i can understand the depth of her emotions .. it´s like an ocean you can never tell ..
We went through painful situations together and she taught me a lot about surviving ...
But sagittarius seem like a life of a party people, and i´m not really into that .. so they like funny people but i don´t think i´m that funny to entertain them i mean i´m not so bubbly and i don´t talk too much but i´m not boring either, i have a different sens of humour (even thought the saggi girl have a special secret laught that shows up whenever i tell jokes).
But i like the energy Sagittarius people bring, it´s so wild, carefree and non-jugdgemental..
July 29, 2019 at 09:33
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah totally, i´ve noticed that.. saggitarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion .. they like diversity, they like to have different experiences.. meet different people ..
And i know that to her, having a good time doesn´t mean that we have special connection or something she´s just living the moment..
That´s why i was so confused, especially with her scorpio moon haha
I´ll never know .. i´m the total opposite, i mean i can go with the flow and talk to everybody but i´ll never waste my time with someone that´s not a potential friend to me ..
If i smell any kind of games, fake or shallow stuff i´ll eliminate the person right away, and by eliminate i don´t mean like not talking to that person at all, but i mean like i´ll build a wall or draw a red line that can never be crossed..
That´s why having a saggitarius friend to me is something different, new because all my close persons are Scorpios, Cancers, Virgos, Pisces or Capricorns
July 28, 2019 at 17:06
(Taurus) Test23 » N_thecat
What do you mean Nola_la?
July 28, 2019 at 16:49
(Pisces) N_thecat » Test23
Oh god, my Scorpio :178: Moon :152: feels terrible after reading this.

But seriosuly, it´s really interesting stuff - I appreciate that :15:
July 27, 2019 at 22:24
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Oh i see, i can understand somehow the intensity of Scorpio moon because my moon is in Aries and both are ruled by Mars but what i can´t understand is the difference between the image that they want you to see it and the real feeling they have inside.. So what i know is if the Scorpio moon loves you he´ll be like more severe dealing with you, especially when you hurt him.. so if a scorpio moon treats me like well or normal that is a problem because if they don´t care about you they won´t play games .. that´s weird but maybe it´s true, so the saggi is not playing games with me and that´s not a good sign ..
But thank you for your precious pieces of information about Scorpio moon, maybe God sent her to teach me how to really focus on myself and learn how to let go everything that doesn´t bring me good energy ...

[The way to defeat or neutralized a Scorpio is to make sure you´re close to God as possible and keep your heart pure.]
I totally agree with you, i´m blessed to have talked to you.. Thank you sweetHeart :79:
July 27, 2019 at 22:10
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
[I suspected you were into energy healing when I started talking to you even though I didn´t mentioned it. I also felt we could do a mutual transmuting of energies coming at you and at me, and neutralized it. I feel I´m a natural healer. I´ve never studied it or gone in depth into it but, there is a knowing and people around me never tend to get sick, physically, emotionally or mentally but when I leave them or they are away from me for long periods of time I hear all these stories of illness happening to them, and I´m like they´ve never ever gotten sick around me so why are they constantly being rushed to the hospital when they have never even had to take medicine for a cold when they were with me all these years. Also, those who return to me will get well and remain well again.]
I knew you were special from your first reply, your energy is different, i feel it and i really really feel comfortable talking to you .. God bless you !
You don´t have to study it because you´re practicing it already, the energy and the law of attraction is not something that could be taught... and you are in advanced levels already .. keep it UP !!
Negative energy can´t affect you when you know how to love yourself. The power of LOVE is really miraculous .. i´m talking about the true LOVE, not talking about attachment, obsession .. that´s not LOVE that´s FEAR ...
Now i´m on the process of learning how to really give all the love to myself, fill my cup in order to help others fill theirs you know ...
I used to give so much, i didn´t put myself first in any way.. I didn´t know the difference between being selfish and loving myself ...
But now i know what should be done and i´m trying to accept things as it is, let things be, no resistance .. i let the saggi girl go, i gave her all the space needed .. i let my need to be the center of attention go, i simply let FEAR BE as it is, i let it do whatever it want ... because i realized that if i resist my fears it´ll grow bigger and that FEAR is like LOVE it´s a feeling and it has the right to be felt and lived and listened to .. and only than it´ll disappear...
I wanted the saggi girl to love me more than the other girl, but that´s not healthy, I have to deal with my need to be the best in everything...
I have to deal with my EGO, it´s taking over like much.. I know that my EGO is trying to protect me by creating drama and things that´ll never happen but it´s time to shut it down... EGO is an illusion ...
I´m not my age, i´m not my country, i´m not my job, i´m not my family ... i´m waaay more than that .. i feel like i´m an old soul who´s trying to learn how to forgive herself, i know it´s crazy but yeah sometimes i get the feeling the universe is within me, that this life is nothing comparing to the things up there ;)
So yeah, because we´re all connected i´m sending you LOVE from the bottom of my soul (maybe my soul will meet yours one day or maybe they´ve already met who knows :5:)
July 27, 2019 at 15:24
(Taurus) Test23 » Test23
And i´m glad i did because i really enjoyed talking to you LadyShine so thank you for being such a good listener and for taking time to answer
July 27, 2019 at 15:23
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
But this is the first time that i got confused in analyzing someone (talking about the new saggi & scorpio moon friend).. i used to know if someone likes me or not, i used to know if someone is lying or not .. but this time i don´t really know .. maybe because my own energy is so distracted these months because of my work .. maybe.. that´s why i tried to see from an other perspective sharing it with other poeple
July 27, 2019 at 15:19
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah, i´ve already checked it up and i wrote down all my chart aspects.. you know it´s kind of a game i used to play with myself.. whenever i´m out, ii observe people, how they act how they react their body language and everything.. and i start guessing .. even with my friends, family, loved ones they told me i can somehow get into their minds haha .. but you know apart from the astrology i´ve spent 2 years learning about the Law of attraction, energy, chakras i don´t know if you have any idea about this field which i highly recommend, extremely interesting LadyShine.. it´s not a piece of advice, it´s just a suggestion.. you´re kind of a curious person and i thought maybe you´ll be interested.. It made me so aware of the power of my thoughts, every thought is associated to a feeling and every feeling is vibration and after every vibration ther´s action and reaction ..
Peace & love
July 27, 2019 at 12:57
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
That´s interesting really, and i´m sorry i confused your Mars with Mercury.. i have my Mars in Aries that´s why i´m so quick and i´m so fast at running ... i f you have any book that you recommand ? i really want to understand my birth chart
July 27, 2019 at 12:19
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Ah okay i see, i´ll search about retrogrades more in depth, thank you really LadyShine, now i understand more ,knowing that your Mercury in virgo, why you so precise when it comes to analyzing situations and people .. i have so many friends with virgo sun and virgo moon who´re so obsessed with details, so organized.. they tend to analyze everything, they´re curious always try to learn something new, they criticize me a lot and that´s because they want me to get better and better.. they´re perfectionists.. i looove them and we get a long so well .. and i think with your Mercury in Virgo you´re such a good communicator .. you´re fluent and a good writer
July 26, 2019 at 17:17
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » Zephyrin
Yes, I agree Scorpio Moon can be quite difficult to deal with. Sometimes you just have to celebrate your life whether they do or not. I think this is the whole point taking back our personal power from those who tolerate us, but don´t celebrate us.
July 26, 2019 at 12:23
(Sagittarius) Sus
Well, i´m not a Scorpio moon. Sun Sag and Taurus moon. I like stability but at the same time, i like keep things hot. Not really peaceful...maybe my Venus/uranus conjunction. Venus in Scorpio. Maybe Venus square Saturn...don´t know.
Usually I wait for the other person take the first step...or it seems like this. In fact, I can do the 1st moove in a subtle way.
And the cat/mouse game begins!
That´s my sun and ascendant Sag or maybe my 7th mars....or maybe my Scorpio sun in sidereal chart...who knows?
July 25, 2019 at 11:29
(Leo) Zephyrin » goldenlion32
"I know all about them. They´re quite manipulative, strategic, secretive, and usually why I don´t like them because they will try to sabotage your life, success, relationships, your job, your education, or anything else you find enjoyable in life in my experience."

I can say the same thing about Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon too. You´re completely right.

There were many Scorpio Moons in my life and if you annoy them or do sth else, they can badly hurt you especially in your special days. They seem innocent but as you said, they are quite manipulative and strategic.
July 25, 2019 at 10:53
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Thank you LadyShine, and what does it mean to have Mars in 8th house ? Jupiter in Scorpio ? and [ Pluto square Venus and ascendant]?
Because I have Jupiter in Scorpio & Pluto in Scorpio & Jupiter in my 8th house & pluto in my 9th house .. i noticed that i tend to attract Scorpios (my ex was a Scorpio and we had a real deep relationship and until now we still in contact, i have 2 close Scorpio friends, i trust them and they do trust me .. and the funny part is that their first impression when saw me for the first time .. they though I´m a Scorpio two because i don´t seem like a typical Taurus girl despite having an Aquarius ASC )..
And what does Mercury retrograde means ? i mean any plant´s retrograde ?
Astrology is really interesting, but I always believe that we human being, we are waaaaay more than any scientific fit, we can be whatever we want.. we are energy .. pure energy
Peace & Love
July 23, 2019 at 11:40
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah, i think people with Taurus sun/moon/venus/asc tend to be more sensual and touchy, it´s normal because Taurus is all about the five senses (and six sens also) , we can touch the smell and see the colour of a sound you know .. That´s why many artists have a strong Taurus aspect in their chart (or Libra because venus rule both Taurus & Libra)..
And i´m sure that people who get in contact with you Lady Shine, they can feel your energy, it´s so warm isn´t ?
And maybe your relationship with food is intimate hahah, not in the sens that you eat so much , not at all, but food is art not only nutrition ..
And speaking about your best friend who have Libra moon, so again that proves that saggi sun are attracted to them, eventhought they´re clingy and always want to have a company (they hate loneliness).. Recently a memebr of astroSeek who have a Sagittarius sun & scorpio moon contected me when she read this thread, she told me that she´s attracted more to Libra / Scorpio women as friends and Taurus no no chance hahah, i appreciate her honesty really ..
You know relationships are bit complicated, we cannot force others to love us,
so maybe letting go is the my way out ...
Beacause i know when i open up to her, she´ll ofcourse open up to me and appreciate it but that will never going to change the fact thet she loves her more than me ..
And it´s okay you know, because my Aries moon should learn that it´s not a competition (because people having any Aries aspect in their chart tend to be so competitors, like they want to be the best friend ever, the best lover, the best in everything..)
LadyShine i really appreciate taking time to answer me, i appreciate your honesty and your care .. sending you Love and Peace
July 22, 2019 at 20:12
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Totally.. they usually say that Scorpios are tricky but from my point of view Cancers are more tricky because they change their shape you know.. it´s true that scorpios my play games with you but only if you hurt them, but they´re so loyal and you can count on them or tell them all your secrets..
But still, both of my sisters have Cancer sun, my best friend has a cancer sun so i know them very well and i love them , but Cancer with libra moon it´s not the kind of person i can trust ..
I´m so curious to know more about you Sagittarius people, i just love the amount of energy you guys have, the depth, and how funny you are !
Also i´ve noticed an other thing, you may tell a story that happened to you with all the possible details but never tell how it made you feel ? why you avoid expressing emotions? how it feels ?
And one more question for you LadyShine, how you act around someone that you are attracted to ? (ofcourse if you know that he´s already into you )
I noticed that i can resonate with your way of thinking and analyzing events, i don´t know why .. maybe because of your Taurus Moon & Capricorn Asc and my taurus sun .. i´m new to astrology so maybe i´m wrong
July 22, 2019 at 12:23
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
The way you analysed the situation is really impressive !
It´s like you know me, you know her and the cancer girl you´ve described her like waaaw, so accurate ! that´s so impressive really !
You´ve convinced me somehow, i´m feeling it like deep down in my soul..
I forgot to tell you one more important detail that i´ve missed, the cancer girl is an old friend of mine and she´s so attracted to me, i mean she´s forcing herself to be my friend, like a close one.. but i kept pushing her away because she´s not the kind of people that i can trust, plus she´s so like a drama queen and i can´t stand negative vibes too much, she´s so flirty even when she doesn´t mean it, i mean for exemple if i wear an ugly hat she´ll tell me how beautiful my hat is but like deep down she knows how ugly it is, you know what i mean ? she´s not honest.. and she does the same thing with the sag girl, she compliment her a loooot by messages, calling her ... and saggs maybe they like compliments (not all of them but she has leo mars & scorpio venus).
Even one day, the cancer girl told me that the saggi girl cares too much about her, when they fight the saggi gril cried once (which means how much she likes her),they fight a lot (whereas me and saggi we´ve never made a fight like ever, in contrast everytime we talk we spend hours and hours talking without conflicts ), so she´s trying to make me feel like the saggi loves her (the cancer girl )more than me.. and i don´t really know if it´s true...
And what you´ve said about cancer forcing contact with saggi it´s so true, the cancer girl always try to enter her room, chatt with her but me i don´t do that .. i´m kinda respect people´s privacy and i enter her room only if invited bey the saggi.. i never force myself on someone, instead i give so much space to others...
So you see the cancer girl is putting soooo much effort comparing to me.
I´m that kind of people who´s so honest, i cannot flirt too much or say things that i don´t feel or mean, i don´t talk too much i´m more a listner, i´ll get my friends back whenever needed and i can´t stand shallow people or liers, i can detect them from miles...
I´m afraid if i tell her about what i´m feeling and that i care for her even if i´m not showing it, i´m afraid that she doesn´t feel the same , i mean i know that she cares about me a looot but maybe it´s not as much as i do, or she cares more about the cancer more you know..
July 22, 2019 at 07:04
(Taurus) Test23 » 100%
Yeah i got you, so true i cannot agree more about what you said.. She´s like extremely generous with me.. she´s opened up to me once and told me a lot of what´s going on in her heart, but it was after a series of questions that i´ve asked.. she always tell me that when we talk, we talk mind to mind, we have a really good conversations but when the other girl came (she has sun in cancer, moon in libra, mars virgo and she´s an old friend of mine) the saggy has changed towards me, our contact diminished, she started to disappear like a lot.. but the cancer girl and the saggi when together they seem like so compatible (they fight a lot)but maybe the saggi´s scorpio moon is drawn to her cancer sun and her moon in libra, i don´t know i´m new to astrology so maybe .. anyway now we barely talk (despite being roommates) .. i cannot ask her about anything because my ego doesn´t allow me, i was afraid that she doesn´t really love me like she does to my cancer friend, because if she does love me, i think as a saggi sh´ll try everyway to reach me and talk to me like she used to do you know .. And now i´ve started the process of letting go of her despite being roommates, and with my aries moon when i don´t get enough attention my taurus sun will begin elimination process and my aquarius asc will help me too.. so now i never initiate any conversation with her unless she does, we greet each other and that´s all .. i really wish things went differently
July 22, 2019 at 00:18
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
So you think a corner of the sky is saggy with a giant :122:!
I may be spending some time linking the astro-database with imdb with an emphasis on :179:
That requires viewing images that could have stayed in writer´s & director´s minds instead of being proliferated on the screen! :92:
July 21, 2019 at 22:17
(Taurus) Test23 » RAW
Thank you Alphecca for replying..
Normally sags are so loud about everything, except their feelings.. they kinda feel uncomfortable when talking about their emotions, they´re so cheerful, joyfull and life of a party poeple .. but i´m not, my taurus sun makes me so grounded but at the same time my aries moon never rests, so i like to talk about my feelings honestly, but in general i don´t talk too much, and when i talk i really have something important to say and everybody listens.. she talks too much comparing to me, but she never talk about how she feels you know .. that´s why i cannot really define what i mean to her, because she really get quiet around me.. plus, she disappears and comes back again then she disappears again and again, and i´m not used to that kind of friends (all my friends are cancers , virgos, scorpios and taurus) they´re all kinda stable .. im just really curious to know more about this type of people saggi with scorpio moon because i think it´s a very unique / tricky combination
July 21, 2019 at 21:51
(Scorpio) RAW
im a Male but In my progressed chart (my inner self)
My sun(Consciousness) has entered Sag since my last birthday in November and its at 1 degree today
My moon(subconscious) has been in Libra for the past 2 years and is in its last degree of this energy,
so I definitely feel the scorpio moon energy more now, and its more emotional,and totally strategic in every thing it does because its sensitive to its world and still has strong desires lurking wanting to be manifested.
Reply to your question,
When i feel attracted to someone I feel like i have to act on a move to get a mutual like.
I don´t try to talk to hers very often at all, i don´t like to do that, but when i do i want her to remember me after it.
For being quiet, its mostly a scorpio behavior and since the moon is who you are on the inside and Sun in Sag( awareness)is the next sign He or She most likely knows they are being quiet, probably lost in their own waters trying to decipher emotions.
I don´t get jealous of the one I love because Sagittarius is enlightenment but i admit i do feel it. I could definitely hide it or speak it out bluntly for both of us to know.
Without appearances and looks here, someone who seems calm on the inside or calm and with sensitive emotions attracts me. A strong moon/venus energy
"Desires emotions good or bad masked into enlightening bigger picture scenarios"is the phrase
July 21, 2019 at 14:44
(Taurus) Test23 » goldenlion32
Ah okay i see, nice pseudo ;)
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