Going slightly mad, had to stop working,when will all this end

June 16, 2019 at 19:12 (UT/GMT)
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Going slightly mad, had to stop working,when will all this end
Last time I posted, my chart in Feruary I did not think it would get this bad, had to stop working in April not worked since, Colonol Munro gave me much appreciated advice then and said I should look introspectively, I have had to no choice.
I think transit South Node been disraportionaly affecting me and natal South Node all my life, Saturn return now going retrograde over my Mars,Venus,Saturn again,transit Pluto opp my Moon will not be helping, have been going OCD over a relationship that ended many years ago, have now found out what a passive aggresive Narcassist is, no wonderI blocked all the bad stuff out, been to see a hypno therapist as someone suggested on here, this helped a bit, I am now going to see a therapist who does Getalt therapy.
Have spent time studying astrology and have now jumped into spiritualism at the deep end, when having hypno therapy some one suggested I should go on a Trance workshop for a weekend with one of the top pychic surgeons, now joined the world of spiritualist´s circles and doing trance, also done a bit of healing, never done spiritualism before, as I am an engineer and usually looked on things in a logical way,saying that though I always knew I had a healing element in me.
So please can someone who is knowledgeable in Astrology such as you Colonal Munro, or someone with equal experiance, please have a look at my Chart as I have so many transit aspects going on, I can not make head nor tail of it, this would be much appreciated.

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June 23, 2019 at 13:32
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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First, you need to relax and stop thinking that the planets are doing you in. Transits are about “Potentials”, not “destruction” or “bad omens”. All a transit is, is the activation of a certain kind of potential; that´s all.

Some potentials might be more difficult to handle than others, but it has more to do with the “attitude” with which one meets them, than with their degree of difficulty itself.

There is a very well known phrase in the astrology circles: “Planet do not compel, they impel”. Though both terms seems to be synonyms, they are not. Here is a quote from “Grammarbook.com”:

“Compel vs. Impel”

“Both compel and impel contain the idea of using physical or other force to cause something to be done.”

“Compel means to constrain someone in some way to yield or do what one wishes.”


“to compel a debtor to pay”

“Fate compels us to face danger and trouble.”

“Impel means to provide a strong force, motive, or incentive toward a certain end.”


“The wind impelled the ship.”

“Curiosity impels her to ask questions.”

“It might help, in some instances, to think of impel as the carrot and compel as the stick.” (End of quote).

So the planets do not “force” us to do anything; they “impel” us, or provide us with the motivation and strong need to face or change something.

Getting all spooked by any transits, it is to not understand their real meaning and purpose. Do you really think that a “Divine” and “Sacred” subject such as astrology is meant to scare people into “bad” futures or written-in-stone fates? I guess not!!

95% of all your transits are ok. Don´t fear your transits; they are not there to “do you in”. They are there to help you transform yourself; to help you to change for the better.

You have transiting Neptune in your 12th house - using the whole sign house system. Neptune transiting the 12th, can “feel” as a period of feeling confused about life in general; about what we really seek from life; about what it is really important for us; about what is the right path that we should be following. In summary, it can feel as an “Spiritual Awakening”. And such an Awakening - though the concept sounds very “mystical” and as very desirable - can be quite emotionally and mentally confusing, and even painful. But any important transformation comes with a price; one you must be willing to pay for. Burt at the end, you would be transformed in ways you did not even imagine.

My intuition tells me that you have been undergoing a “Spiritual Awakening”. Just research all you can about it, especially about its “symptoms”, and decide for yourself whether or not it describes what has been happening to you.

This is the perfect time for healing and for transforming yourself. Just don´t fight it; don´t resist it, but surrender yourself to the “Cosmic Plan”. Let go of any need to want to have “everything under control” as ALL engineers want, haha! Drop “logic” and “math”, and embrace intuition. Don´t fight it, but try to learn from it.

Transiting Pluto opposite Moon is nothing to be feared; I have that natally. That transit means deep emotional transformations (Pluto + Moon). Of course, it is a challenging aspect, which means that the process would not necessarily be easy; but the great things of life don´t come easily. They arrive after hard work and discipline. Don´t resist change, but do embrace it.

By all means, yes, use whatever therapy you need to help you with the process, but don´t seek help with the frame of mind that you are “sick”; you are NOT. See therapy as a means to understand yourself, not as a means to “fix you”. There is not anything to “fix”, but just things to fully understand.

With Neptune transiting our 12th, the BEST “therapy” is daily Meditation. As an engineer, you have a “logical” mind. You understand methods and processes. You understand about the “reasons behind things”.

Well, there is a “logic” behind meditation. Just as an athlete trains his body to get used to do certain things, one can “train” our minds to behave in a certain way. We can “train” our minds to “relax”, to stop being so hectic and wandering. And what “exercise” do we use to achieve that? Meditation.

Meditation trains the mind to relax, and more importantly, to FOCUS. It puts our minds under our control, instead of having so many random and uncontrolled, automatic thoughts and reactions.

Research the “Theravada Buddhism” technique of meditation, and do that daily.

I hope that any of my suggestions/insights can be of any help to you.

May the Spiritual Guides help you in your path, :-).
June 23, 2019 at 13:04
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » Gregor
I really didn´t know much more to say, since you seem to be quite advanced already on your journey and not sure what you were looking for in your chart to help you. I wish you best wishes on your journey.
June 23, 2019 at 12:55
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » goldenlion32
System message: Post has been written by user Gregor, who already deleted profile on this website:
Thank you Goldenlion for your reply, yes this Saturn return with Pluto and South node adjacent is no fun, mind my first Saturn return was hard work, really struggled after that for years, so thans for having a look.
June 22, 2019 at 20:45
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
With Pisces in the 12th house, it´s a matter of dumping out your subconscious mind of all the garbage. Really I´ve dumped a bunch of it out with writing in different forms, art work.

It seems you have been doing a lot of inner work by looking for external sources to help you, but going within the internal self is quite helpful. Meditation, Visualization, and going within.

Retrogrades will always bring back memories and Pluto will keep bringing up to the surface what you need to purge and purify. Really the Nodes kind of give you that push to get past the illusion of past traumatic experiences with parents in your child hood. Really in your Second Saturn Return it is washing away a lot of karma since 1989 when it was Saturn in Capricorn.

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