Grand trine water, benediction or malediction? :63:

May 28, 2019 at 01:09 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Loveheart
Grand trine water, benediction or malediction? :63:
Hello :29:

I would like to know more about grand trine in water.

the information I find does not imply planets such as pluto, pallas or lilith ...

So I wonder what they mean.
I have the impression of being cursed ... :23:

I do t know how to say it... :63:
But it doesn´t seem so lucky that it tends to say about grand trine.
Specially in water, sensibility it´s ... :115:

I have 3 grand trine water,

pluto at the 4th scorpio house
mercury in 9th pisces
the moon in 12th cancer

pluto 4th scorpio
mercury 9th pisces
lilith 12th cancer

pallas 4th scorpio
jupiter 9th pisces
asc 12th cancer

I feel inexplicable things and I feel alone about that.
I question all the feelings I have because I feel that they are not appropriate or understood by others.

it´s nightmare for me to be hypersensitive I do not want to feel like that. I am afraid of not being able to protect them in a proper way.
The only way I have found to manage well is by being alone in solitude.

But, ... :9: is not a life.

The years go by, I understand that my perception of things, my values and my feelings are totally misunderstood by other people in my environment or simply not recognized for what they really are.

I can connect to everyone, very easily without anyone sending me back the connection.

I always want to do my best and not to hurt people but I feel lonely because I do not have reciprocal.

I´m not the one I want to see and it makes me sad.

Grand trine water so difficult for me...
It´s very difficult for me to see it for some a greatest good avantage.

It must be different for everyone.
Depending on the houses and planets involved in, I do not find much information.

So if you want to explain or give me some tracks, it would be great, thank you for reply. :80: :29:
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May 28, 2019 at 10:11
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Your real Mid-Heaven is to the left of :155: meaning that :155: is in the 9th house being philosophical and under the influence of the talented :156: in :182:
:64: just has the comet :164: helping you with self-reliance :7: :95: :29:

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