progressed Asc, Dsc, MC, IC, vertex shift on same day

September 18, 2023 at 20:11 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Mifner
progressed Asc, Dsc, MC, IC, vertex shift on same day

My progressive Asc, Dsc, MC, IC and vertex will shift signs on same day 31.10.2023.

Can anybody shed some light on what that means and what I could expect from such massive shift?


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September 22, 2023 at 08:55
(Gemini) Mifner » iris70
thank you for the in-depth analysis of her chart and the general situation. I know that it is not easy for her to deal with such a situation, but I still expected a little sympathy and support, considering that I was her only support in situations when she had conflicts with members of her family. But taking that into account, I could have expected rejection just like she did with her parents and her brother, accusing them of everything bad in her life. When she got rid of them, it was my turn, even though I was her help and support. Now she turned to one of her sons. I honestly think she is a narcissistic person with no empathy. The biggest concern in this whole situation is that I am afraid that it will harm the children emotionally and I have no possibility to help them in this situation.
September 22, 2023 at 08:29
iris70 » Mifner
Yes, I have seen her chart. She is experiencing mid-life crisis. She experienced t :199: :192: n :199: and recently t :156: triggering her T-Square, "enlarging" the issues. What is more, in her natal she has got :151: :192: :199: which means that she needs to be independent more than an average women. She cannot easily cope with "limiting" situations like your illness, and the limitations/changes it implies, financial ones, for example and the loss of your job, your extra needs for care. What is more, in her natal she has :151: :192: :199: :194: :155:, all in angular houses, so very potent/active and the stressful T-Square was triggered by t :199: and now :156:.

During mid-life crisis, there is a decline in life satisfaction and happiness. People regret their past choices and she took it out on you, because of the T-Square which involves her :151:, standing for her husband, you. Her :151: is anyway in her 7th. She perceives the situation as increased responsibilities and takes this out as increased irritation leading to anger, hostility :155: and prefers to break free-divorces often take place during the transit, especially if the relationship was not particularly good, but it depends on each individual to behave in a mature/less mature way; I mean that there are really terrible marriages, but not all of them end in divorces. A lot depends on the individual´s capacity to compromise, behave in a mature way, be diplomatic, need for independence/fear of being alone and what this may imply on many levels etc.

she has :151: :199: :155: in angular houses and she needs to be free from limiting situations, needs to act, do something against it and right now, due to mid-life crisis correct any "bad" decisions of the past. It is definitely a huge test for her and your relationship.

I hope it is just a phase and she realizes that she does not act in a mature/acceptable way and that you are not to blame for your job loss and your health crisis. Meanwhile, you should do your best to improve your hand´s mobility, find yourself a new job, be creative, improve your finances, go on with your life. I do not know either of you in person, but I feel that after her negativity subsides, if you both feel that you can work out some of your differences, maybe with a therapist´s intervention, perhaps you could find some formula to have some sort of "civilized" relationship for the benefit of all of you.

All I know is astrology, I cannot help you in that. It is indeed a very difficult situation on all levels! :24: I cannot tell, if and when she will change her attitude and behave in a more mature way. Her :152: :182: describes her as a sensitive and compassionate individual. I hope she realizes what she has done to you and find some way to maintain a relationship at some level.

Wishing you the best!

:17: :74: :34:
September 21, 2023 at 18:23
(Gemini) Mifner » Cathy715
Hi Cathy,

It is good to know that prog. Sun in leo will make things better. Just I need to figure out how to survive that year and half. Literally lol. Thanks a lot!
September 21, 2023 at 16:37
(Gemini) Mifner » iris70…

Actually I had problems with wife since our children were born 10 years ago. Since that time periodically she had issues with me trying to frame me or portray as some person with psychological illness. Her chart is above so perhaps you can see something from it. Tnx
September 21, 2023 at 16:34
iris70 » iris70
Oh, yes, p :153: :191: your n :157: exactly right now! I missed that!

N :153: rules both 5th of children and 6th of work/health, no wonder issues concerning those two houses. I hope you get some financial support from your insurance and government. Still the trauma of your separation from your children, the loss of your job and mobility issues cannot be balanced.

September 21, 2023 at 16:26
iris70 » Mifner
Jesus, Mifner!
I am sorry that you have been through all this! :22:
What to say about your wife...? Just sorry, there must be some kind of a lesson in all this. Do not forget that not all women are like this! You just picked the wrong one... :39:

As I told you above, it won´t be so terrible for too long. Maybe this is a nasty year, but when p :151: moves to :175:, things will slowly change. The most eventful time is when a swift of an angle-both in your case- or :151: changes sign and when :151: is at 29th degree-it is almost there for you-
Bear in mind that all this won´t last for ever!

:17: :74: :34:
September 21, 2023 at 16:02
(Gemini) Mifner » iris70
Dear Iris, thank you for your time looking at chart. Your points you mentioned were all correct. About 10 months ago I had stroke and afterwards everything fell apart. I lost my rented place for work, wife kicked me out of house and was forced to move to different town far away from kids. Place where i am now is with barely unliveable conditions. I am left on my own without ability to work and sort out problems since stroke made my hand almost unmovable.
September 21, 2023 at 15:59
(Cancer) Cathy715
In hindsight, I can say that when my :151: progressed to Leo, those were some of the happiest years of my life. I can definitely feel a difference now that it´s in Virgo.

I´m not saying that your sun progressing to Leo will bring rainbows and unicorns. But it might make things seem less heavy and bleak, giving you the strength you need to heal and move on :1:
September 21, 2023 at 15:27
Dearest, :1:
I would expect climactic changes, if I were you! You have not mentioned, but your p :151: is changing sign to :175: in a year +. That is another big swift. On the positives, :175: :151: is far more compatible energy to your n :151: Until then, it will be on 29th degree and that may bring intensity in your relationships with important others, as :151: co-rules your 7th.

:173:, :173: are not familiar with the introverted and sensitive nature of the sign, some important family issues may have come up and what is more, you must have experienced some very important event, it could have been traumatic, or limiting/had to face challenges/take responsibilities involving others some years ago, when p :151: :191: n :157: some 10-11 years ago =/-, or it was an event involving health.
However, it is also pretty interesting that about a year ago +/- your p :151: :191: n Venus and in most cases that is eventful too mostly on an emotional level, involving relationships, your love life, or finances that become of paramount importance. For example, some people meet a very important other/get married/have intense issues with their partner, if already married. I think that the first case is most probable, as n :154: is in 7th.

In a month, p :152: :192: n :157: and maybe that won´t be very pleasant, but it won´t last too long, no worries. I am always skeptical of your :157: and it is good to keep an eye on him, as it is so angular, so very active and brings events, also your greatest malefic and on a :28: condition-in detriment- aspecting :155: and :156: by :194:.

So your p:151: moves to :175:, a more compatible sign for you, it is extroverted, interested in creativity, hobbies, having fun, much lighter to watery :174:. It is good to explore :175: energy, as your n :175: sign is intercepted and it will help towards self-expression/creativity, improve your self-esteem for example.
On the subject of your p angles, I think I agree with Anthony who posted above. What I am also interested in is that your you have plenty of planets in Cardinal signs and when an angle hits them, expect events according to the nature of the planet. The 1st one to be influenced will be the :152: ruler of your DC, but there is plenty of time until then.

It is interesting that your p :151: :191: n :154: and you are under a major transit by t :165: :192: your n :154:. I wonder how your relationships were impacted. :3:

:17: :74:
I forgot to mention that p :155: :191: n IC/n MC, which may have triggered some event too involving home/parents/family, or what :155: stands for passion/aggression/assertiveness/quarrels/accident/surgery etc. Your n :155: :171: so maybe how to manage aggression, be more patient, maybe but there are many alternatives, I just offered a few possibilities.
September 19, 2023 at 19:04
(Gemini) Mifner » Anthony19
Hi! Axis positions was pointed to me by one member here, otherwise I woudnt take especial care about that. However it seems that axis shift indeed make some profound change in several houses in long run and that is good thing. Any change is welcome.
September 18, 2023 at 21:01
(Pisces) Anthony19
You know there are a lot of "points" and "astroids " all showing by default on internet astrology sites, now-a-days. Most of them are not well known/or found 30/40 years ago. Unless you are already well established in astrology learning, I suggest you stick to the main stream planets and more traditional ways of delineation on your own chart.
September 18, 2023 at 20:51
(Pisces) Anthony19
Sorry to hear about your terrible time.

You have Progress Asc and Progress Midheaven changing to Cardinal signs. In my opinion this is a cycle of a new era.

Cardinal signs are initiators , they start "things/new ideas /projects/actions".

Please do not be fearful. Just go with the flow but be more of your own initiative in "your presentation to the world" and be assertive and definite about your career.

I do not know very much about Vertex changing sign by secondary progression. I do not know how to delineate this.
I don´t use this "point" very much myself.

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