May 18, 2019 at 06:10 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Lala83
Where in my chart can I find my passion for life? I want to help people. I dont know where to start. Back to school maybe...but what profession. I feel so lost and scattered here as of late...and I dont know how to fix it. I am having trouble finding jobs. I work as a lab tech...but would like to make the switch to customer service. Any ideas on me doing something I love and making money at it?

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May 22, 2019 at 01:28
(Aries) Lala83 » Fishermansend
Thankyou so much for taking a look around and help figure me out! I´m proud of the picses moon and the other watery things in my chart..I hear Aries aren´t very emotional..

I consider myself to be somewhat sensitive, like in a feeling kind of way and no..I dont always trust my feelings, I´m afraid to...but im.right alot of times .I try to meditate but my mind never goes fully quiet...its so hard for me. That virgo healing stuff ...I notice that to some people I´m like a "feel good" like a pick me up..or something to that effect. Its weird, like.when I show.up..people instantly feel better, or I help people alot by listening to them and giving advice..I´m proud to be a healer too.

ThT Mercury in Taurus makes perfect since. I love art and music..and I wish I could make things with my hands..I like the idea of making something, but im not sure what. I watch art videos all.the time..different forms of art. Im.going to Google the Yod and yes, I am trying to figure out new and creative ways to use my skills. I´m going back to the drawing board to see what I want to be. Thankyou so much for your insight
May 18, 2019 at 23:39
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"Where in my chart can I find my passion for life?"

"Passion - I always think of pluto and "for life" - 10th house, as your "calling". Midheaven in scorpio ruled by pluto matches perfectly your words used.

Your Ac ruler saturn and your midheaven ruler pluto work hand in hand agreed in 9th house on same goal and for same "mission". 9th house is also education, training, teacher and teaching, mind expanding.

2nd house, skills you are born with is pisces, 6th house-work is cancer and 10th house is scorpio - all in water sign and element. To be emotionally identified with your work and to help people is the most serving you with money flow - ruler of 6th in 2nd- work delivers money.

Your pisces moon in 2nd house and skills you are born with shows yourself as a very empathice and very high sensitive person with square neptune in 11th house with 6th sense antennas you do not always trust in. With sextile neptune/pluto some education is needed to find self-faith and some technics to protect yourself to don´t get overloaded and misguided by impression of other people.

You have the healing sign virgo in your bloodline ancestor inheritance and have this skill personally, too with mercury as ruler of 8th in 3rd house. Mercury is also ruler of 5th life energy, energy for fun and creativity- also house of children. Mercury in taurus is a physical one who likes to make/create things visible. Same with your mars in taurus as ruler of 3rd. Work with your mind and with your hands.

..."I want to help people."...

You have a Yod in your chart - called the finger of God with pluto on top in faith and religious house 9. Your birth place -Chapel Hill- fits perfectly for this. :1:

Transiting uranus has opp. your ac ruler saturn for a year and transits actually now your 3rd house, first your mars and afterwards your mercury as 8th house and 5th house ruler. To get you aware of your skills in a different and new way.

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May 18, 2019 at 06:44
(Aries) ram_goat
5th house passion & joy, 10th house, occupation.

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