Chart rectifying: Would you change what I chose here and why?

May 4, 2019 at 19:03 (UT/GMT)
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Chart rectifying: Would you change what I chose here and why?
Ok, having watched this video of Florian Homm (many reading this may not remember him) and others like him have me curious about which aspects and planet placements are most consistent with addictive personality traits because it appears to me that his abilities, results of actions and eventual life path has more to do with addiction. Out of curiosity I tried to rectify his chart to any degree of accuracy based on what the astro-seek chart creator summarized. I know each ascendant is in place for 2 hours before changing throughout every 24 hours so what I did was begin with an estimate of 7AM which did not yield a good cluster of characteristics for him. Thinking that there was alot about him that gave the strong impression of Scorpio I chose 10 AM because of the story of his activities (excess, qualities and methods of deceit/fraud, intensity and resilience evident in his mannerisms) see also… Birth date: October 7, 1959 place: Oberursel, Germany (Sorry, I don´t know why my saved chart URL is not attaching to this message)
In closing, what would you change the birth time for Florian Homm to after watching this documentary and why? Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!…
Published on Jan 13, 2017
Sex, drugs & dollar bills - ex-banker Florian Homm lived a life of excess. Although the bachelor has swapped prostitutes for prayer, he remains one of the FBI´s Most Wanted. Find out more in FROM HELL TO HEAVEN - THE CASE OF FLORIAN HOMM.

A successful career on the stock market ended with allegations of defrauding investors and fixing stock prices. Now Florian Homm claims to be a devout Catholic. He´s cracked his cocaine addiction and now teaches economics - of course, by the book. But he faces a 225-year jail sentence if he steps foot on US soil.


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