Mars conjunction natal Saturn - dangerous father

April 17, 2023 at 00:43 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) wilhelm84
Mars conjunction natal Saturn - dangerous father
Please could someone search in my chart , if there is some data when my ultra toxic with my father stop to have impact on me ? Or the physical end of my father

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September 18, 2023 at 21:12
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » Sunisha
so after Jan 2024 it will be more smooth my contacts with him?
May 11, 2023 at 22:19
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » Sunisha
thank u!! efharisto!
May 11, 2023 at 12:00
(Pisces) Sunisha » wilhelm84
Hello Wilhelm,
Transiting :157: will become retro from June till November 23 and :191: your :151: /ruler of IC / family / emotional life.
Jan 24 :157: finally tranists :151: last time.

:199: retrograde from 29th August until 27th Jan 2024 is still :192: your :155: and as your Mars is only 3 degrees apart natal :157: this has to watched together I think.
Uranus transits in Jan 24 in exact opposition to your Mars, and forward again 1st of March 2024
Saturn rules your 8th house / ancestor themes, transformation, death and more.
Uranus same time squaring your MC and IC , as your Mars is in this aspect as well.
:157: retro will :194: natal :152: again, this can be emotionally very challenging time, feeling suppressed, but also the need to move on , to get more clarity into your emotions. Your Sun as ruler 4th is bonded to your emotional life too.
All thos transits will last at least until springtime 2024 - so this is imo a period of retrospective, also of cutting what is necessary to be cut off, and to inwards find orientation and alignement, where to move to - without the "load" or interference of fatherly issues ( :157: :191: :151:)
You talk about a "big break" you want now.
It would follow this wish and intention, and THEN see, how you continue for yourself.
What will happen after, and then.. this at the moment to me seems not to be reachable. Of course, you can align your intention to things become better, but you can only take your own actions.

From 2026 on natal :152: will be trined by :159: for some time.
Could this soften and bring you some relief, I guess.
When this transit becomes exact first time, the running nodes gonna :194: natal :161: :162: - and after conjunct your :151: - that´s a time of decision into a direction, which is supportive to live your personal outcome / AC- ruler :153: in 10 and to reinforce your "souls purpose direction " = :161:

Na eise kalá !
May 10, 2023 at 22:46
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » wilhelm84
Please help ! There are some actions since end of April to have our communication (me and my father) reconstructed, but there are continuously facts that I can’t fed up with . And I want a big break from him now , enough with my try for now.

Can you read next months if there is a point that after that I will have a natural communication with him , and he feels like a father for god shake !?
April 18, 2023 at 12:42
(Aries) Stefan1 » Stefan1
Transiting Uranus and eclipses at 15 fixed signs this year indicates that your natal saturn Mars squ MC/IC have been a hotspot topic this year.
Seems better next year as transit Uranus moves on from this...and the eclipse path is also moving on.....
Best wishes
April 18, 2023 at 12:35
(Aries) Stefan1
Yes clearly this mars saturn conjunction is troublesome in your chart.
Mars and Saturn is both SQUARING YOUR PARENTAL AXIS (MC/IC) This tells of hudles to overcome in terms of some issues from your parental influence.
This conjunction is squaring your chart ruler Mercury at the MC - so this is something that challenge your conscious active part of the world and identity.

Your sun is trining Pluto so there is possibility of positive change and transformation of your identity issues. But it takes patience of course.
Last eclipse in 2´ scorpio on Pluto signal transformation.

Your natal sun also have a positive sextile (opportunities) to natal Jupiter.
So this positive aspects of positive (JU) transformation (PL) to your sun (identity by growth) is helping you to grow gradually better and better in this life. Pluto is helping you to grow in awareness of your patterns and release them. The last eclipse on pluto trine your sun may be instrumental in setting intentions for freeing yourself.

Also traditionally the next applying aspect of the Moon is sextile to natal Venus which can indicate gradual development to install peace in your self and surrounding. ( In traditional astrology the natal aspects of moon in applying can show themes of growth in the life coming).
April 18, 2023 at 11:16
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » ~Laura~
Laura please , when you can check again , what are the feelings of my mother for all this underestimation of my father .
mother : 09/08/1954
April 17, 2023 at 15:53
(Pisces) Sunisha
In March 2022 You had a progressed Newmoon on ~12° :171: in progressed 10th house.
That was a newstart, and it was 3 ° apart to your fathers :151:.
It could be interpreted like you left him already behind.
The pain though about a relationship, which is with father one of the basic relationship might not be fully lived through.
My impulse was to encourage you to tell him, that for your path it would be helpful, if he could apology - but better I think to prepare well- to be able to stand firm, if he neglects or tries to pull you down with your requirement. Also be ready to cut off completely. Sometimes it is good to do, to let the other one know and FEEL, that you don´t NEED his agreement, his appreciation for you anymore. But same time to let him know, that a valuing attitude towards you would require an apology.
This is a very personal matter, and to be taken into consideration, that his wound also is not coming from "nothing".
This is not meant as an "advice" though, as I assume you, as a pisces Sun to be aware of that.
In his chart :199: :192: :164: - whatever he experienced, probably as for a :151::182: , you seek for forgiving and to forgive is more easy, when one understands, how the other one (your fahter) became like this and to understand about his path as well.
Could you ever talk about his past, his childhood?
Just my thoughts.
Your progressive AC/DC axes is moving towards 20° :180:, where his natal :164: is positioned and reach it 4 years from now.
I find this interesting and maybe you can work on it like he / with his pain is slowly showing up on your horizon ( in reality or in a more introspective manner).
To work on own pain, as your :152:natal in 6th = house of healing is :192: :164: and moon ruling your 2nd and 3rd house, it could be helpful to do after your possibilities anything where you FEEL, maybe also some bodywork ( house 2/ body, senses, values and 6 / routines..).
April 17, 2023 at 14:17
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » ~Laura~
Thank you for your answer. I have actually my own family now . But I feel the last years so aggressive to ask for a essential apology for all his underestimate actions
April 17, 2023 at 14:02
(Pisces) wilhelm84 » Rapmas
Thank you for your contribution to that analysis of my life karma . Actually I am now father and I live with my family . But I feel since some years ago so underestimated from his actions in particular circumstances (job loss, financial difficulties etc, investing in my studies MSc etc) and I am so aggressive for revenge, by revenge I mean to have him apologise essentially!!!!
April 17, 2023 at 12:44
"Be gentle with yourself
you are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars
you have a right to be here"

In fact, you were ( are) abused by your father. And as already said here on another topic of you, you are the co-conspirator in your own abuse.

It´s a trick which is used so many times. The person, you feel as dangerous for you, you take over his ideas, his emotions, also the emotions against you. In this way, deep in yourself, you feel you have made of friend of your aggressor, and you think he is n´t dangerous for you any more, although his emotions, his aggression towards you have remained the same.

The solution would be that you leave him and his whole environment. Practically this is n´t mostly possible in its whole, but you can try and in the end succeed.

But we must not be too optimistic. After the leave, the real work begins. In yourself a new being has to develop, independently of the old one, the conspiracy, the mental symbiosis with your father. This new self will be build only upon your own wishes, your own desires, your own aims and your own kind of engagement towards others. When this has happened, you will be where and who you have to be: "you have a right to be here".
April 17, 2023 at 08:37
~Laura~ » wilhelm84
Your moon rules your 2nd house - self esteem, setting boundaries, to defend own space and territory and to feel safe and secure. And moon rules your 3rd house - your mental power, thoughts, own memory, to conceive information and to process information- and your mental mind and also emotionally feeded and focussed on something -mental mind (self-sabotage) programmes.

Your moon is in your 6th house on special degree of 0°sag. You now havee a great intens transit support -a chance to participate in the unique transit of transit pluto changing sign - in your 9th house. Having entered first time 0°aquarius and activated your moon lasting until next year- forth and backwards- zero degree exact in a special way. Sending 0° spark energy on your moon -for a deep transformation and healing - and for starting a new cycle in your life.

And transit pluto same time squares your 6th house cusp until next year and opens up 6th house and also health/healing matters.

You have yourself a strong pluto in scorpio and your natal pluto is now trined by transit saturn until next year, for a let go and to get out of taken over family dogmatas and to find your own belief and self-trust. As saturn in your chart rules your 8th house and your 9th house - a.o. religious faith in a higher power above.
April 17, 2023 at 08:36
(Sagittarius) AppleJollyRancher
I think it´s wise to say, you just separate yourself from the situation if you can. Naturally, it´s just saving money, finding your own place big or small to live, and enjoying your own life. Seems your old enough to do so. I don´t think your father has to come with you. :63:
April 17, 2023 at 07:53
~Laura~ » wilhelm84
""Please could someone search in my chart , if there is some data when my ultra toxic with my father stop to have impact on me ? Or the physical end of my father

my father is Aries birth : 30/03/1952

Wilhelm - the only chance is - get yourself out of your father´s "universe" - cut the ties - and decide to start your own life - far away from him. You are an adult man of 38 years of age.

Your father seems to have a lot of aggressive feelings towards you and it looks like that he didn´t want to have a male child and male competition. His pluto inconjuncts his pisces venus.

Your father has a leo pluto square scorpio mars - potential for violence - emotionally and physically and verbally. His pluto falls on your 4th house IC cusp (emotions, childhood and own basic trust) and his mars as a part of his square falls in your 6th house in the middle of your saturn mars conj. He demands unfullfillable high perfection from you and to adapt/submit yourself to him. His pluto on your IC cusp opposes your mercury as your 5th house ruler - your true being, your creativity and your life energy - you are under pressure in his near and never good enough for your father - in your father´s eyes.

Your father´s uranus falls in your 2nd house (self-esteem and own safety, to set boundaries and to defend your own territory and to feel secure is not possible for you in his near. His uranus opposes your jupiter in your 8th house (with jupiter/pluto energy) - genetic heritage and family dogmata - your father is able to go over your boundaries. Your father´s uranus falling in your 2nd house is at apex of a square with his own aries sun, squaring his saturn and opposing his cap chiron. His aries sun opposes his natal saturn.

His leo pluto trines his aries jupiter - your father always feels right and entitled for, to do whatever he does and sees as necessary to do.

Your will never be able to change a father with fix sign planets and with tendencies to get violent - but you can get out of his way and live your own life - at distance.

But whatever the feelings of your father towards you are - you are not really the cause and the culprit and are not responsible for solving your father´s true issues below the surface. Your father has a lot of tensioned and challenging aspects in his chart - even if TOB is not known - the planet placements and aspects (except exact moon placement) stay same that day.
April 17, 2023 at 01:22
System message: Post has been written by user Antiks72, who already deleted profile on this website:
In your traditional chart, your lot of father is in Aries, so Mars here conjunct Saturn in the 6th house shows him.
April 17, 2023 at 01:06
(Pisces) wilhelm84
my father is Aries birth : 30/03/1952

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