Chiron and Neptune: two possibilities within the Matrix

April 14, 2019 at 22:22 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Chiron and Neptune: two possibilities within the Matrix
I will build on my previous article, where I briefly mentioned the wise teacher Chiron. I would now like to say a little more about it and confront this archetype with the Neptune archetype, which is something common to it: it also relates to the unity and interconnection of all being - but on the other hand it stands in sharp contrast . I would like to focus on this contrast, because it can illustrate something essential that is now taking place in our psyche and in the world. I will build on my experience with constellations for these astrological archetypes over the past few years.

Osho points somewhere to the common etymological root of words in English: heal / whole / holy. This sound core is close to Cheirón: in the sense that Chirone is something that is trying to "get" us into this state of healed wholeness. Before this happens, however, we need to pay attention to our injuries, pain, complexity, trauma - which is a challenging process and requires a willingness to reopen what we carry in ourselves for a long time, but it is "encapsulated" in us.

To better imagine, I use the "chip" metaphor. Here we have somewhere under the skin, but over time we have managed to "wrap" it so much that we usually do not know about it; we do not perceive it, we do not see it; as if it was in the place of our "blind spot"; is out of our field of vision. We are extremely sensitive in this area - and insensitive at the same time, as if unbending, inadaptable. (I recommend studying the complex article). This state of encapsulation allows us to survive , but it does not allow us to live fully, because a great deal of energy is bound in this "groin" and defense system that masks and protects it. This injury is always somehow related to our emotions and mainly to the body .

Imagine that we now have two ways to deal with it. Just like when Morpheus from Matrix appears before us and offers us two pills: red and blue. One option is Cheiron and the other is Neptune.

The Cheiron is harder: it means reopening your sensitivity and attention to your wounded part to complete the healing and healing process. This requires courage and determination to bear the pain associated with it. This decision means: no matter who I am, whatever happened to me, I look at the truth again in my face, I do not look away. If I´m bleeding, I want to see blood. If I cry, I want to see tears. Only a true look will set me free . I won´t hide my head under the pillow before this pain. I will not grow a mask and a false smile "that everything is fine". This requires profound confidence in the way things go, a sort of Dionys´ acceptance of everything-always-everywhere: to give a big YES to everything, to yourself and the world without exception - including what may have once torn our hearts out of our chest. For there is also great humiliation in this affirmation: I have no control, much of the world (such as birth, death and falling in love) is beyond my control. I am only human. (This was the true meaning of the inscription above the Delphic oracle: ´Know Yourself´ - ´ Gnóthi seauton ´). I recognize that I am just a man, tiny, in the great order of the world. I know I´m not a god, I can´t play gods. The gods (like the tragedy heroes) give me a lesson - and I accept it.

The second option is non-Tune. This is easier. It means: he dealt his pain, his wound, lock it in a thousand wards and stumble the key from him and forget where. This will be safer. And then: create a beautiful harmonic illusion of the world. Your bubble, your matrix. And in it either and live. Like millions of people around you. The smile stays with you. Keep your hands with them, talk about love, about God, about faith, about unity. Create your paradise. Swallow the ibalgine pink tablet and everything will be fine. If we should remember one word to understand the practical impact of Neptune: it is a "bubble". Pink bubble, where we are well, where the real problems, perceptions and feelings that are not "fit" do not lie to us. However, it is usually necessary to exclude our body from the field of view. In a purely mental sphere, we then generate an artificial (non -ptun) world into which we escape.

What forms does this Neptune world have:
pharmaceutical industry (swallow the powder to alleviate our pain)
the film industry (romantic and dramatic stories filling the empty space that occurs when we are disconnected from our real feelings and corporeality); holywood, bolywood, soap operas, re-illusions, etc.
a world of emotional dramas (intense, contrasting to hysterical emotions, sadomasochistic relationship games, etc., which replace a void, if the heart is paradoxically locked - see the article on Little Mermaid for more )
the world of pornography
spiritual worlds (ezo, ​​christianity, new age ...) - that it is an illusory unity we know by the presence of "devil", something here called NO, be it body, sexuality, consumption of meat: something must be condemned we could feel it as better people than the neptunian "uplift"; the world is not accepted with all the trimmings)
ideology (communism, fascism, Christianity, etc ...) that replaces real spiritual needs (ideology has the form of mental constructions and suppresses some part of the authentic spectrum of experience; again there is a devil - who is a supposed enemy)
digital technology and our immersion in them (computer games, tablets, virtual online worlds and dating, facebook)
a narcissistic bubble of perfect exterior and abnormal slenderness (perfect form) creating (especially in women) feelings of guilt and feelings of inferiority (fashion, female magazines); [ Christopher Lasch: The Narcissistic Personality of Our Time ].
media world: prints, magazines, tabloids creating suggestive images (eg imagined threats and disasters)
a nostalgic time bubble bringing the illusion of safety and security ("it was better for the communists")
creating national and personal myths in which we live ("Slavic dove nature", "I am nothing, I am a musician")
Drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco and All Drugs That Improve Leakage)
return to the uterus (womb = matrix); dreaming about embryonic unity with mother (concept of BPM1 by Stanislav Groff ); for example, the effect of heroin is approaching this condition; the desire for instant nirvana
All these escape worlds have this in common: perfection is more than justness in them.
Something white, noble and perfect is accepted - and something (dark, imperfect, animal, shadow, painful) is condemned : it is left to existence exclusively outside our "bubble". Usually it is projected on the outside enemy (the Communists had a leaf beetle, a beetle of imperialists, Nazi Jews, devil and witch Christians, US estabilishment of Osama Bin Laden, Bin Laden by Americans, etc.). The guru must be perfect; the doctor can´t afford to say "I don´t know". (The extreme form of "neptunian white" can be found in the need for whitening of the anal opening in aesthetic surgery).

We are willing to pay outrageous money for immersion in these virtual worlds and forgotten in them. The economy of many concerns, churches, organizations and states is largely driven by the demand for something like this (creating artificial needs) . Therefore, these institutions are not interested in "cheir" curing our injuries. They need us injured, burdened, traumatized, ourselves, the world and the body unacceptable, and at this stage of hibernation (in the form of a Matrix), where we are disconnected from our real feelings, perceptions and needs , they should keep us as long as possible. Children in totalitarian regimes are soon taken early from their mother´s breasts to be uprooted and easily manipulated by the ruling ideology in adulthood. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in disposing of your injuries, but keeping them in the position of still sick and paying client. Some therapeutic and spiritual directions may be misused to form dependence on the therapist (guru). (To do this, I recommend the article on mapping blame and the old and new paradigm in therapy ).

There is a feeling of emptiness in the state of disconnection : we need to feed it, plunder the above-mentioned neptunian worlds.

Neptune Unity means: unity with ideal (mental - visual construction). This leads to conflicts and wars with other neptunian factions - beliefs that are perceived as hostile.

Cheiron Unity means: unity with the existence of everything as it is . There is no enemy here, everything is part of a holistic unity. As Zorba says, "God - the cunning devil!"

Age of Fish and Age of Aquarius

Before I offer you a few pictures of our culture that will allow us to better visualize Neptune and Cheire, I will mention the so-called Age of Fish and the Age of Aquarius .

To put it simply, it is a symbolic expression of a spiritual paradigm that dominates the atmosphere of the collective unconscious for about two thousand years (the Platonic Year). Fish are a sign of duality (the single fish is floating up, the other is down). It is possible that during the Age of Pisces (from the birth of Christ to today) the fish paradigm (Neptune is the ruler of the Pisces) has its deep authenticity, functionality and validity: it can inspire us to identify with the ideal and divine pattern - Christ, Buddha, etc. uplift, produce, bring to consciousness, etc. (In High Gothic, we are apparently authentically linked to ourselves and culture by worshiping religious images). However, the shadow effect of this kind of consciousness development is the fact that a cluster of condemned "shit" (of what is not in harmony with the ideal) falls somewhere under the table and begins to neurotize us from within. (That´s the fish duality).

However, as the spiritual paradigm of Pisces and Aquarius move slowly and concurrently, the functionality of other principles (originality, multiperspective truth, network structure, individuality, equality without hierarchies, uniqueness, the light of consciousness shining and vibrating everywhere and through all against the former singular light) begin to apply. somewhere up "or in an imaginary singular divine center in the middle of a circle ). Fish says: there is only one God behind all duality, one truth, one perfection. (And he sits on a horse to convince those damned infidels on the other side of the truth). A aquarius rebelsky says: WTF ?! I have my truth - you are right. We are all connected, the center of being is in everyone´s heart. If I accept myself, I can enrich the world with my special unique frequency, which synchronizes (merges) with the frequency you pour in here again. I teach you and you teach me no more gurus. Dirt joint, buddy and get off the horse - we´ll dance.

It is said that the age of Aquarius was first reported with the hippie era.

This gradual transition (where the two paradigms still overlap as the lithospheric plates) can last for hundreds of years (similar to the gradual decline of the Roman Empire) and creates a great deal of chaos in our society, with the new gradually starting to come into effect, while the old still fails to stop but die out it and trying to keep it in itself - kicking it for survival ). The new bulb turns on and the old one goes off. I recommend a lecture on youtube Pjéra la Šéze: Old and new paradigm and your transcription of the old and new paradigm .

Perhaps phenomena like facebook can benefit from the simultaneous functioning of both paradigms (narcissism, an effort to convey an idealized image of oneself + networking, individualism).

Now to Neptune and Cheirón in our culture.

Once Upon a Time in the West

As for Neptune, I would like to offer you, as an illustration, the "most film" movie of all time: Once upon a time in the West (the essence of the film is communicated by images and music rather than by itself). Already the word "at that time" takes us to the Neptune Empire (nostalgic eternity, eternal timelessness). Ennia Morricone´s epic music and large-scale shots - this is not to be discussed. I just want to mention a few details.

In this story, the neptunian character is a lame tycoon, Dr. Morton ("Mr. Train"). In his quarters, a picture of the sea is hanged on which he likes to dreamily look. When he dies at the end of the movie, he falls into the puddle and we hear the strange splash of the sea again on the audio track. Somewhat irrational (not too logical or necessary) detail, but confirming his neptunian identity.

I do not want to be the one who fits into the role of telling you "what the movie is about" (I don´t dare it), but I offer the (as banal and simplistic) point of view that I think all the films of Sergio Leone they are a kind of boyish recollection of a great adventure, when the world has been trampled by good guys and brave heroes. And this "Mr. Train" is a kind of caricature that says: once our world will be dominated by these ailing (stubborn), calculating neptune magnates - and then it will be worth the old slippers. Then we can only dream about great stories and adventures - on big canvases. (Train and Czech Railways are, by the way, also a beautiful example of a nostalgic time bubble frozen in safe timelessness - with all the romance that belongs to it!)

The Pluton character in the One in the West is the bad guy Frank, portrayed by the charismatic Henry Fonda. (Sergio Leone is obviously keen on him because he is the only one who "finally gets" a femme fatale - Claudia Cardinale - who voluntarily volunteers for him as a treacherous bitch). Frank has been cooperating with Mr. Vláček for a long time (as long as he needs it; then he likes to get rid of him). The Pluto-Neptune power dyad is reflected in our everyday reality, for example, when the capitalist magnate and politician Babiš (a Plutonic figure) buys newspapers and media (Neptune). This leads to the accumulation of power, that it is almost indestructible (it begins a gradual slope towards dictatorship). Similar situations: Hitler (Pluto) is loyally served by his faithfully Slimist propaganda minister (Goebbels / Neptune). Vladimir Putin (Pluto) controls Russian state television and media (Neptune). ( Vladimir Putin, by the way, has Pluto on the MC as well as Sergio Leone and hold on - just like Henry Fonda. Pluto on MC means he wants us to play the Pluton power role in our careers).

This is certainly not the exhaustion of the film´s Secrets to the West; I just wanted to use it as an illustration of the cooperation of the Neptunian and Plutonic archetypes, because this symbiotic dyada is often repeated in the real world.

Sometimes together in the triad with the Jupiter archetype, which now presents the real world of lawyers, politicians, doctors, and academic scholars - formerly church dignitaries (bishops and cardinals). These are the ones who create ideas and laws that are valid in the society and struggle to fight warm "institutional" chairs (where they do not want to let anybody else). The much-grown triumvirate of Pluto (oligarchy), Neptune (ideological propaganda) and Jupiter (lawmakers, priests, judges, scholars) form the backbone of totalitarian society. Therefore, a healthy and mature democracy seeks to separate these forms of power and to make their transitions as transparent as possible . The problem arises when pharmaceutical companies (Pluto + Neptune) fund research or reward physicians for prescribing those drugs (Jupiter). On the triad of Neptune - Jupiter - Pluto, we came across when we examined the Church (clergy) in a constellation. However, other institutions are now boldly adopting this role. (See Stanislav Komárek: Ecleziomorphic Structures ).

Another illustration of the Neptunian world could be the Czech film How to Drown Dr. The Cloud or the End of the Water Sprite in Bohemia (1974), which the film psychologist Eva Boháčková analyzes the film beautifully. The world of water sprites is interpreted here as a metaphor for narcissistic isolation.

The parallel between the narcissism of the individual and today´s culture and the "neptunian bubble" associated with the neurotic need for excellence that conceals the actual injury is enormous. In the constellations I have experienced many times that the indestructibility of the "Neptune Bubble" is directly proportional to the intensity of the injury it protects. Its dissolution is far from easy and self-evident. (From the outside, from the position of an observer, the situation is always clearer and easier. However, inside it we are as unconscious and groping. Can´t imagine how frightening the mist is not knowing, blinding and confusing inside the bubble.)

And the client himself has to decide to dare to dissolve the bubble. Dare to the truth at the bottom of your story. Dare to swallow the other pill.

Then the bubble can thaw, disappear, crack - and our eyes see.
Our heart loves and accepts.
Our body knows what it needs.
Naturally, without the need for translation.

And our Neptune is here again for us in its true form - as a spring of imagination , beauty and creative truth, like poesis. Like understanding images. And no triumvirates can bind us anymore. They become transparent.

I will leave one of the most powerful moments of world cinema without interpretation. But I´ll ask you a question: if something like this happened to you, what option would you choose? 1) forget and dream a nicer reality (Neptune), 2) remember and relive it and forgive (Chiron), 3) get revenge, deny your injury? (And Sergio Leone will make a film about you.) Congratulations, you have just chosen your option within the matrix. The part you control. The fact that Pluto will give you a harmonica in your mouth is not under control (just like birth, falling in love and death). You´re just human. Incidentally, the combination of 1 and 3 (to be a victim of injury, but to solve it by adhering to ideology) creates great fundamentalist martyrs and terrorists .

Two images of sacrifice and transcendence: Christ and Dionysus

The image of Christ tortured on the cross says: your suffering is virtue, grow your wound, make you exclusive and morally superior. Be clean, be perfect. By following my divine pattern, you too will be perfect. But you must disconnect from your inferior nature, suppress your sexual impulses, cut off from the body´s perception, all unclean. Ask your lower half and you will be a god, an angel, a pure perfect entity. You will collect your reward outside this world - in heaven. This is a pure Neptune (escape and propaganda) image that (usually) does not lead to healing, healing. On the contrary, he creates a sense of guilt in man, because his imperative is humanly impossible. As a result of this image, Western man cultivated higher chakras, while the lower man kept the same stage of development as two thousand years ago. In this context, Jung interprets the collective Nazi hysteria in the German nation: the Germanic atavisms dug out still deeply dormant under the sugar-coated deposition of Christianity on the surface. The animal woke up. She picked up the bloody revenge for hundreds of years of repression and hypocrisy.

On the other hand, Dionysus´s picture says: accept your suffering, which you do not have, and you cannot have control, and this acceptance at the bottom of your soul turns it into a wine flowing from your veins, a wine of ecstasy and love, from which the whole existence drinks. Dionysus urges to surrender to existence, which shapes us, which is greater than us, but which is both earthly and material, which requires courage, courage, valor. Dionysus and his treasure belong to the country. It is close to the Cheirian wisdom. Ultimately, healing and ecstasy are in acceptance of suffering. Great YES life as it is. Including the animal in us, including sexuality. If all "bottom in us" is blessed, it is allowed to grow and rise upwards. If basic energy is perceived as pure and innocent, it can grow to infinity.


If we wanted to imagine a cheir picture , imagine Quasimoda. He is ugly, hunchbacked, disfigured, almost deaf, unloved, living away from people and afraid to come to light. In a similar position is our condemned Cheiron injury.

Quasimodo lives in the Temple of Mother of God in Paris, which is of course a real place. This place is full of love, beautiful female energy "Our Lady" (Notre dame), the female aspect of God. The center of the temple stands on an important ley-line (like the Earth´s energy meridian), so the temple was built here by someone who could feel the place and its meaning. (This makes this cathedral unique, though not one of the largest or most complex). At this point, Quasimodo is hidden from the sight of the world by the command of the archdeacon Frolla, who "took him" (Jupiter - Saturn character: Doctor of Law, Medicine, Theology and Art) and who imprisoned him here (hid, buried, locked, encapsulated: only let no one see him.

Frollo loves the beautiful Esmeralda gypsy ( Lilith archetype), but his love does not come back and Frollo gives her a cool execution. Angry Quasimodo, who loves Esmerald also unhappily, then kills his foster father Frolla.

Quasimodo, something monstrous and unloved, is actually hidden in the very heart of the city, in the very seat of love. Quasimodo, suffering and vainly loving, heartfelt and brave, is the inverse of the narcissistic image that is perfect but cool, empty and free of heart. He does not love the narcissus, and although he is loved (by the fairy Echo), he does not feel anything.

Quasimodo encapsulated in the Temple of Love is itself a paradox. It reminds a pearl encased in a hard shell. (Encapsulation is like a Saturn process of protection through which we do not feel what is inside the complex). The pearl, the pearl structure, is formed around the grain (which sometimes penetrates into the shell) to protect the soft living organism.

I want to illustrate the Cheirean - Neptunian process on these paintings.

We cannot accept any injuries at first and therefore we will "wrap" it so that we do not feel it. As a result, we will survive at some point in our development, we are able to move on. (It´s not "wrong" that it happened, it´s a natural life process). But then comes the time when our attention will again turn to ourselves and to what we carry all the time. With this accepting attention we begin to feel and understand our injured part (Quasimoda). Let´s go back to the light again. But maybe it takes time, maybe it can´t be done suddenly. Perhaps we have to sift in ourselves for a long time and touch it from many sides, patiently and gently, like the sand in the river where gold nuggets appear here and there. By a similar process, our wounds and complexes become treasures (pearls) that contain wisdom, wisdom, understanding, consolidation, deep acceptance of ourselves and our entire story, where everything is just as it was, without the need for narcissism to decorate and shine in perfect form.

As we embrace Quasimoda and allow it to be what it is (without the need to seek the culprit behind it), the more we are in accepting the whole world and all the horrible and unpleasant aspects in it. The more we accept and love the other people - just as they are now, without the need to change, mend, mengelov them in their conception to transform into a "perfect ark". For the love of our healing does not require perfection. It accepts everything as it is and cannot love it, as it cannot spring out. He does not need to put demands, condition, rejoices in being that is already. So does Earth. Welcoming our steps with unconditional love, whether we are Buddha or Hitler; does not judge, judge.

Cheirón is thus an archetype that can be expressed by a pair of Quasimodo / Notre Dame images. It´s hurt and healing. Healing with a pearl. Healing that recovers into love and heals. That´s why Cheironu is called an injured healer.

At the stage of healing, healing, wholeness - we do not need the (escape) neptunian worlds: we do not seek them because our real needs can be fulfilled, our real thirst can be extinguished.

"I am not much of a religious person, I am not a saint, I have nothing to do with spirituality. All those categories are irrelevant about me. You can´t categorize me, you can´t pigeonhole me. My whole effort is to help you release the energy called Love-Intelligence. (Osho)

I translate only the last of Osha´s sentence: "If the energy I call love-intelligence is released, you are healed."

Cheiron in constellations

The forms of Cheiron in constellations are diverse. When dealing with his wounded aspect, there are tense situations (symbolic stories) in the form of bullying, maltreatment, burning, perversion, disfigurement, etc. (as if the situation is abnormal and beyond ethical acceptance) - that´s why I have "compressed" these images for clarity to the image of Quasimoda.

An integrated or integrating Cheirone aspect of ourselves has the form of a shamanic quantum healer who has the capabilities beyond our present imagination. It is strangely small and strangely huge. It is usually well connected with our instincts and animal parts and power animals (hence it is depicted as Centaur). It is connected with the planet Earth / Gaia and at the same time with something holistic, cosmic universal and ego-transcendent. The ego-based psychology does not seem to capture it with its grid. So is astrology. Chirone does not fit into our concepts and always behaves a little differently than we expect.

In the Coniron process in the constellation, the "Saturn wall" that separates us from feeling - melts the constellation as it flows, as it moves, moves the flow of energy and emotion inside the client - and usually produces a new way of protection: eg power animals like a wolf or a fox that teach the client a new, instinctive, fully sensory and dynamic way of protection in the environment in which they live.

Lightening music video by Taptap illustrating the difficulty of accepting the Cheiron archetype in our clerical grid. Frollo Bus / Deacon Director - no matter. Already his excenctically irregular eliptic orbit (in which Saturn and Uranus intersect) is extremely suspicious! Why can´t he circle in a perfect circle ?! Because of this eccentricity, Chirone stays in different signs of the zodiac at different times (the longest in the ram and fish) - see below.

Chirone in zodiac signs

Yet in the end, I will briefly give you some examples of what topics Cheirón can relate to in terms of his sign location at the time of our birth. (These are generational themes that are probably addressed by all your classmates, which can be seen in classroom meetings.)

Cheirón under the sign of Aquarius (1955-1968, 2005-2010) . Feelings of not belonging to this society, to this collective. Feelings of exclusion versus trying to fit into a group. Significant need for originality (differ) versus conformity. Illustrative film: The World According to Proto . Philosophers with the following status: JJ Rousseau, R. Steiner, E. Husserl, J. Patočka)

Chirone in the sign of Pisces (1960-1968, 2010-2019) . Feelings like "God, why did you leave me?" Personal feelings of injustice and injustice in relation to God or the cosmic order. How could this happen to me? How could God allow it? Feelings of condemnation by God. In non-integration, militant atheism, skepticism, cold irony, existentialism, nihilism. In integration, in understanding how the whole injustice was, then, renewing faith, trust in God, order, higher sense - whatever we call it. There is a turning point in faith. Philosophers with this position: K. Marx, B. Engels, SA Kierkegaard (speaking of "leap of faith"), A. Camus (revolting Alien does not need a priest in dying), but also Martin Luther (!) because it seems to me that their inner trauma is somehow reflected in their philosophy, which I do not in any way reduce it.) Incidentally, this is also the horoscope of Czechoslovakia from 1918 as if illustrating "Czech atheism".

Chiron in the sign of Aries (1968-1977). Challenging the coming into the world, the right to exist, the right to be, the basic will, the desire to live and want something for yourself. Feelings that I´m not ok that something is wrong with me, that having an ego is somehow wrong. Outwardly, however, it can be masked by spectacular narcissistic self-esteem. (The chiron cannot be recognized by the external signs of behavior, they can be varied. Everybody inventes a unique way of reaction and compensation for the same inner cause.) Reactions can be from the extreme: I sacrifice myself for others as a whining ambulance, my ego has no value - up to to extreme egoism and ruthlessness; the needle seems to oscillate between these extremes until it comes to integration. Only then can the energy of the Beran archetype flow naturally. I´m OK - you´re OK. Philosophers: M. Gandhi, Novalis, B. Spinoza, I. Kant, M. Montessori.(On the example of Gandhi, this contradiction in his invention of satyagrahy is seen - the path of nonviolence, but how he tormented and chased his wife. He was either extremely passionate in sexuality or lived in celibacy. the energy of the sign - thanks to Cheiron influence - to integrate.)

Chiron under the sign of Taurus (1977-1983). Non-acceptance of (distance from) matter, body, money, boundaries, emotional needs, your place in the world (where I belong materially, earthly)? eating disorders. Extremes oscillate between hedonism and austerity, not possessing anything and hamstering ("mine!", "What do I have right to have?"). Spiritual as an escape from matter. For example, men prefer not to base families (or later on) to worry about material family support; women, on the other hand, are looking for partners at all costs (rather in another Cheiron generation), on the basis of extreme confusion in this area. In integration, the bull archetype is experienced more flexibly, permeably, capable. Philosophers: Egon Bondy (explaining to Europeans Indian doctrine where illusion of matter works - "maya")PK Dick (author of dystopian science fiction Blade Runner, where people leave the Earth in bulk, HP Blavatsky (founder of theosophical society), JA Comenius (constantly searching for his physical place and home in the world); Albert Einstein (Cheirone conjunction Neptune: looking at matter as energy in his famous formula E = mc on the other).

Cheiron in the sign of Leo (1940-43, 1991-93). The feeling that I cannot fully manifest myself, because it prevents me from shyness, self-consciousness. The feeling that I am not appreciated enough and recognized for my uniqueness. Looking for "the ability to freely, without fear or guilt, sing your song." ( Lass). Reaction: I strive excessively to be in the spotlight, to impress the public, to do anything to finally be recognized - or the other extreme: I am ashamed of everything and hide from the world and experience a sense of worthlessness. Leakage: I do not show myself (in a creative way) at all (so that no one can criticize me). The solution starts with the courage to express itself, while abducting the mirror of the world that responds to me. In Integration: I express my value, light, radiance, spontaneous life force in a creative way. I look forward to exactly what I am. I create from gratitude and love - something I return to the universe. I was gifted, so gifted. By not being ashamed, I inspire others to live their uniqueness and their gifts. Personalities: John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix, Vangelis; Goya, J. Zrzavy; Terri Gilliam, JRR Tolkien; Václav Klaus, WS Churchill.(No famous philosophers have found this in the database).
Conjunction of Cheiron and Mercury : Bohumil Hrabal, Jaroslav Hasek, Jan Werich (who Hašek Švějka spoke excellently!), Zděněk Štěpánek - but also Miloš Zeman. (A kind of archetype of a folk saint, a joker. He plays with words. Healing with words / hurting words. Obviously, the wicked expression of this archetype must be Schweik! ). Further: Jan Saudek, JKTyl (Svanda Dudak) and Jiri X. Dolezal.
Conjunction of Cheiron and Saturn: Božena Němcová, Franz Kafka. (As if the more serious and existentially more pressing issues related to Saturn´s injuries. Kafka in the Castle seems to describe a clash with Saturn´s authority / authority - which at the same time hampers a lively connection with something divine / vertical, which we are looking for, so great frustration arises. lordship and old age in a more idyllic, condescending light, as if trying to wrap this frustration in a fabulous way).
Conjunction of Cheiron and Venus: Jacques Brel, Charles Baudelaire, William Blake, Frantisek Gelner, Friedrich Nietzsche. ("Angry Anima", high artistic and aesthetic sensitivity, bohemianism).
Conjunction of Cheiron and Luna: Victor Hugo (author of The Bell by Mother of God), Václav Havel, Erich Fromm, Martin Buber, Fritjof Capra.
These are, of course, only brief examples of possible manifestations. For a closer look, I recommend the book, Martin Lass: Chiron - Healing and Growing Consciousness . Eugenika, 2014. (Chiron: Healing body and soul in original). Source of information about the birth dates of famous personalities with a clear search engine here:…

Under what circumstances does the Neptune archetype work properly?

Of course, Neptune is not something a priori negative. Like every archetype, it has its bright and shadowy forms.

The rampant Neptune manifests itself in the constellation field as all-watering water (swamp, or fog), which makes it impossible to function adequately for the remaining astrological archetypes. They are then drowned and extinguished in the field, passivity and stiffness, and the yang (active, fiery) component is suppressed in personality.

To return Neptune to its functional form, it is usually necessary for the client to take responsibility for his or her life in the constellationand as if to restrain the reins in his hands. (Sometimes also integrating the Sun, Saturn and Earth element). Neptune then seems to "shrink" from all the flooding sea to one point, and the fog seems to be a "laser par" of creativity that is targeted and not controlled by the man, but under his control and available as a conductor his wand or painter his brush. In this positive form, Neptune is an archetype of imagination, inspiration, fertility, empathy and tender love for all living. It is the atmosphere of home, the essence of femininity, the beauty of movement. It is related to the ability to let things happen on their own, letting go without letting go .

"No tree can grow into heaven until its roots are touched by hell ," Jung says in Aion.

In fact, this sentence sheds light on the circumstances in which the Neptune function works properly. If we are well seated down, in the body, in the pelvis, in the earth, in matter, then our ability to touch the stars, our connection, and the tuning works naturally. I compare it to a well-grounded antenna: then you know what you´re tuning for and which TV channel is currently broadcasting. If one is not grounded, then several stations simultaneously run on one TV channel at the same time. Without grounding, one is a puppet of neptunian impulses.

There is no problem of being Cheiron-ish whole and rooted in the body - and yet non-Neptunic. There is no contradiction. However, in this state we are free from any ideologies (no need to create them) and unity is not experienced as an image and projection, but as a natural contact flow. The resistance to the "implacable obstacle" associated with our injury has disappeared. We´ve gone through hell. The chip was removed, washed away. All parts of Self are accepted. The Neptune function can be used for artistic and visionary creativity.

Vojta Franče

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