Vedic Padas

November 22, 2022 at 11:28 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted
Vedic Padas
Hi to all, usually i dont use Vedic to understand and describe characters psyhologically, but lately i am interested seriously for the Padas. Do you feel safe using them to diagnose character and temperament? I have found many interpretations for Padas, many of them i find silly, for example you read that someone is ´dirty´, ´ugly´ or ´a sinner´ or ´knows well the scriptures´ because of his Pada. What prompted me to search is a familiar person i know very well who has Sun in Anuradha Naksatra (Scorpio) in Venus Pada and Moon conjunct Mercury in Jyestha nakshatra (Scorpio) but has not the slightest element of Scorpio (sidereal), nor Sagittarius (tropical) pshychologically/mentally. Her Moon and Mercury are in Saturns Pada and this woman has very strong saturnian elements: hardworking and patient, calm but very serious, ascetic, selfdisciplined, without great love passions, not at all argumentative, without the slightest interest for metaphysics and occult, not at all intense and antagonistic like many typical Scorpios. She is very diplomatic, kind, sweet, rational but not critical, many times somewhat timid and obsessed with order and cleanliness, also very helpfull, dislike adventures, dance, sports, game and risks. This person rarely explodes. Her emotions are always under selfcontrol. Her mind is mathematical although she is very sensitive, uses her mind to work hard, she is excellent at calculations and her work is related to accounting (propably the mathematical mind is because of Mercury who is Jyesthas Lord). Do all these traits match the Jyestha in Pada of Saturn and Anurhada in Venus Pada?

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November 28, 2022 at 04:07
(Taurus) Rusty7140 » rohini moon
Thanks, and yes that´s true. Mercury manifesting in Virgo can endow symmetry in facial features, but the challenging reality is Virgo has lots of gifts yet a proportional amount of self-doubt and self-criticism. Similar to how the most beautiful people tend to experience the most self-doubt. Virgo doubts her mind even though it´s (in some ways) the closest to flawless (the prepubescent Virgin´s mind, according to the Vedas).
November 27, 2022 at 22:45
(Virgo) rohini moon » Rusty7140
all very true, Rusty. You´re very good at understanding the nature of the energies here...

I am very empathetic, but also very self-critical... people always ascribe the trait of virgo´s as being overly critical of others, but in my opinion, we are most critical of ourselves. We are our own worst critics. through and through..
November 27, 2022 at 18:55
(Taurus) Rusty7140 » rohini moon
I´m glad you can see positive developments in your chart. your Mercury in Leo in Sidereal manifesting as Mercury in Virgo in Tropical--based on some other charts with a similar position, can show high levels of criticality (intelligence), so you may have overcome self-criticism and seeing your good traits is a powerful step.

Fear of loss also can be connected to Chiron and Saturn, and since Chiron is conjunct the D1 Moon, maybe feeling some isolation from feeling secure in the home (feeling fear of loss of mother) was present at an early age. But, Chiron conjunct Moon can also show a very empathetic person, someone who has experienced emotional struggles and through them can become an extraordinary healer themselves.

Some Vedic knowledge I was blessed to acquire was that Jupiter is the signifier of the life principle, Jupiter can bless an individual with a long life. Also, even though some planets don´t like Saturn, Jupiter is neutral with Saturn. He does not see Saturn as good or bad. Saturn bestows the results of a person´s karma. As well as being the investigator of a person´s integrity. Saturn can also indicate a long life because he performs self moderation.
November 26, 2022 at 06:17
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted
My first important relationship (very loving, long term):
Her Rashi Moon in Pisces in Revati Trine my Navamsa Sun in Ashlesha.
Her Rashi Moon in Revati Trine my Navamsa Rahu in Pushya.
Her Rashi Jupiter in Anuradha in my 7th Navamsa house.
Her Rashi Mars in Jyestha in my 7th Navamsa house.

My second NOT AT ALL important relationship (not a soulmate, not loving, just carnal):
Her Rashi Rahu in Leo in Magha conjunct with my Rashi Sun.
Her Rashi Ketu in Aquarius in Dhanista in my 7th Rashi House
But not any important sign in synastry bewtween her rasi and my Navamsa.

My third important relationship (very very loving, long term):
Her Rashi Moon in Scorpio in Jyestha Trine with my Navamsa Sun in Ashlesha.
Her Rashi Moon Trine my Navamsa Rahu in Pushya.
Her Rashi Moon in Scorpio in Jyestha in my 7th Navamsa House
Her Rashi Rahu conjunct with my Sun in 3rd Navamsa House.

I have Arudha Lagna 1 Taurus.Maybe played this also a role that i attracted Jyestha Moons ? The polarity ?
November 24, 2022 at 23:35
(Virgo) rohini moon » Rusty7140
"Oh and water signs in D9 suggest a calm personality which can be beneficial in solving problems because people with water placements in D9 (especially Moon) can be people who have a balanced temper and yes it makes a lot of sense that you feel artistic"

This is very true. Not in my earlier years, I had much more bad temper in my daily life, now, I am a lot calmer. I try not to let things bother me, and take it as it comes. I´d rather be happy than be bickering over nonsense. But, I am also sensitive, in a weird way. I am, but I´m not. My sensitivity is more emotional, I worry about the well being of those close to me a whole lot. I am fiercely protective over certain people I care deeply about. I will always be the 1st one to call out anyone mistreating someone I care about or love.
But, I was always like that in certain ways - even as a small child- I would fear my parents dying... I´m talking young, like age 8 - I was worried about it. It almost came off subconsciously as if I knew it was coming bc my mother dropped out of my life not long after my fears cropped up. So, there is that too.

Feel free to share any more D9 knowledge ;) I am always so happy to hear from others with Vedic knowledge :80:
November 24, 2022 at 02:43
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted
I am happy reading all these answers-comments. Thank you everyone. :1:
November 23, 2022 at 19:50
(Taurus) Rusty7140 » rohini moon
That´s really good. Oh and water signs in D9 suggest a calm personality which can be beneficial in solving problems because people with water placements in D9 (especially Moon) can be people who have a balanced temper and yes it makes a lot of sense that you feel artistic as well as mystic with Cancer Moon since the Moon is quite the magical planet. The Moon is associated with qualities of feeling loved and as you grow into your D9 you can feel at peace. Moon has a lot to do with feeling loved by the universe. And yes, Moon is very important, some believe everything rests on the Moon in this world.
November 23, 2022 at 19:35
(Virgo) rohini moon » Rusty7140
" a strong Jupiter in Navamsa is even more beneficial than a strong Jupiter in the D1 chart since D9 shows where Jupiter will be as a result of your past karma and your actions in this life also Jupiter can signify a well lived life regardless of other elements/setbacks in a person´s chart. "

:) This made me smile.
My Jupiter went from it´s own sign of Sagittarius to Cancer in D9 - Punavarsu nakshatra to be exact.. I much prefer my d9 Jupiter. :64: :1:
November 23, 2022 at 19:29
(Taurus) Rusty7140 » rohini moon
Yes, Jupiter in Cancer also blesses a person with expansive understanding, and a strong Jupiter in Navamsa is even more beneficial than a strong Jupiter in the D1 chart since D9 shows where Jupiter will be as a result of your past karma and your actions in this life also Jupiter can signify a well lived life regardless of other elements/setbacks in a person´s chart.
November 23, 2022 at 19:20
(Virgo) rohini moon » Rusty7140
"h you will eventually identify more with your D9 chart as opposed to your D1 chart."

I can see this too.

I was going to mention that in my original post, but I omitted it as to not make it so all-over-the-place but I already do identify big time, in particular w/ my Moon/Jupiter Cancer placement in my D9 chart. I´d say for the last 3 or so years.. it´s not that dissimilar from my pada 4 D1 Moon because of the Cancerian energy.. It just seems to have made even more Moon-like the older I get.. I can agree with this.

One thing I heard about this particular placement is that we prefer only friends who are like-minded. Could not be more true.
November 23, 2022 at 19:18
(Taurus) Rusty7140 » Mercurius exalted
Yes, Navamsa becomes more accurate the longer you live. If you live long enough you will eventually identify more with your D9 chart as opposed to your D1 chart.
November 23, 2022 at 19:08
(Virgo) rohini moon
"but lately i am interested seriously for the Padas. Do you feel safe using them to diagnose character and temperament?"

Absolutely. They widdle down the nakshatra to a minute degree. It´s why everyone with a Rohini Moon is not same. My Moon falls in pada 4 of Cancer - everything about Rohini in pada 4 is SPOT ON accurate for me... and it became even more of who I am the older I became.. It is all about familial roots, wanting to do right by your ancestors.. also, my placement is what they would refer to as more of the sentimental side of the Taurus Moon (because of the moon itself ruling over my pada) versus the other padas.

But yes, I always delve into the padas after researching the nakshatras themselves.. it helps a lot to identify exactly how the energy is being used.
November 23, 2022 at 10:22
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted » boyakasha the wizard
Yes yes this is true, Vedic astrology writers tell us that 9th house is fathers house and it has impressed me that this teaching is also verified in practice even looking at simple transits with sidereal-whole sign houses. Many house meanings seem totally weird for the western astrologers, though i have tested them and i see they are very accurate. For example they give 2nd house for the knowlege, education, family life and hapinnes, 4th house for the car etc. Many meanings seem crazy, though all these weird things are verified in practice.
November 23, 2022 at 10:00
(Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard » Mercurius exalted
No I seriously don´t know that much I´m still learning myself. If you could find an explanation it would help. I think 10th should be the father no? It´s the opposite house from 4th house of mother. Also sun is seen as the father. 9th house is of teachers and gurus :/

Wait...6th from 4th is 9th house right? If we add these 6 and 4 energy we get 10 or 10th house in this sense. Could be right...

Also yeah since I´ve touched vedic I´m having visions not only of Indian deities but Western deities and Tibetan deities as well. This world is so much bigger than vedic astrology itself.
November 23, 2022 at 09:32
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted » boyakasha the wizard
Yes i know about the houses meanings...i have read some books about Vedic but still need practice and maybe they will pass many years, maybe until my death to have the same feeling of safety having working with the western techniques, but i will do it, is a dream and a goal to learn Vedic. I respect and love India and i have very vivid dreams related to India since i was a child. Btw and maybe off topic, what do you think about the 9th house as fathers house? There are some vedic astrologers who are saying that 4th is mothers house only for as long as her child is still dependent, but later the house of mother becomes the 3rd house when the child becomes independent. Do you agree with this? And if so, why doesn´t apply the same to father´s house ? why is the fathers house only the 9th and not both 10th and 9th? and with what reasoning the 9th ? maybe because the man in the era of patriarchy was the servant of the woman- she stayed at home and the servant was working hard to support her ? the 6th from the 4th? (9th). Anyway what is the philosophical basis for the 9th as the Vedic father´s house.
November 23, 2022 at 09:10
(Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard » Mercurius exalted
Also I´ve found after checking moon nakshatras out and saw patterns common. Moon is not just ruling only the mind but fashion sense, hair style, hand gestures, real life events, eating habits, favorite music. Being jyehsta moon I can still access other nakshatras with my moon like my 9th house for moon chart is in Cancer so around teachers my jyehsta Scorpio broody gloomy moon poof just goes away, I feel comfortable and relaxed around them it´s true try it out for yourself.
November 23, 2022 at 08:57
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted » boyakasha the wizard
I see, thank you for your answers, you are very kind.
November 23, 2022 at 08:54
(Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard » Mercurius exalted
There are hora or hours that each planets takes and plays out of our daily 24 hours for example for me ive found 3 am at night nowadays is taken up by my Venus Anuradha. Plus there is a mahadasha, antardasha, pratyantar dasha , sookshma dashas we are always running. So to separate the moon from so much sauce becomes difficult don´t you agree oh also your moon could also be receiving aspect from other planets in their own nakshatras. The logic KRS uses about navamsa is that after 35 almost everyone is thinking about marriage settling down idk how that justifies that navamsa gets activated. But I have still to feel my navamsa I don´t think it´s activated yet.
November 23, 2022 at 08:38
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted » boyakasha the wizard
I know about all these, this is 9th harmonic. I was a Cosmobiology freak for many years, they work much with harmonics. My question was WHEN is Navamsas Moon more important than Rashis Moon for a person. Is this only because she is a woman? I am a man but i feel that Navamsa Moon is more true than Rashis Moon for me, because i am more a mystic, less a scientist, although i spent many years studying the language, linguistics and all these boring things, i do these to survive and not because i really like. Deep inside i feel like a mystic or a artist, and i believe that this is because of my Navamsas Moon. I am also very intuitive and sensitive, not at all like the cold tropical Moon in Libra, nor Rashis Moon in Virgo. I was charismatic in painting when i was child. My right brain hemisphere, the female brain, is more developed. I know that Moon is the mind for Vedic and much important than Suns sign, both for male and female. Moon is above all, more important than anything else. Uranians believe the same thing with Hindus, that Moon is the mind. Do you agree that Navamsa is more valid after a certain age ? Is correct that Navamsa becomes more important as the person grows up ?
November 23, 2022 at 08:03
(Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard » Mercurius exalted
There are d1-d60 charts. They all have moon in them. My jyehsta moon Pisces pada I´m Pisces in Navamsa. Now what is navamsa? Its is the 9th piece of your chart think of a cake, I cut it into 9 pieces. The 9th piece is navamsa get it? Now this is what I think is going on, navamsa is 7th house zoomed in we are looking at the nuts and bolts of it now. It is the house of opposite gender or others (Libra in Kalpurush Kundli) and as we know 7th cusp is called the descendant in Western. So no wonder she acts more like her navamsa moon because she is a she and you are a he, the opposite gender to her activating her navamsa moon so siplme, boom. Trust me alone by herself she would be a total different gal. :3:
November 23, 2022 at 06:18
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted
Another example- from my own chart this time

Tropical Moon in Libra only 5% accuracy. Does not work. Never worked this.
Tropical Venus in Libra only 5% accuracy. Illusion. Never worked.
Sidereal Moon in Virgo 80% accuracy, also Sidereal Venus in Virgo.
Uttara Phalguni Moon (Sun Lord) it works. Very accurate.
Moon in Virgo/Jupiters-Pisces Pada: Navamsa Moon in Pisces 100% accuracy.
First female partner in the past: Sidereal Rashi Pisces Moon.
Her Rashi Moon Trine with my Navamsa Sun.
Navamsa is very important not only for the soul, but also for partners.
I have collected some charts of people knowing well, very familiar persons, verifying that Navamsa could be more accurate than Rashi.
November 23, 2022 at 03:41
(Virgo) Mercurius exalted » boyakasha the wizard
Hi, cool picture :92:Some thoughts now. As we known the 4 Padas are connected to Navamsa. Observing the Rashi for this woman i mentioned above, very few elements can verify her idiocyncracy, behaviour and issues, but when i look at her Navamsa chart and the Padas for her Sun, Moon and Mercury i see that they describe this person with details. I have observed the same for me and other familiar people i know well. My question is if these are just coincidences or the Navamsa is really so accurate, even superior in describing the person. Could the Padas and Navamsa cancel the Rashi ? During the last years i am amazed with Vedic astrology, i learn any detail about Vedic and i am thinking to switch permanently to Sidereal/Vedic techniques because i see they are amazingly accurate and clear, especially for predictions, though i need time to see if this system is enough strong also for description of personality and soul characteristics.
November 22, 2022 at 14:18
(Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard
I´m literally Moon conjunct Mercury in Jyeshta and sun venus pluto anuradha :4: ...I was right...this transit happening right now in anuradha is special.

Anyways I´m pada 4 in Pisces for jyeshta moon BUT pada 3 Aquarius for Jyehsta mercury.

Pada 3 Libra for venus my sun in pada 1 of Leo. Ask me whatever. Its said the best compatibility is between anuradha and jyehsta it is instinctive relationship wise.

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