Progressed Venus Meets the Sun (And viscera Verscera)

November 14, 2022 at 23:18 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) FOWL
Progressed Venus Meets the Sun (And viscera Verscera)
As astrologers we spend so much time focusing on stress patterns, and the most difficult times in someone´s life, I thought maybe we could discuss one of the most beautiful astrological events that EVERY gets at some point in their life if they live an average length. Depending on where Venus is in its cycle when you are born, via progressions, either Progressed Venus will conjunct the natal Sun, or the progressed Sun will conjunct natal Venus. This is a moment where you can access the true depths of your heart. For me it happened young. I had just started High School, which in itself was a blessing because I hated my grade school so much. The increased freedom of high school, both in a general sense, but especially in an intellectual sense, was a huge breath of fresh air. But the EXACT conjunction happened when one of my older brother´s friends came over with his four track recorder, and we improvised an album of music that really spoke to me, and was, really, my first recording I made aside from weirder more chaotic kid stuff.
This was a special moment which helped me get in touch with my heart and purpose.
I´d love it if others could share their stories.... if it hasn´t happened for you yet... this is one of my favourite things to get to point out to clients, which for some reason, has been a MASSIVE theme for me lately in that people in the midst of their crises all seem to be a year or two away from this. Go figure!

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December 1, 2022 at 20:52
(Gemini) FOWL » plumreme
Ya... that´s a heavy setup... note Neptune first crossed over your IC before it truly began it´s Neptune square Neptune, and then firmly in the fourth house before it began squaring your Moon... so an illusion about your home and your roots, destabilizing everything... very heavy energy which, as you say, won´t have the dust settling for sometime. Thank you for sharing that.
November 30, 2022 at 18:01
(Leo) plumreme » FOWL
Very cool @FOWL !!! and very Neptunian.

During my Neptune sq Neptune/Moon (and conjunct IC) I had an extended affair with a touring musician (not on tour) hahahahaaa. Wish I´d been on a tour of my own, in stead... would have served me much better. Neptune square Neptune has been about reckoning with disillusionment in love matters, rather than being swept away, and about identifying boundaries and enforcing them (or so I think for now.. I guess we´ll see in a few years when the dust settles). Neptune square Moon/Neptune was all about being swept up and swallowed - I stood no chance. and the sobering up afterwards has been very humbling.
November 30, 2022 at 00:16
(Gemini) FOWL » plumreme
Tightly conjunct Venuses eh? Beautiful! Ya, Neptune transits in general have described the best times in my life. But these times never seem to come to the full promise of fruition I expect.... this Neptune to Venus transit helped me finally release a bad relationship which was going nowhere, and get back to astrology in a far more profound way than I was interfacing with it previously. I´m firing on all cylinders now, and let go of a lot of other life expectations and dreams. My best friend invited me to go on tour with him last week and fill in for their keyboardist, and I had a blast... but also realized what a difficult life it is to pursue music, and I feel like my path now is the music of the stars. (If you´re interested... one of the shows was filmed and released...… it´s pretty chaotic and fun!... in addition to this, one of my all-time favourite musicians attended this show to hang out, and befriending him in the first place was a part of a previous Neptune transit... Neptune square Sun). So it´s been a real journey this transit... for me it aligns with my Neptune square Neptune as well.. .there´s a whole added layer there.
in terms of other transits or progressions like this... I mean I´m thinking of maybe looking into the Venus star point cycle which has a resonance with past events every 8 years where Venus and the Sun conjunct in the same sign... you may want to dig into that... but it´s not always positive. I mean the power of Sun conjunct Sun every year is no joke... especially for creative output... people should look into that more....
November 29, 2022 at 23:48
(Leo) plumreme » FOWL
Thank YOU!

I can´t stop thinking about it. I wish we all did this more often - would you say there are other major boost transits that everyone has (but not super frequently... so maybe other progression transits that are kinda once in a lifetime things)?

Another thread that I´d love to do - the other possibilities of "difficult, negative" transits. For example, I´ve had a lot of boosts from Saturn transits that I expected to be awful.

p.s. this comment
"but as is the case with Neptune, often the pain doesn´t come until later in retrospect when things don´t pan out the way you expected... the danger of a Neptune transit comes after the fact, when the fog lifts."

been in a series of Neptune transits back to back for years, currently Neptune square Venus and Jupiter (about to be in transit Venus opp natal Venus, square transit Neptune .... like you). would be curious to hear how this square has played out for you... I think we´re on the last hit.
November 25, 2022 at 21:44
(Gemini) FOWL » plumreme
Thank you SO much for sharing that. This is exactly what I was after with this thread. Incredibly beautiful.
November 25, 2022 at 07:09
(Gemini) nighty » FOWL
I will for sure! :-)
November 25, 2022 at 07:06
(Gemini) nighty » plumreme
That was so nice to read, plumreme!
I am feeling similar right now,. It is like time is standing still and after all the stress I am suddenly hearing my creative voice again.
November 25, 2022 at 01:49
(Leo) plumreme
At first glance, I thought nothing much was happening for me then, just two years out from a lot of loss/grief, but then I went back and reviewed some writing and photos. I was having a burst of creative activity and spiritual re-awakening... designing clothing patterns, dying the fabric, sewing; writing (what I wanted to write about for the first time, rather than what I thought was expected - I was coming back into myself creatively); painting; reading a lot of books about art and different ways to make it; growing plants and flowers and starting to make arrangements and give them to neighbors and friends; and at the most tender time as a mother.. maybe the sweetest time. My time with my children then was so rewarding - they were involved in all of those creative pursuits, learning (teaching) along side me, developing their own ideas about art, expressing themselves. There was struggle - I don´t think I could see myself or my life clearly, didn´t feel terribly confident, or appreciate how magic it all was at the time, but in retrospect, it really, really was. Lastly, I was beginning to reject the hyper intellectualism and skepticism I´d adopted throughout my marriage, and starting to unabashedly get back into astrology (and a lot of Jung).. and my dreams were insanely rich and rewarding. wow.

Thank you for this - I found the sweetest pictures trying to figure out what was happening then, brought a lot of joy and gratitude.
November 24, 2022 at 22:28
(Gemini) FOWL » nighty
That´s awesome Nighty! Be sure to check back in and let us know what happens when your Progressed Sun hits the exact conjunction to natal Venus.
November 24, 2022 at 11:23
(Gemini) nighty
Thanks for bringing this subject up.

I had some really exhausting years with stressful transits , mainly Pluto and Saturn in critical aspects, Mars and Uranus also in the play. The Great Conjunction 2020 took place in my chart. The last 2, 5 years I kept on fighting for new jobs (I am self employed)but with Uranus and Saturn in opposition to Venus in my 10th nothing turned out.

Thankfully Saturn came to help this year by formimg harmonious transits to all my personal planets plus the AC. AND: Right not my progressed sun is 0,5 degrees away from its conjunction with Venus in 10 (ruling AC and 8th house). I just got a new business client and I am finally earing money again. I am dreaming of doing creative work again since my creativity was completely blocked due to my worries in recent years. My progressed moon in 9 is also conjunct my sun in 10 at the moment.

So far I feel that I am changing a lot on a personal level. I am decluttering because I cannot stand having so much stuff around me any more. I take better care of my finances and as I mentionned my creativity is more in the foreground. I am also finally able to spend a huge amount of time in foreign countries next years which is also a dream coming true.

I am also hoping for new love (jupiter return, forming aspects to my ruler of 7th house).
November 15, 2022 at 11:23
(Gemini) FOWL » Mike Five
That´s great Mike. Thanks for sharing. It is interesting that astrology is working on us without us realizing, and then you look back on your life and see all the puzzle pieces fall into place.
I also love that your progressed Venus conjunct Sun related to a passionate relationship. How Libran of you!
November 15, 2022 at 11:21
(Gemini) FOWL » Jaidesyd
Well I´m sure you had a beautiful borth then at least! And perhaps having had a non-traumatic birth helped you connect with your own inner mothering abilities olin a more instinctive and flowing manner.
November 15, 2022 at 05:37
(Capricorn) Jaidesyd
Lol, I was basically born with my progressed Sun conjunct my natal Venus and I will be long gone by the time my progressed Venus would ever hit my natal Sun degree :61:
November 15, 2022 at 04:21
(Libra) Mike Five » FOWL
Yes, it was a time when I had a very passionate romance that began to take shape in 2013 and whose peak came in April 2014... and then continued for a couple of years.

But the progressed Sun on Uranus was also involved, Pluto on the 5th house cusp, Mars on the 2nd house cusp, Saturn on the Antivertex...

They also accompanied some transits: of Jupiter on the 11th house cusp, an "unthinkable" one of Chiron in opposition to Venus (or on the descendant); and Uranus on the 8th cusp if I´m not mistaken.

It was also a time when I had some popularity related to my involvement in a political movement. But back then I was a die-hard skeptic of these matters, a foolish scientist, even though I had already had some experiences.
November 15, 2022 at 01:40
(Gemini) FOWL » Mike Five
I too have a similar thing going on. Neptune transits tend to trigger some of the most incredible and mystical times in my life. I think because my natal chart is so deeply afflicted by Neptune, it shows up in transits like an old friend... but as is the case with Neptune, often the pain doesn´t come until later in retrospect when things don´t pan out the way you expected... the danger of a Neptune transit comes after the fact, when the fog lifts.

At any rate, June and July of 2014 your Progressed Venus conjuncted your natal Sun. Any special recollections from that time?
November 15, 2022 at 00:43
(Libra) Mike Five
I have had some of the most beautiful and memorable moments thanks to Uranus. Venus, the Sun and other factors have been involved, but Uranus has been the most determining of them.

Right now I am experiencing one of those moments, and the strangest thing is that it is happening in the framework of "terrible" quadratures. I do not deny that I have some fear about how this will all end, but I am trying to flow and enjoy myself in the middle of this hurricane.

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