Jussie Smollett Time

March 7, 2019 at 17:46 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) detectahead
Jussie Smollett Time
Hello all! I\´ll get to the point and tell you that I believe Jussie was born at 7:10 AM. This will place the sun/moon Gemini conjunction in the 12th H while opposing Neptune in the 6th. A Cancer Asc the ruler, Moon conjunct the Sun. We see a collection of planet\´s in the 4th. All in all this is an emphasis on Cancer,the home, mother and the early childhood. Even the show Empire reflects Jussie\´s life. Difficulties with the father in accepting Jamal\´s sexuality(character that Jussie plays) a mother who was released from prison because she took the rap(sacrificed 12th H and Neptune) for a drug offense which brought in the funds to start the music business that the show is based on. The choosing by the father as to which of the brothers(Gemini) will take over on the business.
I believe that Jussie\´s real father showed the same lack of feelings and emotional support, hatefulness to the point of rejection which undermined Jussie\´s confidence in himself. This makes for a very insecure person who is constantly seeking attention and recognition.

I will continue later.....

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March 11, 2019 at 04:24
(Cancer) detectahead » Iceblu333
Remember my previous post for it will be interesting. I said,"Soon the sun will pass over the MC on the 19th. Let´s see what takes place".
The transiting moon will be full for it will be in exact opposition from the 19th to 20th. The 7:10 am time I choose as his birth chart time will put the sun and moon on the MC/IC axis almost exactly
March 8, 2019 at 08:04
(Cancer) detectahead » Iceblu333
The sun for the time I have chosen puts it at 29°51" Gemini. My bad the moon at that time will be 1°14"cancer. The sun will not reach 0° cancer until shortly after 10 am. Yes,I do follow the doctrine that once a planet gets within 2° it begins to inherit the qualities of that sign but techniquely it is in Gemini.
Post a time and show astrologicaly that it is correct and why.
Everything that is happening with Jussie is reflected in the 7:10 am BT chart I´ve deduced from what is going on in his life.
The transiting sun in the 9th H,higher courts/law
Transit Neptune in the 9th and as we all know that the 9th is ruled by Jupiter and transit Jupiter is conjunct neptune in the 6th!
Transit Uranus in opposition to Jupiter
Sun sign ruler mercury conjunct the MC
Transit Saturn in opposition to his Asc. The 7th is open enemies and he´s created a few of them
Soon the sun will pass over the MC on the 19th. Let´s see what takes place.
Not until the 19th of April when the sun opposes natal Jupiter and the moon conjuncts jupiter will we see any outcome.
March 8, 2019 at 03:46
(Cancer) detectahead
If you want to look any further you can see that Saturn and Pluto especially Saturn is hitting right on The Descendant and Mercury the ruler of his sun sign is hoovering right on the mid-heaven it´s in retrograde so it´ll be floating there untill Mercury passes on then things will start to clear up for jussie but not until he receives his sentence. I figure all there going to do is slap him on the hand.

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