Why am I so indecisive and emotional?

March 5, 2019 at 02:14 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) Yourfavoritelibraa
Why am I so indecisive and emotional?
Hey everyone! First off, I’d like to say I’m super new to this site and so excited to find like minded people so thanks so much to anyone who takes the time to read my chart. From a young age, I’ve felt shy and distant. People often said to me “why are you so timid”? Or “why are you so shy”? I’ve always felt like an outcast and I wonder if there’s something in my chart that points to me distancing myself from people and even the world. Also I have a lot of trouble and romantic relationships. I find it hard to keep one partner and stay happy with that one person. I find myself constantly changing how I feel about someone and ending meaningful relationships because of it. Also I’m a singer and songwriter and I only feel really truly amazing when I’m writing music or sharing my talent with people. I feel like music heals me spiritually and emotionally. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring but I always feel like there’s something holding me back from achieving my full potential. What in my chart shows this? Or if there’s anything significant that you see in my chart feel free to let me know. Thanks again to anyone who reads it!
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March 5, 2019 at 06:31
(Libra) Yourfavoritelibraa » Admiral Hill
Thank you so much for this insight, this resonates with me immensely. Over time I’ve found it very hard to communicate effectively with people, or I’ve felt like people don’t understand me so I tend to withdraw or pull away because fear of rejection. Lately though, it hasn’t been as bad and communication is becoming a bit easier, however I still have my moments. I will definitely look into this more and take your advice. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
March 5, 2019 at 06:21
(Aries) ram_goat » Yourfavoritelibraa
:1: What Col. Munro said wasn´t so bad either, but only you would
know how well it applies to you. His was a very insightful post. Added
another layer to the cake. Best reads are usually when many chime in with their perspectives. Everyone has their eye on a little something different.

Pluto can be tough to wrangle with whatever he touches. Learn to be a good student of Pluto´s lessons and you will become indestructable. Mis-apply or misunderstand the lesson and you may be destroyed. Pluto doesn´t care- either one is the same to him. There is a deep lesson in that as well.
Pluto transforms and destroys. Learn to work with the energy. What triggers
the compulsion & control issues in relationships for you? In it´s highest expression, pluto/scorpio is a peaceful dove, in it´s lowest expression, an unevolved scorpion. You have to learn to let pluto trigger the dove and not the scorpion in you but this will likely take many years. Pluto is a hard teacher, but the lessons learned are learned absolutely. Pluto & Saturn always leave a present by the door, once the lesson is learned, or the transit is over. Look forward to it for a job well done, and hope it doesn´t go that other way..

Learn about what triggers the compulsions in you. Plutonian things have a high, middle and low expression. Compulsion & obsession are the scorpion. The Dove expression is a great purity of artistic vision, but you have to learn to transform it into that yourself, or be destroyed by it. Sounds weird. Hope it helps.

March 5, 2019 at 06:09
(Libra) Yourfavoritelibraa » ram_goat
Wow I just read the link...and I am absolutely shocked! This sounds EXACTLY like me. I’m definitely gonna look into this more. Thanks!:)
March 5, 2019 at 06:09
(Aquarius) Admiral Hill
I think there are a few aspects here but, one thing I like to look at is what´s affecting the ASC, and what is Saturn touching.

Saturn is opposite your Mercury, and this is a large factor up front. Anything Saturn touches makes it delayed significantly, so that you will be shy and withdrawn in speaking early on, but with age you will get better.


"Mercury opposite Saturn in the natal chart brings intelligence and even wisdom, but also great frustration and sadness. The frustration comes from an inability to connect to other people at the personal level. The reason is a lack of communication skills. Problems with hearing or a poor attention span of attention lead to words being misinterpreted, and these people often think the worst or believe that other people are disagreeing with them or nagging them.

The frustration not only comes from these poor communication skills, but also an inability to share their knowledge in an understandable way. Their speech may seem dull and boring, or too negative or technical. There is hope here because all hard Saturn aspects show the person will be a late bloomer. In this case, the constant struggle to have themselves heard and taken seriously can result in a mastery of communication, more often with the written word compared to spoken word.

The Internet offers these people a chance to communicate more effectively where extra time can be taken to fully understand and reply to messages. These people also have a talent for understanding symbols and the deeper meaning of images.

In general , negative thinking can lead to sadness and depression. When growing up, Mercury opposite Saturn people may be subject to demeaning or harsh words from a parent, usually the father, from teacher and other authority figures. Such negative conditions can lead to adult to assume that they are still being subject to criticism, even when in reality, they are not. Conscious effort is required to rewire the brain with positive affirmations. This does need continual hard work, as does practicing to communicate clearly. Otherwise, depression and the wrong handling of matters will continue to cause frustration and lack of opportunity. Other then, may continue to see these people as lonely, sad, abrupt or mean."

My Saturn is square my ASC, among many planets - but in my youth I was very shy and withdrawn in terms of asserting myself verbally. That is no where need the case NOW, but I´m 29 years old, and if anything, my words get me into trouble because they´re too sharp, too quick to the point, but expressing myself is not remotely an issue.

Saturn is like this. It touches something and slows it down, makes it hard, it´s a burden, it slowly matures it - but, when it gets over the hurdle, that planet affected is even better for it in the end.

Look to Gemini and Sagittarius for communication, third house, eleventh house (Chiron the old wounded healer is there for you!), aspects to your ASC, and Mercury. Oppositions are not so tough as squares, but it causes frustration, a tug of war back and forth from that energy.

Saturn has a softer aspect even to your ASC! Very much the culprit combined with sun in Libra who seeks to be fair and balanced up front - hindered by Saturn on Mercury and ASC, shy, reserved, distant, hard to express your thoughts.

It will get better with time. & Hello, welcome to the community.
March 5, 2019 at 05:39
(Aries) ram_goat
Venus square pluto.. does this sound like you?


Shyness & comme ci, comme ca, attitude & social apathy
are probably a remnant and artifact of Aquarius south node.

Read up on the pitfalls of Aquarian south node. Seems like you innately
understand & practice the "pros" of a Leo north node.

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