Chanelling an intense chart

May 21, 2022 at 18:33 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) joanarita
Chanelling an intense chart
Turns out my chart is super intense and as much as I often feel this strong urge/call I have things to do in this lifetime, I also get lost and pulled in many different directions at once.
I have a kite formation pointing to venus (in scorpio) conjunction jupiter // venus is also the ruler of my ascendant, sun and moon (libra, libra, taurus) / grand earth trine includes Chiron 12H, Moon 8H (con lilith) & Neptune & Uranus conjunction 4H
I´m very creative (doing a phd in performing arts & eco-feminism), have lived in many places around the world, have had a fair amount of trauma & health problems and have also done a fair amount of therapy of many sorts.
I´d appreciate anyone´s inputs! / Questions are also welcome
This might be a very sun-in-the-first-house thing to say but I do think my chart can be a very interesting & strong case study for how many aspects relate - sometimes the hard thing for me is more to understand things in isolation, where to focus my energy, how to take care o myself & use my gifts best in the world.

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May 30, 2022 at 09:26
(Libra) joanarita » diavolul
I think jayjayastrology hit the nail closer to the head on this one - I do feel like my work needs to have a healing/supporting/nourishing impact on others but if it´s too therapeutic then I´m loosing myself too much and almost get bored or feel used in the process.

The laughter part - some years ago I used to do clowning hehehe so that´s not so far off!
May 30, 2022 at 09:25
(Libra) joanarita » Rosincvist
I know Venus in Scorpio is in detriment, but it does like being in the second house.
And I read somewhere that if a planet is in detriment but the sign´s ruler (in this case pluto) is also present then it somewhat neutralizes the detriment, like it doesn´t necessarily like being in that place but the host is there, so Pluto is there showing Venus how its house looks like, "make yourself comfortable in my dark powertful transformative mysteries, here is where I keep my cutlery, this is how you turn the water on". Maybe? Does that resonate with others or is it something strange I read?
May 30, 2022 at 09:21
(Libra) joanarita » JayJayAstrology
Wow :12: thank you for all of this!

It makes a lot of sense - also, the stuck in the mud in this trine has really been accentuated by me moving back to where I grew up, which I think touches & puts more weight on that bottom 4th house & possibly on moon / sn in taurus too. I feel that holding and not expressing much more strongly here.

I think the scattered comes from how you described taurus moon as wanting things easy & pleasant (which can also happen for conflict-avoidant / uncertain scales in libra) - things not being nice sometimes creates all these places where energy seems to run away to avoid embracing the messy. I end up not embracing the messy and without much energy.
/ Besides, the amount of creativity can also generate a dispersed sense because there are so many means of expression I appreciate (and am reasonably good at & feel good to me at different points) - performance, visual arts, writing... so it can be hard to deepen, but I also believe there is a sort of creative muscle that benefits being worked from different directions, just at my age that can look like I don´t know or do much on a professional level because there is not a single thing that is deeper (I don´t actually believe that is true, I think that´s part of systemic problems of not valuing interdisciplinar understandings which in art in particular feel very important)

And about Saturn - many people are wary of Saturn returns - I am actually looking forward to mine! Maybe a little scared of the actual thing but really looking towards the higher clarity :6:
May 30, 2022 at 05:14
(Aries) diavolul
How about psychology/care to combine ar least two houses themes, I think Jupiter in Scorpio want to be meaningfull in others lifes?

I think arts only helped you to have a purpose, to have an identity (issues?) and to focus.

Bring joy and optimism and laughter in others lifes to the point of inspiring or change!
May 30, 2022 at 02:32
(Taurus) Rosincvist
No one so far saying you have :154: in detriment, the most important planet in the kite is more likely :156:, your :156:/ :154: midpoint is the easiest to calculate :6:
May 29, 2022 at 13:30
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
I´m responding to your ask for insight, Joanrita. You are basically asking "where" you should focus your energy? I usually see the scattering of energy in Sag or Gemini placements, but you have none. But you do have Jupiter at the focus of your kite. Still, let´s examine why you might feel scattered with all that earth?

You not only have all those earth planets in your grand trines in water houses, but you have South Node in Taurus in the 8th as well. The SN is a huge part of who we are. The whole chart represents where we left off from the past life. I have found that health issues usually include something from the past life - because health issues often are caused by stress - conflicts that aren´t easily resolved.

You also have Capricorn IC - more earth. The thing is - when you have earth planets in water houses, the emotional/feeling world tends to get ignored, or repressed, or put on the back burner. Earth "holds". Earth signs are not particularly interested in dealing with emotions or expressing them. Earth is more about doing stuff, accomplishing, focusing on service, holding together many pieces, like a President of a company leads and holds its workers together toward a common goal - a smoothly running, successful enterprise. It wants to roll up its sleeves and get things done in the world. It is the element closest to the physical plane. The water houses are all about the emotional-feeling world, where earth isn´t out of its element. Mix earth with water and you get mud.

In a way, you could say you are stuck in the mud with that grand trine. The fact that the ruler of your Taurus SN is conjunct the NN in Scorpio suggests to me that this was part of the difficulty in the past life. You have feelings and emotions but you tend to hold them rather than release them. Scorpio holds as well. It´s something it has in common with especially Capricorn and Taurus. These are the three signs that tend to hold instead of release feelings. In addition, Scorpio will also absorb feelings and emotions from others. So, you can feel overwhelmed and burdened. Saturn is in Pisces in the 5th - which can be very good for artistic endeavors, but it can also make you sensitive to other people´s energies, and then, you hold.

Libra rising, Sun and Mercury are of course, great for art. Believe it or not, Libra isn´t exactly great at expressing emotions directly either. Capricorn IC and Moon in Taurus - none of these wants or likes to express emotions to other people. You can do it, of course, but your outlet truly is through art. So, you have an outlet. This is good news. In a way, not expressing directly can give you motivation to put all your emotional world into your endeavors. For you, it´s an avenue to be seen, heart and soul. Mars in Leo in the 10th - you want to be recognized for your art, to be seen - heart and soul.

Chiron in Virgo is saying, pretty much, you need to get out of your head and into your heart. Virgo is analytical, very heady in that way. It also can be self-doubting and critical of self and others. So, you can let go of perfectionism there in the 12th - a letting go house.

Taurus likes things simple, easy, pleasant, harmonious. It doesn´t like the 8th house or Scorpio. It prefers a light-hearted, good-feeling and pleasant conversation to any expression of depth that would include a so-called "negative" feeling. So, at your core - you just want life to feel good. But, it doesn´t feel good. This is the big stress. How to deal with feelings and emotions that don´t feel good is stressful for your earth in water.

North Node in Scorpio is saying, you need to embrace the messy, complicated, disturbing side of human emotions - and - work toward release through embracing them. Scorpio has three stage - the Scorpion, the Phoenix, and the Eagle. The Scorpion holds onto feelings and emotions, is afraid of being hurt, is ready to defend with a sting. The phoenix energy is transformational in nature. This is when we do the inner work necessary to release the emotions. And a new person arises out of that. Then the eagle is free - flying free above all the pain and turmoil.

You need to know what you feel and express it through your art. It´s a good idea to keep a feeling journal - and - then be aware of what you are expressing in any artistic piece - so that the work becomes this transformational process for you. It won´t be just a work of art, but a symbol of your own transformation and becoming.

Let your inner need to resolve something inside you guide you in what project is next. Even if writing isn´t your art, make sure you are identifying the emotions being expressed and released, so that you are making a conscious effort to release. It´s possible that an art piece can stimulate a release for others looking at it. So, you could say, it is healing art. Maybe you want to design a playground. How could you design it in such a way that a child unable to express emotions could find release in their movements on a jungle gym? This idea just popped into my mind. I have no idea what kind of art you do, but you are super creative, so you´ll think of unique ways to express and heal others. Think of yourself first - work on healing yourself - and then you´ll get ideas that will help others.

Your Saturn Return is coming soon. My guess is you will have more clarity then - as it is a soul-infused time asking you to be more authentic. Saturn is in the 5th. You need to be playful, exploring and developing yourself - who you are - through spiritual and creative outlets (Pisces). This is a lifetime for personal development, and accomplishing something noteworthy is certainly a potential. By focusing on yourself, you can actually do more to help others. That might sound counter-intuitive, but on a plane, they always say to put the oxygen mask on yourself first - and then help others. Your chart is saying that. There is a thing called "enlightened selfishness" and you need to embrace this.

My website: https://thesoulmustsing.
May 25, 2022 at 06:53
(Libra) joanarita » Plutoncita
Hola - gracias :)
Si, mi padre estuve (& esta) ausente principalmente a un nivel emocional y de presencia fisica en mi vida (adicto al trabajo, padres divorciados) aunque participa de algunas maneras mas bien economicas; mi mama de alguna manera cumplio el rol de los dos pero al mismo tiempo tambien con bastante incertidumbre y irregularidad ya que tuve depressiones muy fuertes durante mi infancia... esto donde lo ves? o que te lleva a perguntar lo?
May 24, 2022 at 04:45
(Virgo) Plutoncita
El tema de salud , al estar la casa 6 en piscis quizás esté relacionado con temas de depresión , con temas de infancia, temas digestivo también aparece con su eje 6 12 virgo tienes a kiron dentro de 12.. un abrazo
May 24, 2022 at 04:30
(Virgo) Plutoncita
Hola, lo primero que me llamó de tu carta es tanta energía escorpiana , quizás por eso dices que es tan intensa , tu luna en 8 ya lo es, si a eso le unes venus en escorpio conjunta a tu nodo norte, pues tu tus experiencias de vida están relacionadas con las mujeres , siento que

Las experiencias que hayas tenido no sean del todo agradables , pero son parte de tu evolución, necesitas de esas experiencias para evoluciónar, y tengo una pregunta para ti tu padre estuvo ausente ?quizás por alguna adicción o muerte ? Y tú madre cumplió el rol de los 2 ?
May 23, 2022 at 16:31
(Libra) joanarita » Jacamo
Thank you for this insight!

It´s interesting about Chiron - how it is a lot more personal but being in the 12th house can also make it so hidden...
Neptune & Uranus conjunction in the 4th house even though are bigger and external planets also make sense for me - I´ve been having a much harder time the past year as I returned to my hometown after 10 years away. I think that conjunction in that place really appreciated living in different places & types of unusual communities and was supportive to the rest of the set up under those circumstances + Moon being conjunct South Node I think reinforces that maybe this really isn´t my place.
But Chiron - well, even because of the fact that it sits there a little less connected to others and so its energy might be easier to parse out and work with seems like a leverage place...

Wow!! 600 asteroids & stars is a lot! That´s a lot of information but I agree that symbolic thinking can be so supportive and looking deeper & in unexpected places too...
May 22, 2022 at 19:39
(Sagittarius) Jacamo » joanarita
Ha ha, yes, I´m not used to using astroseek tools, mostly astrodienst because I just loooooove looking at asteroids. Because I was jealous of people with powerful aspect patterns, I began looking for them with asteroids. And with thousands of asteroids, there are plenty of patterns. But it´s amazing how deep our charts are, and how we can continue to discover things even after a long time, and we think we know our charts so well. Even though I don´t have something like a grand trine, or a kite, I have some very powerful stellia. Also, my Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are in their domicile, and Mars and Mercury are in their detriment. I also find, after long last, a significant aspect pattern; a yod or finger of god pattern with Neptune, Pluto, with Chiron as the focus. Especially because Chiron is opposition my Sun, this was a turning point for me in my exploration, especially because my ascendant, n node, and Chiron are all in Gemini.

Chiron is our deepest wound, in this as well as past lives. Because of this wound, where we may be liable to hurt others. Thankfully, it is also where we can best heal others. For you, it is of the utmost importance: The benefit of a kite pattern is that the tension of the opposition between the focal planets is alleviated, healed, addressed, by the harmonious trines and sextiles. However, the planets through which these beneficial energies will flow are Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron. Neptune and Uranus, as outer planets, are impersonal, and although we can focus on changing our relationship to their energies, compared to Chiron they can feel much more external. And it can´t get much more personal than what Chiron represents.

So, in exploring and addressing your deepest wound, you can more ease much of the tension of your oppositions and challenges. Especially when it comes to harmony in your life (Venus) challenged by the shadow (Lilith). Not to mention all your other oppositions. I would explore the meaning of Chiron in Virgo, obviously, and also start playing more with asteroids and fixed stars, and see what you can find any conjunctions. I made a spreadsheet, and every time I entered asteroids, I would record their name, numbers, and location in a spreadsheet so in the future I could find more aspect patterns between themselves, and my other planets. So far I´ve entered about 600, and found many aspect patters, including grand quintiles, grand sextiles, and grand semi-sextiles (twelve objects in harmonious alignment!). They tell a story, and with introspection, and symbolic thinking, we can start to make connections, discover, heal, and evolve.
May 22, 2022 at 09:55
(Libra) joanarita » Jacamo
Thanks for your thoughts!

Initially I wasn´t sure you maybe just weren´t considering chiron part of the grand trine/ kite formation as some people only count planets but yes, the settings need to include chiron aspects and they usually don´t automatically do so (in fact, I´d been learning about astrology for quite a while without seing it was there for a long long time).

AAaah - it´s interesting the insight about the moon+Lilith (also + Algol if you know about fixed starts!) conjunction SN, I had not spent too much time thinking about this as with so much stuff so tightly close together it almost looks like the SN is far away from that bunch, but they are still all in Taurus / 8H. I need to sit with this longer...

Lately I´ve been (trying! only trying) to see those health problems and trauma as part of the path - like they can´t be "distractions" from "what I´m really supposed to be doing" - the only way out is through and they teach me so much. Much easier to say than to act accordingly but with all of this I´m working with it´s helpful to bear in mind...
May 21, 2022 at 19:59
(Sagittarius) Jacamo
My mistake! For some reason, some of my aspect lines were turned off, and for some reason completely missed the screenshot you provide - anyway, wow! Talk about interesting - not only a kite, but so many grand trines.

The kite is quite potent - intuition, illusion, the Shadow, deep wounds. That´s a lot to delve into.
May 21, 2022 at 19:03
(Sagittarius) Jacamo
Your chart IS interesting. And I too think my own is really fascinating as well. I´m sure it has something to do with how well we our own charts, and how if we´re introspective and thoughtful people we can see how our charts reflect even the deepest parts of our life, better than most others. Plus, maybe we´re just interesting people.

Of course the first thing that stands out in your chart is your Scorpio stellium. You have an amazing opportunity in this life for transformation and evolution, with North Node and Pluto conjunct, plus many assets to move towards that destiny with Jupiter and Venus. However, this can be sooo difficult with Moon (conjunct Lilith!) opposition Pluto, especially since the Moon´s trine with Neptune may be synergizing to veil, with the illusion of confusing feelings and sensations, a clear path forward: A path reconciling Taurean emotions heavy with the inertia of past lives (S. Node), with the higher truth about yourself you are destined to uncover, and use to evolve, transform, in Scorpio (N. Node / Pluto). This could contribute to your feeling pulled in many directions, but worry not, it sounds like you are on a great path of discovery, finding what that true path for you is.

For me personally, it can be sooo frustrating when the way forward is not known, and when emotional and physical health issues challenge progress and clarity. But the challenges is part of the path, and the path is the goal, so congratulations, you´ve won!

Also, I can´t see the kite aspect pattern you´re describing focused on Venus. I´m used to a kite pattern involving two trines, two sextiles, and an opposition...

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