6 Retrograde planets in chart?!

May 13, 2022 at 23:38 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Vmorris1988
6 Retrograde planets in chart?!
Hello everyone,(anyone)

I have 6 planets and a node in retrograde?!
My head hurts trying to grasp the concepts…my reading is not until the end of the month.

Mercury R Gemini 2nd house
Venus R Gemini 12th house
Saturn R Capricorn 6th house
Neptune R Capricorn 6th house
Uranus R Sagittarius 6th house
Pluto R Scorpio 4th house

My node was also R not sure that matters as it is rarely Direct and just mathematical point anyway.

My word…any advice is appropriated!

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May 14, 2022 at 13:24
(Gemini) Vmorris1988 » Vmorris1988
Here is a copy of my chart.
May 14, 2022 at 13:20
(Gemini) Vmorris1988 » Rosincvist

I am just seeing the R next to Mercury? If I use the planetary degrees in the ephemeris table will get a more accurate aspect if the days the planets were D vs st?

Thanks for your knowledge!!
May 14, 2022 at 13:10
(Gemini) Vmorris1988 » ancient_astrology
This was very helpful in laying out the possible malefic traits of the Rx. A short you tube I watched had Indicated to continue to make movement forward even if you yourself don’t feel like your getting anywhere!! When any of my natal Rx planets reverse on the negative fear aspects? Say Saturn when in retrogrades in real time is it opposite aspects for my situation?
Thanks so much for your reply!
May 14, 2022 at 07:52
(Taurus) Rosincvist
We have had other six Rx "real" planet users here.
You are one short, your :153: is half-Stationary, like mine, which means it emphasises the :78:scape beyond.
Three of the planets you were concerned with are in their Rulership which means the power lost to Rx is restored without any weakening of the planet!
The biggest benefit to Rx is the shrinking of the :151:´s combust line! :44:
May 14, 2022 at 02:18
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
The nodes are always retrograde. So that doesn´t count. I don´t think it matters that the three outer planets are retrograde. Of course, many people on here know what I think about the outer planets: not much.

I haven´t looked over your chart, but there are some basics to think about retrogradation.

1) If the planet has stationed within 7 days of going retrograde or going direct, it will play a particularly important role in your life.

2) So there are a few things that retrogradation can mean. The general answer is that whatever the planet promises in that place will be hampered by difficulty or will take a longer than usual time to achieve. So let´s say that you have a signifier of finance, maybe a planet in the 2nd house, for example and it´s retrograde. This could indicated slowness in achieving financial security or achieving financial stability. There are other things that retrogradation could signal.

a) Incompletion. The promise of the planet is not completed or takes a longer time. This is what I have suggested above.

b) Disagreement or disobedience. For example it could indicate that something is backed out of. For example a marriage indicator that is in retrograde could show a relationship that has a lot of promise but the partner backs out of it abruptly.

c) Dishonesty. It could signal a person (not necessarily the native) who is dishonest about some aspect of life and this dishonesty leads to disappointment, since that person did not deliver what was promised.

d) Weakness and fear. In stead of moving forward with confidence, the person indicated moves forward timidly or not at all. He/she fails to seize opportunities in a particular sphere of life due to fear.

Despite the fact that Mercury retrograde has captured the imagination of the public, Mercury RX is the least problematic, due tot he fact that Mercury is often in retrograde. In your case, I would be most concerned about the Venus and Saturn retrograde.

In any case, my response is very broad and concerns retrogrades in general. I haven´t applied it to your chart in particular.

I hoe this helps, nonetheless.

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