My solar return for this year

May 8, 2022 at 14:47 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Tubu_
My solar return for this year
This is my solar return chart. A 3rd house stellium with the NN in 8th. What else do you see?
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May 25, 2022 at 21:28
(Scorpio) YRashawn
I will deleniate your birth chart and lay the foundation hppefully another user will ome build off it and interpreting your solar return.
When Sagittarius is rising freedom of movement and thought are vital for your happiness.  Higher education is often a  strong pursuit, along with long distance travel  especially since Mercury is having its joy in the first house. Communication, travel, and the assimilation  of information should be major themes in your life. Because  Mercury is in Sagitarius, you may specialize,  master, and become an expert in a certain topic. 
Moon is in Pisces. Are you an artist? When I see a combination of Capricorn + Pisces I think concrete art, especially photography and film. You have a need to escape and go beyond the material world.
You are the sea-goat type of Capricorn  express yourself through maturity and responsibility. Sun is  applying a Square with Saturn indicating  a delay in the  upword mobility that Capricorn seeks. You may feel you are at a lower status due to your financial  standing  and with Saturn in the 5th he can can take away your happiness  and you could fall into severe depression. Ceres is conjunct your moon. Do you have seasonal depression? Or cycles of it?  You have an earth trine between the Sun and North node which is pointing towards mastery  but showing  huge potential to be materially abundant through hard work when serving society.
Venus conjunct Neptune is a millionares aspect so while your chart does indicate hardship involving money, you have to the ability to be insulated financially, especially as you grow older. Venus with Neptune reinforces the theme of earing money through service, including art. You will also feel at home managing money,  working with financial systems,  and real estate. Mercury trine Saturn is a real estate aspect . Cancer on the 8th could deal with you being involved in other people´s property(or emotions)but also the regeneration of a home(s).
You have an Aquarius stellium and
The midheaven falling in 11th house.  Working with systems, technology, and again, serving humanity.
Part of fortune in Libra 11th house benefit through association with others, especially groups, though your loner tendencies may cause you to miss  opportunities.
You would also fair well as an astrologer.

• Pallas conjunct mars. Pallas is a warrior asteroid that is associated with the father but also patterns, math, systems and problem solving. Due to the Aquarius influence you would do well with computer science and information systems. Other ways this aspect can manifest is you fighting for the rights of a group and aim to appease a group of people by bringing balance in the outside world. You notice  patterns in networksx groups and organizations.  In terms of anger you are systematic  and mental in your approach. Using creative intelligence to get over or outwit your opponent. Lastly you identify with your friends or a group and you could be attracted to things that are alternative, eccentric, and avant-garde.
May 8, 2022 at 22:48
(Gemini) Rockarchy
The ruler of your ascendant (Venus) is conjunct Pluto, with Saturn and Mercury close on the IC angle.

This tells me it may be a very communicative yet sobering year regarding family, home, and cars. As the ascendant can point towards a year geared with association of others, these will be of a psychologically deep nature as your desires and what drives you towards how you love is uncovered, uprooted, and reflected on. Questions of why do I like these things? Why does this interest me? Why do I convey myself in this way? Are topics that may come up with this 3rd house stellium being very prominent.

As I am not sure of your profection year and thus which planet is in activation, it would pay to see where it is in this chart, and how dignified it is. Hope this helps!

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