Hello from zoidsoft (Curtis Manwaring)

May 3, 2022 at 23:31 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) zoidsoft
Hello from zoidsoft (Curtis Manwaring)
I wish Petr had been around in 1997 when I first started working on my software for Hellenistic astrology. Many people assume that I wanted to do this project, but the reality is that it was a project of necessity because Astrolabe, Cosmic Patterns and Esoteric Technologies wouldn´t take my requests seriously in 1995 and 1996 and there was nobody else. Finally Rob Hand suggested I take up Delphi and do it at the 3rd Phase conclave in summer 1996. Rob Hand who had done some rudimentary work on the Hellenistic time lord systems, didn´t go past 2 levels and limited himself to DOS. He told me that he didn´t want to get involved in Windows programming.

I released zodiacal aphesis (what Schmidt had been calling it back then because he wasn´t certain that he sufficiently captured the semantic field of the Greek term, so it was transliterated) on new years eve 1997. Schmidt settled on the term "releasing" around 2004.

In early 1998 I stopped working on the software because I got word that Matrix started working with Robert Schmidt on "Windows on the Tradition". Unfortunately that program never made it to market and by summer 2000 I started working on Timaeus, which led to Delphic Oracle.

I like the layout of this web based app and it includes most of the features that I wish I had back then. I considered HTML5 (Embarcadero Technologies) around 2008, but had a more pressing issue with the ACS Atlas. Also, anything uploaded to the web is sooner or later unencrypted which worried me. SHA1 was cracked a few years back (encryption is a moving target).

Snapshots are continually taken on encrypted servers that preserve this encrypted state in the hopes of cracking it later as the technology changes. This was one of the reasons why I didn´t go down the path of server side programming. I didn´t want the potential legal risk of everyone´s identity tied to a centralized server (why bitcoin, then Monero exists to enhance privacy), but here we are anyway with public encrypted data everywhere. This issue is bigger than any of us.

Many people here probably don´t know who I am, so here´s my bio...


I changed my focus in late 2016 into cryptocurrencies. Best of luck to you Petr in taking up the torch.

Curtis Manwaring

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May 5, 2022 at 10:22
Hello Curtis,

thank you and welcome!

It´s an honor for me to see your profile here.

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