Choosing to not have any close friendships

April 24, 2022 at 14:26 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) amandaallansson
Choosing to not have any close friendships
Is there any indicators in my chart of why my friendships become dull and purposeless(losing their spark)? Or that I don´t have a need for many friends in my life? I also become overwhelmed by the pressure from people constantly reaching out and want to hang out with me when I don´t feel that need. Same goes with my guilt if I feel like I don´t reach out as much as they do and I don´t want our friendship to become one sided where they invest more into the friendship than I do. For me my friendships has to have a purpose , almost like a business partners where we share same goals and we always have things to talk about or do together. Aspects which I find hard to engage in a friendship like small talk and doing activities together. They all become too repetetive in the end.
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April 26, 2022 at 12:12
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » diavolul
Depends on what type of situation I´m in cause it´s not always present. But if I don´t focus on my talents and strengths by only doing things out of obligations my shadow side appears and if I´m not confident doing something I underdemine my own ability. I encourage the people around me to do it instead since I believe they have the ability to do a better job than myself. So I guess focusing on my strengths and talents is the only way to strengthen my confidence and self worth.
April 26, 2022 at 12:03
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » Chrgrtt
Interesting! Thank you for your insight!
April 26, 2022 at 11:41
(Capricorn) Chrgrtt
The astrological sector dedicated to friendships is certainly the 11th house. The presence of Mars on the other hand afflicted by quadrature with Venus certainly does not bring harmony in friendly relationships: Venus also a symbol of relationship and the pleasure principle denies the pleasure of the company of friends due to the effect of Mars.
April 26, 2022 at 11:38
(Aries) diavolul » amandaallansson
How is that Chiron close to your ascendant manifesting?
April 25, 2022 at 19:56
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » doonit
I see, thank you for your insight!
April 25, 2022 at 19:56
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » aquarius_456
That´s cool :)
April 25, 2022 at 14:52
(Cancer) doonit
I use whole signs houses which puts your moon in the 1st and which probably means your emotions are constantly on display. As cancer is ruler of your 11th you probably need to draw some kind of security from friendships but that hard shell can be difficult to break through. Also, with Chiron in the 1st you most likely fear that people will see through your veneer and into the real you. Chiron is probably the thing to be working with here.
April 25, 2022 at 06:31
(Aquarius) aquarius_456 » amandaallansson
Okay. I used to have a cat, but she lives with my dad now because pets aren´t allowed in this apartment. But I´m sure I´ll have pets again as soon as I would move some place else. I think pets are good for us people in regards to our mental health :)
April 24, 2022 at 19:08
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » diavolul
I think by losing almost all of my friends, I would say we departed equally as in not them leaving me only. As I grew older I´ve always been the one departing from my friends since our friendship grew stagnant. Or my friendships would become too intense and time consuming so we would end up in an argument and part ways due to my request. What I´m trying to say is that I don´t miss having friends cause I could just as fill out my social needs through my family, colleagues or through different types of forum or meetups where you don´t have to become best friends with someone but to work towards something meaningful. Which I do find most friendships are lacking these days. If I could help my friend through a tough situation I would feel the connection meaningful. But that´s just temporary.
April 24, 2022 at 19:03
(Aries) diavolul
Maybe you just been punished literally or bullied, in the past...being a virgo it is tough because you expect top much, just maybe ore You are too extreme or top extreme...
April 24, 2022 at 16:53
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » aquarius_456
Oh that´s cool! Well my family has a dog, a cavalier king charles spaniel. But I don´t live with them anymore sadly since I live on my own and I can´t really have any pets where I live now due to my landlord. Also I have a tendency to move a lot(not even sure if I want to settle long term in Sweden in the future) which wouldn´t be fair if I would get a cat for example. Dogs would be easier to transport if I would move often, but they need to be small. So I do hope I could get a dog in the future. Do you have any pets?
April 24, 2022 at 16:50
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » Owlmate
Thank you so much for your insight!! It was very detailed and useful! A lot of it resonated! :1:
April 24, 2022 at 15:24
(Aquarius) aquarius_456 » amandaallansson
Yeah, I´ve heard that Sweds usually have very few friends. I´m a single child too. I´m used to it. Do you have any pets?
April 24, 2022 at 15:24
System message: Post has been written by user Owlmate, who already deleted profile on this website:
I think it has something to do with Scorpio Venus, Scorpio Jupiter, Virgo ASC and Virgo Moon. It seems you´re very selective, precise, and want just deep and useful boundaries, which isn´t always bad at all. Look at your Lilith: it shows you like engaged and faithful people. You DC in Pisces, moreover, explains your need of intensity, that is also well expressed by you Sun Sign after all.
Leo Mars then: you wanna rule, but Libra Merc and Gemini MC (they´re in a trine) tent to make you such as a relationships ´seeker´.
Endly, Fortune Point and Vertex.
The first is in Scorpio, while the second one is in Pisces.
Fortune Point is about your right actions, the ones you can´t avoid in order to grow up in your own unique way. Since it is in Scorpio, I guess it involves deep analyses and psychological researches about anything that lays ´underground´, that is invisible to others.
Vertex is like a vibration, in your case it comes to an emotional (probably romantic) background that pervades your being and can define the ideal environment to meet up with good like occasions.

Resuming it in a nutshell: you need to costantly be stimulated. The outside world is the key to get it, but if you want to obtain some kind of deeper bonds with other (even few) humans, you need to develop a sharp and immediate way to express yourself.
Scorpio Venus doesn´t like egalitarian friendships: there´s always a hierarchy and not all people deserve the same treat. Since it squares Leo Mars, be careful not to expect too much from others and never get obsessed with them.
If that happens, do transform it in a psychological study and do surround yourself by every kind of people. Collective life does not necessarily be negative and every kind of person represents an interesting case.
First of all, do connect with your soul. When you´ll learn that your best friend is you, then you will be able to accept everyone.
No one can change for other ones, but we can change for ourselves only.
April 24, 2022 at 15:15
(Scorpio) amandaallansson » aquarius_456
No they do have friends but very few I would say. Swedes select their friends with care. Usually they hang out with the same group of friends since school or childhood. Sadly I´ve lost all of mine since then. I´ve also moved abroad a lot which made it hard to establish any long term friendships unless they were through distance. But for me personally I think it has to do with the fact that Im the only child so I´m used to "play" alone. It´s in my nature.
April 24, 2022 at 14:50
(Aquarius) aquarius_456
Most Swedes don´t have any friends I think it´s a cultural thing

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