April 22, 2022 at 19:12 (UT/GMT)
Where I stand now is I prefer traditional planets with traditional rulership but still utilizing outer planets but placing them in their own category for further understanding.
With that said, I keep hearing Neptune dealing water, modern astrologers associate it with the sign Pisces, and some refer it as the higher octave of Venus.
Something came to mind as I hearing those key words referring to Neptune like disillusionment, dissolve, nebulas; and though I can understand the water connotations that can come to mind. But a transpersonal planet often associated with SPIRITuality I feel like this is how I have come to appreciate the traditional view. Spirit is associated with the Sun and Jupiter that traditionally rules Pisces is of the day time sect with the Sun. The image that came to mind hearing these keywords is: The middle of summer(I´m speaking of a humid and excruciating hot summer like here in south Texas) and you´re outside for a long time. No clouds in the sky and high noon time. Even looking around is blinding and the heat makes it hard to look without squinting. It´s so hot that what you looking at starts having that wavy look to it by the heat kinda like looking through a mirror that has water running down it. And just as you´re about to pass out there´s this brief relief that falls over the body that makes it weak and relaxed as if senses are starting to fail.......THAT´S NEPTUNE. :4:

Which maybe helps to give some support for modern association of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when it then made me think how Uranus was associated with Aquarius and Pluto with Scorpio that Neptune felt more like experience with the Sun in that sense but excessive Sun/Spirit!
Once again I feel that traditional rulership is my preferred foundation and that Saturn rules Aquarius, Jupiter rules Pisces and Mars rules Scorpio. But this may highlight the excessive tendency that comes from FIXED signs. Thus possibly one of the key phrase to use with these planets may be "The result of excessive..... is like......" So The results of excessive Mars/Self-[awareness, interest, motivation]/Energy is like Pluto. The results of excessive Saturn/Self-Restrained/Consistency is like Uranus. The results of excessive Sun/Spirit/Inspiration is like Neptune.

But there´s degrees of this in the traditional form but these may highlight what appears to be "new" to us. For example technology, modern medicine and drugs, and body altering surgeries weren´t available in form that we have them today. But they had roots still in the past that would be better associated with the traditional planets.

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April 30, 2022 at 01:09
(Taurus) Rosincvist
All your planets are distant from the :27: which means no obliteration by the :151:. :153:& :154: are more powerful in a night chart.
You have too much brain-power to oversimplify Astrology!

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