pluto transits

April 22, 2022 at 17:55 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) MorningGlory
pluto transits
I am going through a pluto=sun transit and I feel lost and powerless. All my life people have used me Today I stalked the man that tried to rape me on instagram only to see him happily engaged and living a nice life while my relationship broke because the guy I was dated matched on a dating site with a friend of mine. He later proceeded to throw jabs at me regarding my family, throw racial slurs at me and later ghosted me when I blew up on him for the jokes.

It doesn´t help that there are rumours in my family that I am a prostitute. I feel like my destructiveness is going to be triggered. Did anyone go through somethings similar?

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April 23, 2022 at 13:42
(Leo) plumreme
First, I’m so sorry you’ve experienced these things — threats to your safety, racism, projections, betrayal and on some level abandonment and being grossly misunderstood by a close group are each difficult on their own, and all co occurring I imagine feels overwhelming.

I say overwhelm also bc a lot of what you describe sounds like Neptune. And you’ve been getting hit pretty hard by transiting Neptune. Your Saturn (recent conj), then Acs, Mars, Venus and Jupiter all having been, being or just about to be squared. You’re in Transit Neptune square Venus now (so am I and I’ve had some similar experiences throughout it), which can indicate experiences of both dating/attaching to unsavory characters (or just overly idealizing them, not being able to let go) and also disillusionment when reality hits with cruel truths that feel (often bc they are) really unjust. Projections from others can land heavy during this stuff too, I’ve experienced. You’ve been drowning in this stuff.

Saturn transiting 3rd house I think can feel socially hard, and then a lot of stuff transiting the 4th, too.

For Pluto, I don’t think the sextiles are causing destructive tendencies as much as a boost/opportunity to engage certain opportunities. Your generation is having Pluto/Uranus stuff, but for you Pluto is almost square your natal moon. It’s also quincunx your MC. Will you get destructive? That’s up to you. But this doesn’t feel like an easy time. It does feel like a time to work on boundaries, how you relate to yourself emotionally and through feedback from others! I think it’s helpful to know so we can choose practices to consciously channel the energy rather than watch it passively approach from the outside (and sometimes it can be both!). Find a way to physically and artistically express and maybe a good time for therapy and things like breathwork or TRE or dance.
April 22, 2022 at 22:24
(Taurus) Rosincvist
It is kind of unique that my generation had to go through :160: :194: :160: before :159: :194: :159:, but it was an inevitability, painful milestones do happen! Some men do go completely mad mad mad and call the woman most deserving of support <<Hoor>> which meant Horus `the God´ in Ancient Egyptian! :120: :119:

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