7 planet stellium?

April 7, 2022 at 09:53 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru
7 planet stellium?
I knew a guy who had it in sagittarius, I had so many conjunctions with him. My head would start to hurt just by looking at his chart, his presence would make me dissociate with reality. We´ve been out of touch for some while but his energy is sticked to my cells. What could be the point of his existence with us low vibrational beings? Is he a intergalactic being from Pleiadas like me :61: why did our paths cross? Maybe because I have 4-5 planet stellium myself and like attracts like? This dude is WOKE af warning me about future of humanity, the corporate tech giants, next gen virtual reality...way way wayyy wise beyond his years. One thing that stood out was he gets alot of Deja Vu´s...

My man was born on 24th November 1995, check the chart out :22:
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April 14, 2022 at 16:46
(Sagittarius) Nos sonhadores » boyakasha the guru
THANKS !!! stellium = gathering of 3 or more in one house, cool ! :15: just needed to know that and i already said 7 planets ... only majors ... no use to repeat what i obviously saw

forget the billionaires ... those are modern versions of nasa ... front face to keep people busy with it ... just hype hype hype but nothing ever happens ... and its juuuuust around the corner ALL THE TIME ... like the donkey with the carrot on a string infront of his mouth so he keeps walking and have his workforce exploited ... for example the vigirn galactic guy !?!? his space x one is a vision from over 20 years ago now ... nothing happens ... nothing ... hype hype hype only (no realization)... if you want real space travel don t count on billionaires powerful people ... etc... and what they do is crappy technology ... tryin to cross the oceans in rubberboats for funtime at the beach... (rockets are futile) ... if you wanna really know what may work.. click the link under my photo with the technical black and white drawing in my profiles photos ... elon musk same bullshit billionaire ... starlink is so stupid to pull off ! so dangerous ! ... and tesla cars are more harmfull to the earth then a gas car ... 1st the electricity still has to be produced (conventional power creation + losses sending it via cables to loading stations ) + it puts even more stress on electric grits on top of the crypto mining) ... and there is not enough rare earth to make that many batterys .... + the material for batteries (Lithium) is super critical ... you can t recycle it very well ... you need oxygen free enviroment or it rapidly oxidates) + very dangerous ... one hit to hard and it wants to blow up (i was into remote controlled cars and drones ... so i speak from experience a little) ... this electric mobility with batterys having to be recharged is a SCAM to immobilize human population in my opinion ... maybe the days for that are over at least for a while ... (people traveling around alot in masses in cars and planes)

you said something about people in your country ... private message now from me ! not good in public
April 14, 2022 at 16:07
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » Nos sonhadores
Oh okay stellium is when 3 or more planets occupy a house. In the chart you can see 7 planets in sagittarius are all squeezed in one house only.

In my environment people give zero shits about astrology never keeping an open mind about this stuff. Thanks to Internet I know now there´s more to us out there. You´re right billionaires now are space traveling like jeff bezos and the bleach haired guy.

I´m getting the best of both worlds so :2:
April 14, 2022 at 15:50
(Sagittarius) Nos sonhadores » boyakasha the guru
you still didn t say what stellium means ! please !

and the heat thing is not because of the sun up close because 1st everything is hidden under a fat (sulfur?) cloud cover and 2nd : watch the craters ... its mostly because of impacts ... although the raised surface temp. makes it easier then... like whater only needing little temperature if you wanna boil it in high elevation (mountains) / lower pressure enviroments ....

and space was the nr. 1 reason i got into "beyond the horizon of the obvious matters" (becomeing a tinfoil hat as they love to say in the west) ... i would suck up encyclopedia books ALOT (was the time before the internet became usuable with major platforms and wikipedia) ... and the problem with anything space was always to me .... what it said between the lines all the time : that space is a vast dead life threatning dessert ... but we from official science got everything in our sight so don t think to mutch about it ... go back to sleep and be a nice worker bee... and that pissed me off... and like on command without looking for it ... some guy on a messernger (ICQ) started tellin me about how the moon landings mighta been faked, illuminati, hidden powers steering mankinds history with occultism and traumitic events and so on ... i was looking forward as a kid to space travel become real and that regular Folks could own a space ship they they did back then with cars ... but that always seemed to be avoided by the powers that be with all kinds of lousy excuses ... (mostly no funding and lag of intererst since it is seemingly a dead lifeless dessert without good margin regarding ressouce mining) ... and that just seemd like dog shit to me ... wich was not feeling like dogshit was that they have interesst to keep manind contained on one planet to easier rule over everyone ... spacetravel only with harsh restrictions for well picked people and rarely ever public ! most space travel is done in secrecy ! i know all this sounds nutty but i stick to that ... because in the long run history proves me right many times... but then people forget me ... no sorrys nothing ... just some lousy : oh i thought of you" ... not all details are perfect but the direction was right alot

and regarding space in general ... astronomy and astrology are 2 side of one coin ... inside world (psyche) and outside world ... the physical ... looking at outside to see how it impacts the inside ...somthing like that ...
April 14, 2022 at 15:24
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » Nos sonhadores
I got a 60% in chemistry in exams so dont know what´s going on lol but since you mention heat, mercury is pretty close to sun and always combust. Yeah I have seen some metals turn rainbow when heated alot could be titanium.

MC is 10th house cusp

IC is 4th house cusp or starting 0´00 degree of the house.

I was into universe space stuff alot and that lead me to astrology, Jyeshta thingsss

I think as a fellow jyeshta you will like this
April 14, 2022 at 14:12
(Sagittarius) Nos sonhadores » boyakasha the guru
the moon looks similar if the atmosphere was not in the way washing out color ... not as extreme ... it comes from titanium ... wehn a celestial body is bombarded with faster then bullet rocks you have heat and friction causing the titanium to devolp color ....you can see the with tuned car end pipes (muffler) ... the titanium ones shine in all rainbowcolors on the end of the exaust .. or its done with a torch on purpose ... can t really tell .... and how high the temperature is dictates what color developes ! yellow is low heat and i guess purple very high heat ... and the other colors are inbetween
April 14, 2022 at 14:08
(Sagittarius) Nos sonhadores
that is hefty !!! stellium simply means immun coeli ? ... and in this one all major planets ! no ceres pallas chiron .... etc... looks like a discoverer of SELF not the world ... because in IC! MC would be discovering the exoteric .....
April 8, 2022 at 14:05
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » GN10
Also bro a part of me felt like giving you advice since you are young jyeshta moon.

1) Control that EGO, do not drown in power and order others. Its a very high feeling for us.

2) If you are studying, prepare for your exams alone, you will do much better. This placement in pada 4 gives escapist tendencies aka loners.

3) You must have a drinking problem (soma)...curb that.

4) Trust your gut feelings. You have psychic insight. Try tarot and I guess you must be seeing repeated numbers :)

5) Do you wear a amulet on your hand, as fashion or a earring? I do on my left hand its common for users moon in this degree. Don´t lose it it was meant to find you as a protection.

6) This one is v.important. Keep a check on your thoughts!! Jyeshta is antares and largest star in the zodiac belt. It could manifest into reality it has been given this power no joke I´ve seen it happening to me. Law of attraction experts

7) This placement also gives phobias, anxiety and fears. Over come them and you´ll be unstoppable in battles and wars you must love warrior type stuff like military or fighting.

8) Channel all that lusty zeus, indra and thor in you into productivity alright :61: Save the seed. That oyster...its our home lol and be easy with her :3:

Also do you feel a connection with thunder and windy weather :2: ?
April 7, 2022 at 19:45
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » Astrocelestial
The guy literally roams around and is a traveller with a back pack ready. He sure is loud and blunt life of the party. I´ll send this reoly to him just in case lol. I´ve not known him this well to know if he has these traits. Very free spirited that´s a word that came to mind
April 7, 2022 at 19:28
(Scorpio) Astrocelestial

Besides the strong stellium, there´s also no retrograde planet in this chart. I would say he can have an easy way to success if he manages to control the strong energy of this stellium.

No wonder he´s having these deep conversations. Sagittarius as a sign is an explorer, a thinker, and a philosopher, and this is highly activated with so many planets there. He is able to assimilate a lot of information, comprehend it, and create his own opinion about it. I can see a strong ability and also pleasure in sharing his thoughts.

Now there is A LOT of fire in this chart and no air (and also weak in water and earth). I am curious about how is he expressing his thoughts? Does he sometimes have an aggressive way of expressing his ideas? Especially when someone does not agree with him or when he does not agree with someone on a different topic. I´m asking that because Air is missing and it helps in communicating and accepting others´ points of view. As well, the North Node is in Libra, which also indicates that cooperation and accepting others is something he´s dealing with in this life.

Sagittarius can be sometimes stubborn, and with such a strong energy that can be hard to control, I believe that sometimes it can create that feeling of knowing the absolute truth while thinking that everyone else is wrong and ignorant. Mentioning this as a negative side of this stellium.

All this is also happening in the 4th house. Is he traveling or wants to move abroad? It feels like someone who wants to keep exploring, moving from one place to another. I don´t see it as someone who can easily have the feeling of "home" somewhere.
April 7, 2022 at 16:24
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » GN10
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April 7, 2022 at 16:08
(Leo) GN10 » boyakasha the guru
April 7, 2022 at 15:12
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » GN10
Ayyy it´s you :4: 🙊nah not gonna call you that here BUT you´re right, on this day many saggy artists were on top billboard ratings with ALOT of football being played around the world!!

Oh Bro you´re a Jyeshta moon like me and Donald Trump 0´49 conjunction :119:

Welcome to the club :37:
April 7, 2022 at 15:05
(Leo) GN10
That´s pretty crazy. Also 8-10 december 2006 there is 6 planets in sagittatius and 2 planets in leo. 🔥🔥🔥
April 7, 2022 at 12:09
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » Rosincvist
Looks like mercury is having a raging party up there, disco night in space :75:
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April 7, 2022 at 12:06
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » Rosincvist
Infra red pics of planets?

Jupiter looks like a candy :12:
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April 7, 2022 at 11:51
(Taurus) Rosincvist
The James Webb or L.U.V.O.I.R. should show us some actual seven :156: :99: planetary systems!

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