April 3, 2022 at 18:54 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Datta108
Namaste 2 major transits occur this month,Jupiter to his own sign Pisces and Saturn to his own sign Aquarius (Saturn will only be in Aquarius til mid July then retrogrades back to Capricorn until January 2023)

General results for all Janma rasi´s( natal Moon sign in Jyotish/vedic astrology) are as follows:

* This analysis does not include Vedha,ashtavagra,dasa/bhukti/antardasa results,retrograde periods of Jupiter or Saturn, therefore it will not be 100 percent accurate, but a fairly good description of the next 12 months trends/tensions for most.

■Aries Moon: Jupiter will enter the 12th house of losses/endings/expenses etc.. plus Saturn will temporarily enter the 11th house of gains and profits so mixed results for Aries until mid july thereafter the possibility of losses and unfavorable events increase until January 2023 when Saturn finally enters Aquarius for good. But January to April 2023 may still give mixed results until April 2023 when Jupiter enters Aries.

■Taurus Moon: Jupiter will enter the 11th house, gains, wish fulfillment, profits, new opportunities, "easy money " are possible during Jupiter´s favorable 11th house sojurn. Saturn in the 10th( until mid july)although not strictly considered favorable may help bring in New activities or changes in job/work/career too.

■Gemini Moon: Jupiter now enters your 10th house while Saturn enters the 9th until July. Both of these transits are typically not considered auspicious especially concerning career/domestic matters so Upaya´s, spiritual remedies, may be taken to mitigate any upcoming karma especially for Saturn since he will back into your 8th house from mid July to January 2023 which might be the most challenging part of this transit.

■Cancer Moon: Jupiter now enters your auspicious 9th house, one of the best transits of Jupiter.
Saturn enters the worrisome 8th house until mid july so mixed results until mid july are expected, from mid July to January 2023 should be somewhat better but from January 2023 to April 2023 some issues can come up again. Remedies for Saturn may be necessary this year.

■Leo Moon: Jupiter enters your 8th house,this is called "Ashtama Guru " and is usually very difficult in some area of life plus Saturn enters the unfavorable 7th house, from April to mid july may bring hardships and major stress so Remedies for Jupiter is a must as my astrological mentor would always say for Jupiter in the 8th.
January 2023 Saturn enters Aquarius your 7th house,this along with Jupiter in the 8th can be exhausting and difficult, up until Mid April 2023 may be the worst part of the transit for Leo´s.

■Virgo Moon: Jupiter enters your auspicious 7th house plus Saturn will enter the favorable 6th,April to mid july maybe the best part of the year for virgo besides January 2023 to April 2023 when both Jupiter and Saturn will be favorable again.

■Libra Moon: Jupiter will enter your 6th house and Saturn will temporarily enter your 5th house, both are not said to be easy or favorable, Jupiter in the 6th can bring some illness/injuries/ailments or conflicts as the 6th house is called "Rogastana" the house of disease,debts, divorce.
Remedies for Jupiter and or Saturn can help during these transits for Libra.

■Scorpio Moon: Jupiter enters the auspicious 5th house for Scorpio and Saturn temporarily enters the 4th until mid july so mixed results until mid july ,then betterment and rise in life,promotions, increase in income,successful endeavors, relationships/additions to family are the typical results, particularly from mid July to January 2023.

■Sagittarius Moon : Jupiter enters the unfavorable 4th house and Saturn temporarily enters your 3rd, even though Saturn entering Aquarius ends your Sade Sati period,he reenters your 2nd house in mid july combined with Jupiter in the 4th can bring frustrating events, relocating, moving,domestic issues, remodeling or costly renovation/repairs, vehicle problems, maternal family issues etc.. for most of the year into next April, but Saturn finally entering Aquarius in January 2023 will bring your chart out from under Sade Sati and rise in life can happen from April 2023 onwards.

■Capricorn Moon: Jupiter enters your unhelpful 3rd house plus Saturn will enter your 2nd temporarily until mid july, both transits are not seen as positive or favorable as Sade Sati still in effect,this year may seem grueling and difficult, remedies for Saturn are a must during Sade Sati,if you are also running a malefic dasa or bhukti too there might not be much to cheer about this year unless you keep up the hard work and persevere until January 2023 when Saturn finally reenters your 2nd house which is typically somewhat better than Saturn crossing over your moon.

■Aquarius Moon: Jupiter will be enter your favorable 2nd house of wealth and finance,plus Saturn will enter your 1st house til mid July. Mixed results are foreseen most of the year,but Jupiter in the 2nd can make things more manageable especially in money matters,but Remedies for Saturn is suggested to mitigate any problems Sade Sati may bring.

■Pisces Moon:Jupiter enters your 1st house plus Saturn temporarily enters your 12th bringing the chart under Sade sati until mid july. Pisces Moons may be in store for a big change in life although tensions and difficult situations may be present until mid july. From Mid july 2022 to January 2023 chances of Gains, new opportunities, transfers, etc can happen, but January 2023 fully starts thier Sade Sati phase which can really hit them starting May 2024 if not sooner. Remedies for Jupiter until January 2023 will help, thereafter Remedies for Saturn are a must as thier Sade sati of Saturn wil be in full effect.

Anyone interested in spiritual remedies given to me from my mentor from India kindly let me know, may everyone be blessed by Guru Graha with peace of mind and contentment and God´s grace 🙏🕉
Jai Guru !!
Jai Dattatreya!
Jai Datta Guru avatar!!🌻☀️

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August 11, 2022 at 13:15
(Capricorn) Datta108 » neovigne
Namaste I would like to look at the entire chart first before I make a suggestion, I will check it later today or tomorrow 🙏🕉☀️
August 11, 2022 at 05:56
(Taurus) neovigne » Datta108
Namaste what kind of homa should i do for jupiter on thursdays, been fasting for the past months now but i missed a couple of days here and there.
July 29, 2022 at 22:27
(Capricorn) Datta108
Jupiter has now turned retrograde in Pisces until November 23 2022🙏🕉
July 14, 2022 at 11:59
(Capricorn) Datta108
Namaste, Saturn has re- entered Capricorn yesterday in retrograde motion. He will remain in Capricorn until January 2023 when he finally moves into Aquarius again until March 2025🙏🕉
April 20, 2022 at 19:43
(Capricorn) Datta108
Sani Maharaj moves into Kumbha, Aquarius sign next week on April 27th at 7:55 AM East coast time in the U.S.
He only stays for a couple of months before turning Retrograde and backs into Capricorn until January 2023. 🙏🕉
April 8, 2022 at 19:03
(Capricorn) Datta108 » OS*
Your reply to Kisses made me think of the story "The Greatness of Saturn", when the King went through an absolutely horrible Sade Sati period that took away his kingdom, family and even his own limbs,what did he wish for when the period was over and Saturn personified appeared before him??
He could of asked for many favors to help himself but he asked that no one else go through any more suffering or misery, he thought of others first before himself which made Saturn highly pleased with his compassion and mercy for others!

When you mentioned that the collective be better off now that Jupiter is entering Pisces it shows your large hearted concern for others, God will bless you and you will evolve spiritually in this birth, blessings to you!!🙏🕉🌻☀️
April 7, 2022 at 21:57
(Capricorn) Datta108 » 8danny8
Namaste you have Ketu Maha dasa with Saturn bhukti running, Ketu is placed in the 12th house and Saturn is in the 8th,combust. Actually Saturn is deeply combust in the same exact degree as Sun and he´s Debilitated in the navamsha chart too.Plus Mars,the lord of your rising sign Scorpio, is debilitated in Cancer conjuct the 8th lord Mercury.

Imo Spiritual remedies for Saturn and Mars are suggested ,wear a Red coral gemstone(s) starting on a Tuesday during waxing phase of the moon facing East during the morning hours. Wear Red color, orange,gold,maroon and Yellow.

Also wear a yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, or pukraj on a Thursday during waxing phase in the morning.
Jupiter is your best planet as he is lord of the 2nd house of finances and the 5th house of poorva punya,past life credit and auspicious events strongly placed in the 10th house of career and work, Leo.

This year is transitional but good for spiritual and occult endeavors, but January 2023 Sade Sati of Saturn starts,Remedies for Saturn should begin then in earnest.

Venus Maha dasa starts in 2024,Major changes in life will happen beginning then as Venus is well placed in Taurus as the lord of the 7th in the 7th,partnerships, relationships, long distance travels, etc can happen during Venus dasa along with much expenses and some losses as he is also the lord of the 12fl.
Venusian pursuits/vocation may lead to success during Venus dasa for you,especially when Sade Sati ends🙏🕉☀️🌻
April 7, 2022 at 20:52
(Cancer) 8danny8
I am a Pisces moon with a Scorpio rising. It is my birthday in early July (Punarvasu Gemini sun)! Hopefully tensions will die down sooner than your prediction to allow for a peaceful birthday (my birthdays always end up very stressful). I am moving out of state for school in August- I am grateful for the new opportunity and chance for spiritual growth.

Blessings :74:
April 7, 2022 at 20:40
(Capricorn) Datta108 » neovigne
Namaste you have Leo rising with the Sun strongly placed in the 9th house Aries exalted,this is a Powerful position for the Rising sign lord to be in. Sun Maha Dasha starts in November 2024 which will help counter act Sade Sati which starts
finally in January 2023 so maybe Remedies are not needed, but imo I would do them for Jupiter until January 2023 by Fasting on Thursdays til sunset.

Starting in January 2023, you can start Doing the Upaya´s for Saturn on Saturdays until Sade Sati is over by Fasting on Saturdays,giving charity or donations on Saturdays and completely avoid wearing black,dark blue and Grey and white as Leo rising should use more orange,maroon, gold,,copper, colors in thier life. Saturn is lord of the 6th house of debts, disease and conflicts for Leo and a sworn enemy of the Sun, wearing black especially on Saturdays and Sundays will increase his energy,also avoid wearing Blue sapphire or blue and black gemstones.

Jupiter is lord of the auspicious 5th house and the unfavorable 8th house and he is debilitated in your chart in the 6th house,this is usually an undesirable placement for Jupiter to be in,possible problems during Jupiter´s Dasa or bhukti or antardasa may happen and on Thursdays in general. Sincere prayers on Thursdays in a holy place or even Homa done for Jupiter can help🙏🕉🌻
April 7, 2022 at 12:24
(Capricorn) Datta108 » neovigne
Namaste I will look into your chart and let you know asap 🙏
April 6, 2022 at 04:21
(Taurus) neovigne
any remedies/advice for a pisces moon conjunct saturn in the 8th for the upcoming transit and sade sati :108:
April 4, 2022 at 12:33
(Capricorn) Datta108 » leorising
Very good practice you have!! Now,just make every Saturday like Easter and offer some small donation of food(Rice,potatoes, canned vegetables ,fruit etc..) It´s not the amount you give,but the sincere devotion behind the donation that counts,better to give a dollar with love than hundreds begrudgingly...Since Saturn will mostly be in the 8th for Gemini Moons this year try to arrange your charitable activities on Saturn´s day...... Yes I " feel" the energy of the day,sometimes I think it´s just cultural because of the 5 day work week but Sundays are one of my favorite day´s too!! 🙏☀️
April 4, 2022 at 12:10
(Libra) leorising » Datta108
Thank God the practice of charity is in my heart, at Easter I usually buy chocolates for the children in the neighborhood, this message only reinforces my desire to help. I don´t like Saturdays, I always feel very sad on that day, on Sunday I seem to have instant happiness. I am quite positive in life. someone here at astroseek said that my moon in mrigashira it is about carrying the package happily, that´s what I do with my life. :108: :68:
April 4, 2022 at 01:23
(Scorpio) OS* » Datta108
I do feel changes are to come. I´ve been questioning a lot lately where I want to move forward with my life. same year I start Mercury Dasha will be personal year one in numerology. can only wish to hope for the best. it would be nice if this last period, the dasa chidram goes better than the last two I experience in my life. .
April 3, 2022 at 23:06
(Capricorn) Datta108 » OS*
Saturn dasa ,Jupiter bhukti is the last sub period in Saturn dasa which brings the chart under "dasa chidram",the transformational period of one chapter of life closing (Saturn) and a new one(Mercury) opening. This is usually said to be a time of changes and possible instability because of the difference in energies of each Graha and its a juncture of uncertainty for many.
Luckily Saturn in his dasa has kept the best graha for last!! So maybe not as unsettling as other dasa chidrams periods,plus Mercury is your Lagna lord!! To have the lagna lord dasa run during mid life is excellent as it will prop up the person´s visibility in the world and bring renown and benefits...
April 3, 2022 at 22:50
(Scorpio) OS* » Kisses
well, idk I think is best for me to follow Datta´ advice. Im currently in last Dasha Saturn-Jupiter

Im just hoping Jupiter Pisces will be better for the collective as a whole, for everyone (vs the two Saturn signs it just been) :108: :108:
April 3, 2022 at 22:28
(Scorpio) Kisses » OS*
Can’t wait for Jupiter to enter Pisces in a couple weeks!
April 3, 2022 at 21:55
(Scorpio) OS* » Kisses
yes, it is not now but its going to stay there for a while, since it will also retrograde
April 3, 2022 at 21:52
(Scorpio) Kisses » OS*
Ooooh okay I thought you meant around now. I was like bro Mars is still in Capricorn
April 3, 2022 at 21:47
(Scorpio) OS* » Kisses
Gemini moon, Mars moving into Taurus from Aug 2022 to March 2023
April 3, 2022 at 21:46
(Scorpio) OS* » Datta108
thank you, Datta :)
April 3, 2022 at 21:40
(Scorpio) Kisses » OS*
What Mars in 12th transit
April 3, 2022 at 21:18
(Capricorn) Datta108 » OS*
Yes it´s OK to do both of those Upaya´s you will become very philosophical in life if you do especially if you´re goin to a holy place.
At one point my mentor advised me to fast twice a week for a year,plus goin to temples,plus reading spiritual scriptures,plus prayers/ mantra´s etc..
It was a really horrible phase of my life so I was willing to do anything to get some relief...
Remember to break the fast with a vegetarian meal,no eggs, fish,alcohol etc.. on the fast days🙏
April 3, 2022 at 21:13
(Capricorn) Datta108 » rohini moon
Lucky you!! That´s usually a very auspicious dasa/bhukti unless they own the 6th,8th or 12fl house or placed in same.
The only thing to watch out for is when Jupite turns retrograde,possible reversals at that time but overall pretty good period.
April 3, 2022 at 21:06
(Scorpio) OS* » Datta108
Namaste Thank you again Datta🙏🕉🌼🌻☀️
I will be cautious on Saturdays, luckily I am off work on those days so its easier to retreat. is it okay to do spiritual practices for both at the same time, meaning during the same week ? Jupiter and Saturn days

chana masala is one of my favourites. I usually eat with bhatura but might just consider naan bread if I fast all day (Thursdays) less greasy, easier to digest☺️

and Im not looking forward to this Mars 12th transit . . . yikes
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