Please help with my SR 5th & 7th house interpretation 2022

February 21, 2022 at 17:00 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) MarleneInkgwio
Please help with my SR 5th & 7th house interpretation 2022
Just recently started digging deeper into astrology, so I´d really appriechiate your perspectives on this - I´m still learning:)

Been single since 2019 and its been quite difficult to meet anybody new after moving to another country in 2020. To find out whether there might be a new romance on the horizon, I calculated my SR for 2022 ... but got a bit stuck on the interpretation of my 5th and 7th house. :63:

So my SR ascendant is libra, which is a good indicator for a possible new relationship on the horizon, 7th house in aries with my vertex and chiron in it. The ruler of aries, so Mars, appears in my fifth hose. The fifth house also contains Saturn (which crosses the cusp between 4th and fifth house) and is in Aquarius. Neptune, the ruler of fifth house is in my 6th house (alongside a bunch of other planets...yep this year will be packed with work and education)

So my uneducated guess would be I meet someone new through job-related circumstances who has aries placements, yet the relationship will have some challenges. But not sure whether this is the correct interpretation and how to make sense of these combinations. What are your thoughts on this SR chart ? Thanks in advance! :)

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February 23, 2022 at 04:40
(Taurus) » MarleneInkgwio
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Most welcome
February 23, 2022 at 03:23
(Taurus) MarleneInkgwio » Seanfhear
That´s very interesting and helpful, Thanks a lot for your perspective! :)
February 22, 2022 at 13:43
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I´m starting to learn SR too and I think what you say here is true, at least to my untrained guess as well.
I use Whole sign though. Also, SR can be used with Annual profection to see the active part of the natal and SR chart during the coming year. Next year (starting from your next Birthday or even a bit before) the 4th house of your natal chart is supposedly activated. Your 4th house is Cancer and its lord is Moon. My guess would be: Home and settling down is the main issue for the coming year.
Checking the moon in SR, I see it shining through SR 5th house, of romance. So, as you said, it seems there is a possibility of a new encounter. The moon is in the SR 11th house so probably this would happen via the social circle.
In relation to the profection as well, the status and transits of the moon would be emphasized supposedly, so since the moon is the fastest planet, just be careful of mood swings and being, maybe, emotional sometimes (i.e. over-dramatic sometimes) - try to remember it´s just the moon (and its connections to the rest of the chart as it transits).
SR Moon is also almost conjunct natal Mars but if I use tight orb like 2d egrees, it´s not. Anyway, I think this position emphasizes the emotional (and sexual) yearning as Mars is typically the soldier that carries out commands and an active performer which raises the energy where it passes or conjuncts.

As for your SR 5th house, and Saturn in Aquarius, it should be remembered that Aquarius is a second home for Saturn (classical) and Saturn is not always bad. Maybe we can see here that you are or will be realistic about your views of romance and relationships; Like, just for example sake, you don´t look at romance as "being with Mr Right" maybe, or maybe you won´t be waiting for that "prince on white horse" and such dreamy things. Saturn is realistic and firm. Being in its own home is also a good thing I would say. I think there is some advance in that point of your life as in a positive progress. The thing that makes me a bit doubtful is that Saturn considered most malefic for night charts because it is out of sect (Hellenistic principle of day and night births). Since you have a night birth chart, the most benefic planet for you is Venus, and it is placed in SR 7th house and I think this is also a good point for partnerships (not only in romance and marriages but also in business if possible). Venus though is said to be detriment in Aries, so a bit of push and work needed here as Venus is considered weak. So probably this is where Saturn comes in, trying to show you the real world and how things should work in reality.

This is my humble opinion, as a beginner.

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