Lovers and page of wands rx

February 21, 2022 at 11:33 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Queen92
Lovers and page of wands rx
Hello , yesterday I opened tarot for myself( past-future thing about love ). So in past I get fool and tower rx (clarifier), magician and high priestess rx (now), lover and page of wands rx(clarifier). My question is for future does it mean that I will found lover or relationship but it will end because one person wants other things( like we are not similar)? After page of wands I get 6 of wands. Yes in past I have been fooled(naive) and almost destroyed me. Also now I listen my intuition and also sometimes I dont trust . :61:

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February 23, 2022 at 09:46
(Leo) Queen92 » ElsaX
Thank you. Yes I have been in unstable situation ..yes I need peace and time alone. Yes I felt stuck. Always when I do reading for myself I get high priestess and recently she comes with magician. Yes I am very intuitive person. I didnt listen my intuition and because that I was stuck in this sick manipulative relationship. Also last reading I get 2 of swords,queen of cups,lovers... your reading is amazing. Thank you ❤... It resonate with my last reading and my situation
February 23, 2022 at 09:03
(Leo) ElsaX
Not sure what you meant by (now) and (clarifier) which makes it hard to give a proper reading of your spread.
I did a Celtic cross for you, with the ask for the cards to show me what message they had for you with regards to love.
This is the spread I drew:
Covers you: 8 of cups
Crosses you: 8 of pentacles
Beneath you: death
Behind you: chariot
Crowns you:2 of swords
Before you the lovers
You: queen of cups
Others: 7 of cups
Hopes, fears: 9 of pentacles
Outcome: strength

4 major arcana in important positions.
How you feel the situation (3, 1, 5): you’re looking for or hoping for a major transformation, and you’ve walked from an unhappy situation but now feel as if you’re at an impasse
Temporal happenings (4, 2, 6): you’ve been dealing with conflicting emotions in the recent past, but overcame difficulties through sheer willpower. The present is represented by the work card, so your work isn’t over yet. The future shows you will need to make a choice
The 9 of pentacles shows the card of ‘being alone’, but I don’t consider this a negative card so I’m wondering if this is your fear or actually a secret wish?
The outcome card shows strength, which in its negative format can also mean lust.
Card 4 relates to card 10 as card 3 relates to card 9:
The chariot leading to strength shows that your difficulties can be overcome if you learn to trust your inner strength
Death is the ultimate letting go, which is again reflected in the ‘alone’ card as your hope/fear projection
Subconsciously this is the (very near) future you see for yourself, the one you think you deserve
Both 5 and 6 point to a choice to be made, and others around you are of the opinion you have lots of things to choose from, which makes a decision hard to make

Your life has been in flux and you’ve recently walked away from an undesirable situation
You feel stuck and don’t know which way to go.
An opportunity/person will present itself/themselves soon, and you’ll need to make a choice.
Feel guided by your inner voice and trust your intuition
Finally: spending quality time in your own company will help you hear that voice better


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