Transits of the 2nd week of February. ¡Moon in Leo!

February 9, 2022 at 20:32 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) GonzaloAndres
Transits of the 2nd week of February. ¡Moon in Leo!
The transits of the second week of February. What we are observing in the sky is that Mercury will be making the conjunction with Pluto on February 11 where Mercury will make the third contact with Pluto. When Mercury conjuncts Pluto it reveals dark themes, it reveals situations that have been in the shadows, it reveals taboos, that is manifested in us talking about things that are not allowed, things that are very scary and that from the past were also traumatic.

Mercury in Mythology is the messenger of the Gods, he is the only God among the pantheon of the Gods that has permission to enter and leave the Underworld with the authority of the God Pluto. Mercury is the one who sends messages to Pluto and Pluto in turn sends messages to men and the other Gods. When Mercury travels to the underworld, he is not only the messenger, but also becomes the one who accompanies the souls to the Underworld, he can also be characterized as Charon the Ferryman, who carries the souls of the living to the world of the dead and this allows us associate the God Mercury with the God of travelers, he is the companion of travelers and in exchange for being transferred from the world of the living to the world of the dead on the barge, Charon will ask for a coin as payment to be able to afford to be transferred. That is also represented by the association of Mercury with the commercial world or the agreements through the World of Financial Power.

Every time Mercury travels to the Underworld, the God Mercury has very deep conversations with the God Pluto; serious negotiations, important decisions that we must take in our lives, this represents decisions that are not trivial. Mercury on Pluto acquires a power and a depth of thought, it acquires the power to transform the mind and words, the power to transform reality and even the power to transform the reality of others, because through the word we will be able to have a positive influence for the personal evolution of others.

When Mercury travels to the underworld he also does it to save lives, in the history of Mythology the God Mercury obeys the command of the God Zeus and puts the order to travel to the Underworld to negotiate the salvation of Persephone so that she is allowed to live six months in the surface next to his mother Demeter to take care of the crops and the sowing and then return to the Kingdom of the Underworld and spend the other six months as the Wife of the God Pluto.

In another of the epics of the God Mercury with the Underworld we have in the Mythology a Mercury accompanying Orpheus to rescue Eurydice who was fatally bitten by a poisonous snake but to be able to go and leave the Underworld Orpheus needed to enter accompanied by the God Mercury. Then Mercury is the one that accompanies us or they are the people when we want to go to negotiate very important matters, they are also the people that accompany us to carry out some type of procedure and can be interpreted as the one that accompanies us in moments and situations of mourning or lost because Mercury is the one who warns of situations that can be tragic or painful.

Mercury on Pluto does not stay on the surface, want to investigate, want to find the reasons for what has no solution, want to know what is hidden through the deep mysteries that have not yet been revealed. What this conjunction of Mercury with Pluto wants to show us is that the reasons will be expressed very clearly, information that was hidden by others will come to light and in that classic Mercurial maneuver of being the spy, the informer, for that is the mentality of detectives who have very important information to change the world.

This trip allows us to enter with psychological depth into our own shadow to what is invisible to the naked eye, having a capacity for rational understanding and interpretation and that while this Mercury travels to the depths of our being, rays of light will be discovered that as truths they will purge and transform the usual experiences of the inner and outer world. This Mercury on Pluto will allow us to find the light that shines in the darkness because the stars always shine at night, discovering the hidden potential of our mental and emotional structures to have the ability to use that power and express it evolutionarily towards our environments and interactions.

The God of the Underworld not only speaks to us about Death and Destruction in all forms, but also speaks to us about the ability that human beings have to profoundly transform us to resignify our lives, it is a period of time during these transits of rediscovering ourselves ourselves through the other of the archetypes of God Pluto and is the essence of Personal Power. The God of the Underworld conjunct Mercury will also allow us to channel and communicate as a therapeutic tool with our greatest fears, doubts, dark thoughts and phobias in response to our psychological ability to regenerate and heal from the traumas or scars that life leaves...

Mercury finds a very deep richness when it makes these direct contacts with Pluto and in the sign of Capricorn it also speaks to us about material situations, concrete thoughts and that they want to put into practice or present reality. But with the transits that we had and with this Mercury, that is already with its direct energy but that is still in the shadow degrees, it means that it has not yet left the Underworld, it still has riches to discover on a mental level, riches that we can discover at the level of new contacts that we can generate.

This Mercury will also be closely related to Venus, which is also in shadow and will make contact with Pluto in a couple of weeks. Mercury is the confidant of Venus so Mercury knows what Venus wants in Capricorn and here Mercury is also doing business with Hades. This means that in the negotiation that Mercury has with Hades/Pluto from the Underworld, it will allow us to discover what our inner Venus desires or longs for with great fervor.

Mercury is also the best friend of Venus since Mythology, they were also lovers and had a son named: Hermaphrodite who comes from Hermes and Aphrodite. This transit speaks to us and is inviting us to think correctly and how we plan everything that we most desire.

Moon in Leo and Mars in Capricorn.

The other transit that is going to be accompanying these Gods in this adventure with Hades/Pluton in Capricorn is going to be Mars. We are going to have a Full Moon in the Leo sign at degrees 27 through 59. It´s a beautiful Full Moon! Venus that same day of the Full Moon is going to meet Mars to walk together. This cycle that we will be witnessing between Venus and Mars is for us to resume our vows, our vows as a couple and even our personal vows with our internal marriage, because Venus on Mars, before talking about relationships with others, is first telling us that We must renew our internal sacred vows, our feminine and masculine power to teach us what the internal relationship of both energies is like.

If those internal links are in harmony, then that harmony will be projected outwards with the relationships in others. This Full Moon is going to help us manifest what we like from our hearts, how we want to share those passions with others, how we want to enjoy and enjoy being with a lot of creative force and a lot of creative force because when the Sun is in Aquarius it projects us the experience of Freedom, an experience of revolution, how I make my life a completely different experience, how I shine with others from Aquarius, how I can create life with my friends, how I can create projects at the network level, How can I create life with activities where you can join a cause or how can I create the dynamics of life through new Aquarius allies.

The Sun is in the same position as Saturn, so Saturn is going to be ruling the Sun and at the same time that Sun is going to be ruling the Moon that will be in the Leo sign. So the last ruler of this full Moon is going to be Saturn. Another way that we can use this Full Moon, to play, because the Moon in Leo connects with the most playful emotions of the human being, we want to enjoy, we want to be entertained, we want to fantasize, manifest something new and it generates us a lot of happiness because the Moon in Leo shines with a lot of charisma, shines with a lot of joy, shines with a lot of charisma from the heart. This is going to be a Lunation with joy, with optimism, with glamour, with charm, with theatricality. Allow yourself to be children again, allow others to also manifest that dimension of the childish world, allow the world to be seen with the innocent soul of a child, allow yourself to live fully what the sense of the heart dictates to vibrate. with excellence during this Full Moon in Leo.

Thank you for your attention. :78:

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February 14, 2022 at 19:02
(Aquarius) GonzaloAndres » BadAs!tro
Oh thank you for your words. You are right and its a great idea. For moment I´ll share my Astrological-History-Knowledge in Astroseek community. I´m glad you like my work. :37: :181: :179:
February 14, 2022 at 03:37
(Aries) BadAs!tro
This is amazing. You should do a blog detailing aspects and transits by using the mythology to explain them like you did here. This is really thought provoking. I´m happy i found this.
February 10, 2022 at 18:31
(Aquarius) GonzaloAndres » celestialbody22
Your Welcome Celestial. :37:
February 10, 2022 at 13:12
(Libra) celestialbody22
:27: Thank you~

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