Indicators of autoimmune or chronic disease in chart?

February 8, 2022 at 01:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) sarchapp
Indicators of autoimmune or chronic disease in chart?
Hello! I have been diagnosed with an unspecified autoimmune disease that is similar to lupus but still has a chance for complete remission. I’m taking a high dose of medication and changing my lifestyle for the better. I was wondering, is there anything in my chart (or in astrology in general) that indicates a likelihood of chronic illness or more specifically autoimmune disease? I’ve always been fortunate to enjoy good health in the past.

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February 13, 2022 at 15:25
(Gemini) Asterisk
Hard to beleive it would be really a question...Jupiter opposite ASC : also not a smooth position.
February 13, 2022 at 15:18
(Gemini) Asterisk
Jupiter in VI. VI is the house of illnes. Probable a transit switched it on.
February 13, 2022 at 14:58
(Leo) Zephyrin
Please let me ask, have you ever experienced a severe emotional pain for years or lately? Because besides the genetics, autoimmune diseases can be triggered by emotional pain.

You have your Nodes between 2nd and 8th houses. The most common thing I realized about people with that placement is that life ultimately tests them with poverty, death of loved ones, unstable financial status and fatal disease. Between Taurus-Scorpio, it gets worse but your nodes are between Leo-Aquarius; any event in your life tends to happen suddenly and still has a potential to turn into a crisis due to 2nd and 8th houses.

I know someone who have Saturn in Leo in 6th house, Nodes between 2-8 houses with heart issues, and Behçet´s syndrome, another autoimmune disease whose symptoms are usually be confused with lupus.

Even if stellium in your 1st house may give a good health, it still has risks for you with the presence of malefics. Transit Mars conjunt with your natal Neptune in 1st might have triggered a disease out of nowhere. But remember, in your natal Chiron in 7th house opposes to your Neptune in 1st so that disease might have been triggered by repressed painful feelings or some problematic experiences in your relationships.

Your Jupiter in Cancer is supposedly favourable in 6th house, tends to give a good health but it is retrograde and in a house where his power is restricted.
February 13, 2022 at 13:27
(Virgo) Astrooo » 11
This way you will be able to better understand the variations of energy that you (all of us) feel in you (us)
February 13, 2022 at 13:21
(Pisces) 11 » Astrooo
:22: By looking at this, I realize, how :164: did transit over my :151: (ruler of my 2nd, house of body) too. Followed by :159: transit

And now pr ASC :191: :164:
February 13, 2022 at 12:36
(Taurus) Silvi » Astrooo
This is amazing.
February 13, 2022 at 12:28
(Taurus) nutelina » Astrooo
Nice, lovely. I´ve searched through my transits for the last couple of hours after reading this. I´ll send you that data. More later. Thank you. :27:
February 13, 2022 at 08:48
(Virgo) Astrooo » nutelina

Regarding your family, send me the dates of birth in a private message.
It´s an interesting subject.

Regarding your theme:
1 / I feel a creativity stuck in your guts.

2/ 02.13.22: I think you are going through a period of turbulence with:
- Chiron transiting on your Sun (and natal Chiron-Moon bi sextile)
+ Neptune transit square Neptune natal sag (Jupiter Ruler)
+ Jupiter opposite natal Saturn (Saturne naturale ruler H10 where your Sun Stands...)

Also fasten your seat belt, it might shake for a while.
But don´t panic, use this period to observe your body and listen to its messages.
there is creativity stuck in your guts and waiting to be expressed.
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February 12, 2022 at 22:26
(Taurus) Boyan
Ruler of the 6th house in the 1st house is often a picture of chronic illness.
It is a indicator that your identity and appearance (1st house) becomes integrated with some kind of illness (6th).
It does not have to be severe just present.

Because of :173: i would say paired organs are in case.
February 12, 2022 at 19:54
(Taurus) nutelina » Astrooo
I´m going to ask you if you have time because this analysis is amazing. And just drawing on paper, I like it.

For my I´ve noticed something in our family; my mom, 12th house Gemini, in my 12th house, she was my hidden? enemy somehow, both Cancer asc., my daughter too. The 2nd born are Leo asc. in the family. My parents both had Sag moon, exactly conjunct my Neptune in 6th, squaring Mars in Pisces. Pisces rules alcohol, my father drank lot´s of that but he was even encouraged by the locals. I think he is 12th house too, being Virgo asc., made Sun in 12th house as well. My parents were like kids who pretended to be grown up. My brother has MS, his Sun is in Sag. I have Virgo North node, Pluto in house of Cancer, 4th house that is, and my brother has his 4th house full of Scorpio. Both just have Mars in Pisces, go figure. So only his Sun is in 5th because he is Leo rising (like my 2nd daughter, her uncle). My daughters are both earth moons so I hope karma is good with them (with me).

But we were both ill, I from an early age, not seriously (well I was, I was allergic to milk and gluten and had digestive issues, couldn´t breathe because of stuffed airways, nose (milk, mother, nurture, Cancer but weak Sun?...

And so my Venus in in 9th but it is also my south node. The only thing I take is :68: :46: but I´m allowed, since I´m like Vincent van Gogh, a crazy Dutch guy. (but my moon is in Taurus, my brother´s is in Scorpio! But I took care of him with his MS and it helped!).

My Chiron is on my moon so mother again... Maybe it is most important parent in our life failed us?
February 12, 2022 at 13:23
(Taurus) nutelina » Emanuel
I have Mars (9th) square Neptune in my 6th house.
February 11, 2022 at 22:20
(Aries) Ksuwaves » Astrooo
Wow.. Thank you so much..! I appreciate your time and help with it 🙏🙏❤️
February 11, 2022 at 21:23
(Virgo) Astrooo » sarchapp

Your chart presents a "remarkable" particularity: the two Unicorn crosses + nodal Axes are almost superimposed
= You must work the Unicorn Cross to "work" your current incarnation.

In addition Uranus in transit Taurus at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022 activated one of the branches of these crosses.
You have North Node Aquarius H2 (body) / South Node Leo (Sun, you are Aquarius Sun....) H8 (transformation / Pluto conjoined with Unicorn...)

== Transiting Uranus has overexcited your energies.

and you have uranus Saturn in the ascendant....

Finally Chiron Cancer H7
Cancer = H4 = The body we are, our temple
(H2: the body we have)

+ Chiron resolution point on Mars/Neptune Capri H1 at 13° Capri = Sextile with [Unicorn/Dark Moon] Scorpio
= Tension / "violence" in your professional situation?

Finally, I feel a point of attention on the question of your relationship to your place as a woman in society.
Lover / Wife / Mother.
Perhaps it is this unresolved questioning that creates a point of blocking energies in you and triggers an alarm signal from your body.
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February 11, 2022 at 20:43
(Virgo) Astrooo » Ksuwaves

You are welcome

"May I ask you what did you mean by “therapeutic” (axis Neptune Sag H6 - opposite Moon in the 12th)?"

= let take a look at the pic. i drew the therpautic Cross (Gemini/Virgo/Sag/Pisces) or (H3/H6/H9/H12)
Mutable signs, Mutable Houses = Mutable = Metamorphose = to be transformed by disease

"I always thought this not very favorable aspect to have.."

= there are no good or bad aspects / signs / planets / houses
But a good or bad use of the tools and energies involved.
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February 11, 2022 at 13:27
(Taurus) OleanderFlower
Hello friends. I would like to ask someone to look at my chart and tell me what caused my illness? I don´t want a detailed analysis or waisting your time, I just need a clue. Maybe which house? Which planet? What aspect? What transit? My illness started exactly on 13.09.2017

An unforgettable day :24:
Thank you so much... :62:
February 11, 2022 at 09:10
(Aries) Ksuwaves » Astrooo
Thank you soooo much for such an elaborate answer.. 🙏❤️. I’ve been suffering with this issue for my whole life. This is definitely a new perspective from a different point of view. I had never looked at it at how you linked it to the management of my personal relationship (my 11th house stellium). Thank you very much again, I am doing screen shots of your answers to meditate on it, there’s a lot to think on.. May I ask you what did you mean by “therapeutic” (axis Neptune Sag H6 - opposite Moon in the 12th)? I always thought this not very favorable aspect to have..
February 10, 2022 at 18:13
(Virgo) Astrooo » Astrooo
Pic 2 : Cross Axis Nodal / Axis Mid point resolution Chiron
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February 10, 2022 at 18:12
(Virgo) Astrooo » Ksuwaves

I suppose you must have noticed that your astral map is very symbolic.
with a rectangle =
- 4 lines of blue aspects
- 2 diagonals of red aspects

Your Rectangle is "unbalanced" by the corner in H11 which is explosive with Sun/Mars/Venus Ariès

= to balance this point, you have to get the mid points on the Moon side and on the Neptune side.

I don´t do the Neptune side so as not to overload the study, but it would be worth tracing.

1/ If we calculate the midpoint with the Moon, we arrive on Chiron Taurus H11
Chiron = "disease" (it´s more subtle than that, I´m oversimplifying)
Taurus = body = H2
H11 = the community.

The chiron polarity point arrives at the Vertex (fictitious point) in scorpio (= Aries = H11)
+ H5 ( = Leo = Sun = H11)

= your situation within the community is very important for a balanced management of your energy bomb constituted by [Sun/Mars/Venus] Aries
Nota: Sun exalted in Aries + Mars Master of Aries

Venus Master of Taurus, .... Chiron Taurus.....
Taurus = Body....

2/ [Sun/Mars/Venus] Aries opposite Pluto Libra H5
Libra: Venus = Taurus

This axis is an overpowering axis of transformation.
[Sun/Mars/Venus] Aries = Life

Pluto Libra = Death-transformation through the management of energies.
If harmonic management (Libra) = "easy" transformation
If management not harmonious = Transformation "not easy" = disease.

Also, if you look at the nodal axis (north node - south node) with the axis of the two chiron resolution points, you can draw the Nodal cross.
(cf pic 2 in other post)

H11/H5 = Personal affirmation within the community
H8-H9 / H2-H3
= integrate the energies in the depths of your body and your mind.

= your evolution in this incarnation passes by a permanent work on the management of your personal relations.

You have above average energy.
If you block these energies, your body lets you know.

I didn´t tell you about your Mercury / Saturn-Jupiter axis
nor your therapeutic axis Neptune Sag H6 - Moon Cancer H12

From your opposite black moon chiron

your Virgo Fortune point in H4 Leo (="Mens sana in corpore sano")
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February 10, 2022 at 03:21
(Taurus) s81
Both of you, sarchapp and Ksuwaves, have a retrograde Jupiter related to 6th house. sarchapp has it in 6th house, Ksuwaves has Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) intercepted into the 6th house.
And both have Ascendant activated by the North Node. sarchapp by a soft octile, and Ksuwaves by partile semisextile.
Also both have the Sun activated by the Moon and by a retrograde Sagittarius/Piscis ruler (Jupiter and Neptune, respectively).
Finally, note that both have Venus, Mars and Chariklo participating into conjunctions.
Can´t tell if any of those things repeat in other persons with autoimmune disease.
February 10, 2022 at 03:01
(Aries) Ksuwaves » Astrooo
Definitely, since most likely I was born with it I cannot track back when exactly I realized something was completely off with me but I did had lots of difficulties in those areas since I could remember myself.
February 10, 2022 at 02:55
(Aries) Ksuwaves » 11
You are very welcome. Yeah, that’s how I understood, that the enormous energies of Pluto/ Mars clash are basically turning inward because there was no healthy outlet or any support for expression for it. Autoimmune is basically when your body attacking tissues of your own body, aka self-distraction. I can give examples of how I see it for me: while growing up I’ve been feeling powerless, expression of anger was prohibited, self defence was prohibited, all chances for competition prohibited, personal goals had to match with those of “caregivers” or no personal goals in other words. So I am thinking for whoever has it with the transit, maybe there are some similar dynamics going on, where you feel powerless and have to suppress your rage. This energy so powerful and can be hard to handle so if it’s get suppressed it has to explode internally.
I am personally not aware of how or if a Saturn plays a role in creating autoimmune from any sources that I came across so far. But It’s in my 5th house square Ascendant and Mercury - and I have thyroid that affected by the autoimmune - which makes sense to me as Mercury is a communication (throat chakra) and Ascendant is a self-expression into the outer world which gets afflicted with that. But it can definitely contribute into that Pluto transit because Saturn - is a restriction and the disease like that can definitely create restrictions in day to day life (6th house).
February 9, 2022 at 20:04
(Aquarius) sarchapp » Astrooo
I had a difficult period of time regarding relationships and family illness from around July-October 2021 but things have quieted down considerably recently.
February 9, 2022 at 17:51
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Mars Neptune conjunction in the first house... In capricorn
February 9, 2022 at 16:37
(Virgo) Astrooo » Ksuwaves

when your illness appeared, were you going through a difficult period in terms of your relationships in the community?
February 9, 2022 at 14:37
(Aquarius) sarchapp
Fascinating, thank you all.
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