Teacup horoscopes 2.6.

February 6, 2022 at 08:26 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Teacup horoscopes 2.6.
Luna is now meeting Chiron in Aries. A chance to stop and lick old wounds. To acknowledge your weakness, your Achilles heel, your wound...and your scar.
We realize that we can´t do without the scars. In Aries, it will be very animalistic. This country is pretty juicy, bloody and dirty. Forget New Earth, the next Matrix, nothing like that. Those are just leaks. The real realization, the real enlightenment, is very physical. It´s the struggle, it´s the challenge, it´s going first, it´s having the audacity and the confidence to show up. It´s sex, and it´s not sexual, it´s about coming and taking...
The Mars square and the Venus square didn´t make us particularly happy. It´s annoying, Mars and Venus are like Tara and Mom, but in Capricorn, they´re just in their old world that´s out,
There´s a sextile of the Moon to the Sun and Saturn tonight. They´re just slowly separating from the embrace. Sun and Saturn meet in Aquarius. It´s unnatural for both of them.
Ego, self-expression and Self, and all the representatives of this solar energy, all the embodied deities....a Judge, the Pensioner, the Old Man. The one who holds and will not let go. The One on whom it all rests. The one who had better eat his children. To stop progress. To hold, unchanging, because unchanging is certainty.
That´s something! In Aquarius! At a Psytrance party somewhere in the middle of Russia. In no-man´s land, somewhere we don´t know yet.
There are two of them who just signed some kind of non-aggression treaty.
Neo says: Peace.

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