Spiritual assistance

February 6, 2019 at 19:03 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Gailsousa
Spiritual assistance
Seeking spirital direction. I am getting love messages, vibrations & more from my spiritual exhusband whom I loved & he I. I meditate and my consciousness has connected with the universal consciousness. My ex was there to explain what was happening to me for I could not understand. I hear spirits calling my name, usually when I awake. I will be active when I feel a rush of ´love and despair´from my ex´s come over me. I ´feel an urgency´ but I dont know what ? Has anyone else had these feelings? He has spoken to me many times and told me about our love any many lives we have lived. He has told me to move on, but he won´t leave ... and I am not so sure I want him to leave?
any suggestions.
His Pluto in 25 cancer conj my mars/Saturn conj in my 12th house, squares my venus in 24 aries & Jupiter in 24 Libra. My NN 24 GEMINI in 11th SQ his 22 Virgo Mars which is opposite my 9th house moon 20 picses. His astroids Nessus 24 aries conj my venus; his23 libra conj my Jupiter which sq his pluto/moon conj.my child 21 vir conj his 22 vir Mars. And his Uranus in my 10 house conj my venus what
Which square my saturn/Mars conj in cancer/ opp my
24libra Jupiter. His 15 scr jupiterin his forth tines my moon 20 pisces which is in his 8th.
MyDOB 3/31/46 @ 11:54am in Providence RI
HIS DOB 11/25/34 9:10pm Paterson NJ

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July 19, 2020 at 19:10
(Capricorn) Ghost00
Let´s discuss via private message, there is a lot going on here.

Situation is this: He is struggling with multiple energy flow issues. Like a wounded animal he lashes out but not out of bitterness, it could be correlated to excess bilirubin energy in blood considering this year´s chart

He could need potion of vitality but he is probably on many medications so potion might not be suitable because it is not recommended to use with blood thinners, this is why everyone needs the potions as early as possible in zodiac progression but I digress.

We´ll discuss the particulars and go from there or you can take him to an alternative medical office for help. In the meantime no microwave food, lightly cooked foods like soft scrambled eggs are fine. Just make enough fresh food for meal, no leftover entrees. Leftover sauces ok. Avoid things like lasagna and twice baked macaroni and cheese. Better to have pasta primavera with fresh garden or market ingredients?

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