Astrochronicles 16.1.

January 16, 2022 at 15:10 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 16.1.
Sunday January 16th
It´s anything but a calm and peaceful day. The Sun meets Pluto at the end of Capricorn and shows us our past, what we´ve done to ourselves and that it´s going to take a while to work it all out. It also shows us our not-so-bright present. It shakes us up a bit in our beliefs that we are living in the best of times. No, it shows us the prisons we have created out of ideas, dogmas and beliefs. Just repeat things a few times, and we´re almost as reliable as robots. The top blew the whistle and we put on our muzzles and automatically show our digital ID in restaurants and shops to prove our allegiance to the regime. We´ve become so stupid that if someone told us to cut off our hand "because it will save millions of lives", the vast majority would start looking for a saw.
In a psychological sense, our Self, our Hero, the lead actor in the play called life, must bow down and descend into the Underworld, where he can do nothing with his strength or speed or cleverness, where he is somewhat at the mercy of Hades. But watch out, Hades isn´t just acting out of some plebeian mindset, his work has a huge and deep meaning too. He´s going to test us and make us look at the bottom of our experiences. Whatever we have stifled, repressed, pushed away, and it was not out of authentic motives, but only out of laziness, out of fear, He will fish out and make us face it again. We can come to believe that if we are sycophantic, subservient and obedient, it will somehow benefit us...what a mistake! The only thing that sort of "works" is authenticity. We embrace all aspects of ourselves, we neither condemn nor exalt them, we neither go as masters of the world nor as victims, but as ourselves... But even so, Hades can teach us a lesson. One good piece of advice that will help you a lot: don´t try to understand Hades. Don´t worry about what you´ve already done or what you have yet to do, don´t worry about adequacy. Just accept it for what it is. Without grumbling and with humility. Hades knows much better what will ultimately benefit you in the end. In the long run, and in terms of eternity...
People often think that injustice, injustice is happening to them, and as a result they harm themselves much more. Hades tells us to "shut your mouth already, stop whining and blaming everyone else, and face it!" What you experience cannot be influenced, how you react to it can easily be influenced.
The Sun with Pluto can show us that it is possible to benefit from even seemingly adverse circumstances. By taking things as they are, by facing them with maturity, Pluto can lend us many of its abilities - for example, to work for the good of whole, without any ego bits. We just do what we need to do. And yes, sometimes it´s necessary to cut back, sometimes it´s necessary to be "mean" and hard...

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January 17, 2022 at 12:05
(Sagittarius) Sagit
Thank you for this.

Quite the humbling aspect.

Makes a person wonder if Sun had the ability to retrograde, would it do so when approaching Pluto?

All things are inevitable?


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