Breaking Down General Astrology

January 13, 2022 at 19:23 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) 2s
Breaking Down General Astrology
I´m going to post my descriptions of general important or significant astrology influences here! Feel free to read it if you like!

I´ll be adding more daily.

signs of the zodiac:

aries - aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the ram. because of its position in the zodiac compass, frequently called the wheel of life, aries is a pioneering sign. it likes to start things, lead, and show large amounts of courage and bravery. oftentimes, they´re strong-willed, blunt, passionate, and energetic people, and are known to be straightforward. aries is a cardinal sign, which are signs that start a season. in aries case, aries season starts the spring time, and signifies significant change and child like ignorance. despite it being a cardinal sign, aries is the second sign most comfortable towards change, and are afraid to drop something and start something new. hence their reputation for butting down and restarting (they´ll start things with energy and drive but rarely finish it). besides this, aries is a fire sign, representing the symbolism of confidence, impulsiveness, strength, fearlessness, and selfishness.

taurus - taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the bull. like the bull, taurus is stable, reserved, sensual, and materialistic. taurans are notorious for their laziness, and is a fixed sign, representing perservence, stability, and a resilience towards change. taurus is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, so grounded and fixed in their ways because of their constant fear of the unknown that they will stay in a relationship even if there´s nothing in it left for them. they need routine and love familiarity, and are also reliable despite their laziness. often times, they´re slow at making decisions, but when they do they stick on the path and will continue something for a long, long, long time. they also are known for their love of material goods and their strong sense of smell (taurus is ruled by the nose and face), and find pleasure in the good things in life. taurus is a earth sign, representing ambition, materiality, practicality, hard workingness, and realism.

gemini - gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, the last sign of spring, and a mutable (changing of seasons) sign. like mutability suggests, geminis are highly adaptive and versatile people, and are known to be quick-witted and charming people. you´ll rarely find a boring gemini as they can talk about anything under the blue sky and are great conversationalists. despite their wit and charm, geminis are frequently seen as "two-face" but in reality they´re symbolic of duality: they´re represented by the twins. communication is important to geminis and they often have a fickle and nervous personality. they often times spread too much of their energy into a bunch of small things that they never hardly finish anything at all. they love to try new things, and often times you will either meet one of two types of geminis: the social, bubbly, and charming ones who can make people laugh, or the intellectually superior ones that are introverted, quick-witted, and enigmatic. geminis are air signs, representing change, communications, logic, elusiveness, free spirited, and intelligence.

cancer - cancer is the fourth sign of astrology, and is known to be nurturing, overly emotional, family orientated, clingy and loyal. although cancer isn´t a fixed sign but rather a cardinal sign (starts summer), cancers are known to be sentimental and nostalgic by nature. they need emotional connections to thrive, and feel safest in the company of those they consider family (either by blood or friends they´re tight with). As a water sign, cancers have quick-changing emotions which they have a lot of trouble controlling. they´re often the sign known to be the most defensive, and when provoked (especially if it´s their family that´s provoked) they´ll use manipulation to get you to back away. cancer isn´t a straightforward sign, and will oftentimes drop subtle hints at how they´re feeling. they´re the sign of the home and the mother, and often play roles similar to those in society. cancer is a water sign, known to be intuitive, emotional, deep, sentimental, creative/imaginative, and mysterious.

leo - leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and possess traits such as arrogance, loyalty, attention-seeking, pleasure-loving, creative, playful, risking taking, and implusive. it´s the sign most represented by the summer, and is the sign that the sun rules. leo is also a sign known for liking pleasure, but it´s the sign of pleasure from attention. leos are extremely big-hearted when they want to be, and are brave to a fault. their pride gets hurt easily however, and unlike cancer who´s indirect when you hurt their feelings, leos will explode. they are very bright and charismatic people, and despite their need for attention, they also like to shower people they love with attention, things such as expensive gifts and many, many public displays of emotions are present as they usually wear their heart on their sleeves. Leo is a fixed sign, so they usually have more stability as opposed to aries. they´re represented by the lion which can be both generous or deadly and unpredictable.

virgo - the sixth sign of the zodiac, virgo is associated with the end of summer. while leo is reflective of playtime and letting your hair down, virgo is the harvest after the golden days, when it´s time to gather your crops and work towards winter. virgo is the sign of service, of selflessness devotion, health, anxiety, analysis, and is always goal or detail orientated. they will show that they care through tiny gestures of affection such as remembering small details of every conversation you´ve had, working out with you when you feel unmotivated, etc. virgo is known to be a very nonemotional sign, pragmatic, realistic, and calculating. virgo is however a mutable sign, and like gemini, virgo has the influence of the planet mercury, which suggests a tendency to do too many things at once at times and become scatterbrained. they have a anxious nature and are future-orientated people, they want to obtain success and will work towards it in an efficient way. their symbol is the virgin, a person devoted fully into service towards humanity holding a wheat plant, showing their importance and significance in the undercurrents of providing for the world.

libra - the beginning of the fall season, libra is a diplomatic, graceful, and aesthetic sign. the seventh sign of the zodiac, libra has a balanced mind, always attempting to obtain balance and peace in the world. they´re rather passive creatures, and will use words to charm you in an attempt to prevent rocking the boat. they´re very passive-aggressive and indecisive people who seek inner and outer balance, hence libra risings usually have a beautiful aura, but mostly they´re seeking that balance (the scales) and finding it. they see both sides of the story and love to form relationships, and can be commonly found to be in love with love or the concept of love. libra is an intellect sign despite being ruled by venus like taurus. taurus embodies physical love while libra embodies the concept and mind connections of love. they believe in fairness in the world and won´t take life isn´t fair as an answer. they like to stick to the middle ground of things. they have a cardinal nature which implies that they love to start conversations and relationships with people but they wont always stick.

scorpio - a sign often known to be dark and evil, scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. scorpios are notoriously known for being manipulative, direct, deeply emotional, and intense. they´re also known to be secretive and enigmatic. scorpio is the sign that is most associated with trauma and transformation, and is the sign that will raise from their ashes come hell or high tides. the animal symbol for scorpio is the scorpion an insect that is capable of sustaining enormous heat in the dessert, and is a fixed water sign. this means that although it´s hard to get to know a scorpio, when they let you in to their lives and they care about you, they´re extremely loyal and capable of extreme sacrifice to keep you safe. whereas cancers are cardinal water and have quick changing emotions, scorpions fixed water represent still waters running deep. they like to analyze and get to the heart of things, they like to observe the taboo, the unsaid, and they like the depths of things. they´re very stubborn people who absolutely will not change their opinions unless it´s on their own will. scorpios can often times swing by extremes, being detached and logical some moments and overly passionate and irrational in other moments.

sagittarius - sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and is known for extravagance, benevolence, and luck. ruled by jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, sagittarius is a high-minded sign. the opposite sign of Sagittarius is gemini, and while gemini symbolizes the early, curious, child-like mind, Sagittarius represents college education, philosophy, and the higher mind. they´re the most rational of the fire signs, and love to "expand their horizons" via travel and learning about culture and religion. oftentimes, sagittarius is also known as the sign of religion, so people with high amounts of sagittarius in their charts would probably follow a religion or have a life philosophy. they like to think broadly, and are comfortable with theories and unanswered questions and debates. they also love to try new things, especially things from different cultural backgrounds. because of their mutable nature, they don´t usually have a goal but like to go with the flow and have fun along the way. sagittarius ends off the fall season, which is a time of exploring and gathering before the winter hits.

capricorn - ruled by saturn, the planet of rules, structures, and the parents, capricorn is a bit of a rough sign (I love them lmao). they´re often times well known for their ambitions, but their ambitions are always practical in nature. they´re also subtle like virgo with their service (but in their case it´s ambition), they like to achieve things but in the realm of the possible, and will slowly climb up the social ladder without notice. capricorn is the sign of following the rules and creating them, and using one´s own means to succeed. they´re highly reliable people, and usually have a sarcastic sense of humor. they can be quite disbelieving like scorpio, but they´re good-natured and usually hold great amounts of responsibility. they´re hardworking and resourceful, and since they represent the beginning of the winter season (cardinal sign), they like to create their own path and have determination similar to that of scorpio. they´re not too emotional people and are good listeners by default, and will always have good advice for you to hear if you need it.

aquarius - the eccentric eleventh sign of the zodiac, aquariums is the sign of revolution, the community, rebellion, and uniqueness. I sometimes like to associate aquarius as a teenager or a large protest group in times of chaos. aquarians are big outside-the-box thinkers, with a lot of humanitary traits and are known as highly independent (similar to aries in independence). they are often very original and quirky individuals, and are innovative and unpredictable. they like to fight for what they think is right in the world, and are often times idealists. They´re thinkers by nature, and are oftentimes the most detached of all the zodiac, which is a good thing as they´re extremely rational and clear-headed because of it. they know the difference between right and wrong and evaluate things without emotions often times, but the downside of aquarians is that like air signs, they´re fickle, and they´re difficult in emotional situations (it makes them uncomfortable, they don´t know what to do about it, much like gemini). additionally, they always think they´re right despite their rationality, which is quite a fixed sign trait at times, and they have intellectual superiority complex (with good reason). aquarius is the least stable of the fixed signs, and represents the middle of winter. like winter, they can be quite cold and shallow emotionally. oftentimes they settle for friends and marry due to friendship and never feel romantically.

pisces - pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. usually, it´s the sign associated the most with disillusion, chaos, the victim, dropping of boundaries, and compassion due to its influence by Neptune. pisces, like the other water signs, is an intuitive sign, one that can read emotions in a room instinctively. its co-ruler is jupiter, which means that pisces is quite open-minded and extravagant. they´re dreamy by nature, and it can be hard to reach them at times. however, they´re very selfless people, regardless of your relationship with them. like leos they trust easily, and are usually the victim for "stronger" personalities. pisces is also an indecisive and compromise sign, and they tend to see things from their own point of view, even if it´s completely wrong (their lovers can be abusive but they will still hold a glorified image of them because they see through rose-colored glasses). they don´t like to make decisions and go with the flow of their emotions. they´re known to be quite artistic and imaginative, which is their strong suit.


1st house - the house which rules aries, the 1st house is the house of oneself. it´s the house of identity, the house of how you present yourself out to the world and your initial response to the world around you (represented through rising being calculated by the sign which was rising on the horizon at your birth). it also represents how we react to life and can influence how we see things. oftentimes, a person´s rising is associated with how they present themselves and how they might look physically. not everyone will look like their rising sign however, but the traits associated with your rising sign is the most straightforward part of your personality that a person first notices when they´re meeting you. essentially, the rising sign is our perception of life and our personas.

2nd house - the house of material possessions, taurus is ruled by the second house. the 2nd house can represent how much property you own, and things that are tangible in this world. a dominance in this house suggests luck with money and finance, but can also suggest anxiety over owning material goods and possessiveness towards it. the second house is the house of personal finance, money made on one´s own terms and means, material success, wealth, and self-worth are all part of this house. additionally, as money is sometimes considered with values, values are also important to consider in terms of the second house. the 1st and 2nd houses are the only two houses of the self, every other house can be argued as having a relation with others.

3rd house - the 3rd house rules gemini, and is the house of communications, siblings, and self-expression. these communications and expressions can be forms besides direct verbal contact, and can include but are not limited to writing, reading, etc. it can symbolize an attachment of need towards communication, and can also suggest the relationship you may have with your siblings. additionally, it can also tell you if you have a talent towards communication which can be in languages or through non-verbal forms. the 3rd house also can represent intellect, analysis, and how fast your brain can make use of patterns and data. early education, elementary school, is usually associated with the 3rd house, as well as curiosity.

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January 20, 2022 at 18:07
(Scorpio) 2s » OS*
i agree! i feel like the nodes are often overlooked by general people looking at their planetary positions!

you´re right! i should definitely pay special attention towards my nodes and their relationship with my two most important planets (haha, those planets are even dominates in my chart :))
January 19, 2022 at 01:36
(Taurus) » 2s
System message: Post has been written by user OS*, who already deleted profile on this website:
no worries! I like this because reading your perspective broadens mine. I truly appreciate!

researching about rahu ketu, lunar nodes is something Im very interested :)

"I actually don´t consider the nodes minor! i just title them as minor since mostly they´re not considered as important as the planets by general astrologists!"

I think you should go with your intuition and not the "general astrologists" you mentioned. if astrology is symbolic system, the lunar nodes represent the eclipses and since the dawn of time have been considered as an omen. sun and moon were the roots of the entire zodiacs, star system✨
January 18, 2022 at 14:42
(Scorpio) 2s » OS*
i agree that people kind of have to form an opinion! tbh since astrology is a bit of a symbolic system, a lot of the interpretations can be abstract and not exactly set in stone. however, a general definition can be agreed upon I think.

awww, thank you so much! literature and writing is one of the few things I give myself a little credit for being able to do well bahahaha I also think you have strong writing skills!

your observation on the north node is interesting. i can definitely see where you´re going with it, and I agree it is there to balance out your south node. i think we can agree that south node and north node represent your past and potential future life. i can see why the north node energy might be one you want instead of need, but my reasoning why north node traits are fundamental to a person´s character is because of the need for balance between the two sides! although not everyone develops into their north node, I do feel like they slowly do as time goes by. just like how when you grow older, your experiences give you more observation and judgment towards the world around you, hence the saying that older people are wiser, the north node is like that sort of path. it´s not something that is immediately noticeable, but something we grow into as time passes by we recognize the need to change and to question ourselves and the intent of others, and so we are subconsciously moving out of our comfort zone and into the path of the north node.

take my observation with a grain of salt since I do have a tight north node and moon conjunction :´) that makes it easier for me to grow and develop and realize my wrongs and the need to harmonize both sides compared to others. additionally, my nodes are both my sun and moon sign, so my needs and want will clash more frequently and be more noticeable to me.

that´s a good point about the life path number. you could be right, I´m not as developed in terms of numerology compared to astrology sadly :´). i am currently learning though! I´ll definitely consider what you said in mind!

I´ve noticed interesting patterns in my own numbers and in my birth chart, which is why i sort of made that connection. for example, my main numbers in numerology are 7 and 6, and my main houses in astrology are 7 and 6 >.< additionally, the houses of astrology and the numbers in numerology have a lot of spiritual meaning overlap.

an example of this is 1st house in astrology being the house of self and independence, and the number 1 in numerology being the number of self-expression and independence. in fact, all the houses and numbers overlap somehow :o

additionally, I just wanted to add that just because certain traits are associated with a sign doesn´t mean you´ll exhibit the qualities of that sign. there´s always things like dominance, modes, and elements to consider, and if there is something in a house preventing an expression of a planet, house, or sign. like a person may not relate to their rising sign because they have a planet, or several planets, on the cusp of their first house, and especially if one of those planets plays a crucile part in someone´s chart (like me, I´m aries rising but don´t relate to it 100%, but I also have moon in first house, and the moon is my strongest position giving me more cancer-moon rising traits that can cover up the aries rising traits).

oh hahaha, I actually don´t consider the nodes minor! i just title them as minor since mostly they´re not considered as important as the planets by general astrologists!

hopefully I didn´t sound too defensive! I´m genuinely interested in your points and this discussion ahahaha :6:
January 15, 2022 at 04:09
(Taurus) » 2s
System message: Post has been written by user OS*, who already deleted profile on this website:
well I tend not to mix both system together, there’s even quite a back and forth about numbers associated with planetary energies. i don’t believe there’s a consensus. or if there will ever be. person just has to form an opinion and apply by practice. if it works that´s most imp.

I do agree with some of the things you wrote. I think you have strong writing skills. and Im also kinda excited to see what you will write next! :)

rahu, nn brings things you “want” but aren’t necessarily the best for you, it could bring good but also setbacks. energy can be around control obsessions vs other side is letting go. ketu, sn brings loss, or detachment to what it attracts, leading to spirituality, and seeking for higher truths. for those energies to “work” together, coexist, needs a balance. I believe they are strongly connected to one an other, when out of balance causes tendencies either be too much in material wants or opposite being too deep into spirituality forgetting to work with the material world. and yes I also agree that ketu (southnode) is past life. then by house and sign will start building a narrative. .

the life path number can be something where the qualities are latent, or where person exerts those talents number brings freely. It really depends on the chart. I think same goes when one is introduced to astrology, some might relate to their moon or rising more than sun sign. is why some read about their life path and don’t relate at all.

so, I do think the numerology chart with reflect the astrology however I don´t tend to label placements or natal planets to numbers. I know some do, for example, I heard some say expression (total of the name) compared to asc. in astrology. or it was total of consonants, not sure.


the word minor had intrigued me, specially from someone having nodes conjunct the luminaries!
January 14, 2022 at 16:45
(Scorpio) 2s » OS*
what´s your opinion on it?
January 14, 2022 at 16:17
(Taurus) » 2s
System message: Post has been written by user OS*, who already deleted profile on this website:
I don´t quite see it same way as you, but appreciate you sharing your opinion :15:
January 14, 2022 at 16:04
(Scorpio) 2s » OS*
i put those planets as minor influences in quotations because in astrology, they´re usually considered as minor influences (not as important as your main planets and rising). they´re usually referred to as "minor," but its importance can be determined by the person. for me, I consider north node, lilith, and chiron as important but others might not.

i was actually talking to someone about this! the life path number and the north node are different in a sense that the life path number is an area you´re talented in while north node is traits you need to develop to balance your south node. i would say south node and life path number are similar though, but they´re not as overused and depended on as south node usually is.
January 14, 2022 at 15:02
(Taurus) » 2s
System message: Post has been written by user OS*, who already deleted profile on this website:
what is the correlation you´ve seen between your nn and life path number ?

also curious to me you´d consider as a "minor influence" 🤔
January 14, 2022 at 14:47
(Scorpio) 2s
"minor" influences:

north node: although not technically a planet, the north node in astrology is a bit like the life path number in numerology. the north node represents a part of a person that needs to be developed throughout their life (note that each person goes through the entire process of the wheel of the zodiac throughout their lives. the wheel is also referred to as the "cycle of life"). in a way, north node is a bit like your fate, and south node (the opposition) is the part of you that´s overdeveloped (that you rely on too much, and it´s said that the south node is the sign you were in your past life interestingly). in your life you want to find a balance between the north and south and stop relying so heavily on your south.

lilith - lilith is a little bit like the sign of scorpio and its ruling planet, pluto, it represents hidden fears and desires. in greek mythology, and in a lot of religions, lilith is a female who was one of the first creations of god, and attempted to seduce adam. she´s known to be quite dangerous and commits lots of sins such as adultery, murder, and demonic activity (she basically reminds me of a succubus). lilith is the side of you you don´t like to give light to, our darker deeper sides, the animalism in a person. the sign lilith is in shows a part of yourself you fear to open up and admit exists, and also shows possible areas where darker emotions, such as possessiveness, jealousy, greed, sexuality, and shallowness lies.

chiron - chiron is a planet named after a character in greek mythology who was a centaur of nature and healing. chiron represents a part of your subconscious that was wounded in the past and needs healing, but it´s subtle. it´s a bit like a wound you heal as time goes by. chiron can also represent an area in life you can become selflessly devoted in, because you recognize that your wounds in this area are painful and want to ease others´ pain in the same area. chiron is about accepting your trauma and doing something good with it, whether that be helping out others or just bringing awareness of the situation to light. when we learn to live with our sufferings, we´ll reach a sort of peace and enlightenment, and can gain wisdom from our wounds.
January 14, 2022 at 08:56
(Taurus) Rosincvist
There is a Babylonian collection of Genesis era cuneiform where the number twelve is ALWAYS!!! given extra-special significance thus eleven surviving apostles and thirteen blessed scions of Jacob were implicit attempts to undercut the twelve signs of the Zodiac! :142:

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